3 Ramadan Drink TVCs That Make You Thirsty During Your Fast

One of the customs of breaking a fast is to eat a date and have a sip of water.

The concept of ‘Ramadan drinks’ is easy to sell: a sip of a cool drink gives relief to a throat that has been dry for hours. It is the most blissful moment of all.

Most beverage brands have incorporated this moment as their main focus in Ramadan TV commercials. Some of these brands are:

1. Tang
Tang’s Ramadan TVC, launched by Ogilvy and Mather, starts with a young boy wanting to be a super hero to do good deeds. He gets the idea from his father that one does not need to be a superhero to do a good deed. Subsequently, he gathers his friends to make Tang, which he serves to elders at the mosque.

This TVC seems to have been made from a child’s perspective. He is the hero who serves the people by pouring cool drinks for elders who fast. As a result, he is rewarded with praise and respect.The ad taps into the notion that an act as simple as serving a drink can make one a hero.The concept of doing good deeds is universal. Every religion states the magnitude of rewards for a single a good deed.The same principle is reflected here.

2. Rooh Afza
The uses of elements in the Rooh Afza Ramadan TVC are similar to Tang. There is a young boy, an icy beverage, the mosque and iftaari. The TV commercial has also integrated a young boy who breaks his fast with a sip of the cold drink. At the mosque, he mixes Rooh Afza with water and shares the drink with family and friends. It ends with young boys lining up with adults for prayers combined with the audio message “Rehmat barakat jama karo”.

The Rooh Afza slogan “Aur kya chahiye” is effectively incorporated into the audio message as each sequence of events is illustrated in the commercial with the catchy phrase. However, there are some factors in the production of the commercial that overshadows a decent concept. All the frames of the ad were bleached; there was unnecessary use of visual effects during the mosque sequence and the voice over sounded daunting.

3. Jam-e-Shirin
Another concept with children as lead actors is the Jam-e-Shirin commercial designed by Manhattan Leo Burnett. The main message of this commercial is patience and its virtues. The focus of the ad is on a brother who is impatient for the fast to end and a sister who diverts her brother’s attention from the clock.

As individual commercials, Tang, Rooh Afza and Jam-e-Shirin have used elements that are more or less similar. All three feature children as lead roles, there is a gathering for iftaar during which a child does a good deed and the fast is broken with a sip of cold refreshment.There is a sense of repetition to the storyline due to these factors. The links are strong enough to make all three Ramadan drink commercials blend into each other.