2020 Edition of HP Omen 15 Unveiled

The Hewlett Packard Company showcased their 2020 Edition of the Omen 15”. It’s considered their entry-level gaming laptop, supporting powerful components that can engage with next-generation graphics. Users have the option to select an Intel or AMD Graphics Card, with availability starting on June 2nd with HPs Online Retail Store.

Dedicated supporters behind the HP Omen 15” have found themselves repurchasing the updated models since 2016. The internal enhancements provided with the 2020 Edition will once again get loyal customers to purchase the updated model. There are also external enhancements seen, with the front-facing laptop panel engraved with a blue diamond logo. This symbol is consistent amongst HPs Gaming Laptops, with the significant difference coming in the colour selection. Previous iterations of the Omen has a Blood Red Diamond Logo, with the Bright Blue meant to resemble their next stages in PC Gaming for the 2020s.

The HP Omen 15” – 2020 Edition is available in multiple specification options. Consumers can select a Full-HD Display, 4K Gaming Display with 60hz, or a 4K Gaming Display with 120Hz. The later is best suited for the next generation of gaming. Regardless of the display selected, it’ll support a 180-Degree Hinge for rotational gaming. It should be noted each panel provided by HP for the HP Omen – 2020 is 15.6”. With all these components integrated into a single gaming laptop, Hewlett Packard claims that the 2020 Omen is categorized as multifunctional. Working & gaming are possible simultaneously, which isn’t manageable through most mobile gaming rigs.

Internal Structure

Multiple configuration options are supported with the HP Omen 15” – 2020 Edition, with the best iteration supporting the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q. Running this graphics card is the Intel Core i7 H-Series or the AMD Ryzen Seven H-Series. This marks the 1st edition of the HP Omen that supported the architecture for AMD Components. Depending on which model is selected, the external colour options with the HP Omen 15” in altered. AMD Consumers obtain the Silver Variant, with Intel users maintain the black version. Regardless of which configuration is selected, there’ll be 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Memory size includes 1TB SSD PCIe Drive, with it supporting the RAID ZERO technology.