5 Best Telecom Ads Of All Time

Telecoms are major ad spenders in Pakistan. Over the years, these telecom TV ads have faced all sorts of responses from consumers including the good, the bad and the ugly. But out of all the Warid, Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone TVCs that come out, there are always those that touch your heart:

1. Warid Telecom – Be Heard (2005): 4 stars

This was the first ever TV commercial released by Warid Telecom. It probably single-handedly persuaded millions to switch their SIM cards. The company had established itself in the race for people’s attention by just two words: “Be heard”. The entire TVC led up to its slogan with an elegant sequence of events that started with a wedding and ended with two children enjoying their communication through two tin cans and a string. The ad had done its job to persuade, to inspire and to be heard.

2. Mobilink: Har Dil. Har Din (2013): 3.5 stars

Re-vamping a brand that already boasts recognition on top of millions of minds is not easy. It takes a completely different outlook on the brand and the risks are high. However, Mobilink’s TVC has become the beacon of light that can help them reach their target audience. There is a certain tempo to the sound score that builds up to a crescendo as it reaches the end. It is like a deep breath taken in and then exhaled out just when the ad ends. The visual aspect of the ad has the capability to grab attention as the split-screen editing is flawless and the voice dubbing with each scene is one cue. This ad has persuaded one individual; it most certainly can persuade a million more.

3. Ufone: Shukriya Pakistan – 14th August TVC (2012): 3.5 stars

A strong message always shines through in an ad that is simple and sweet. 14th August will always remain a soft spot in the heart of every Pakistani. Being able to reach each and every one of those hearts requires a message that is clear, resounding and full of hope. Ufone has definitely been able to achieve these qualities with the help of Aftab who is blind but can still listen. This ad has a beautiful melody with a simple message: “Shukriya (Thank You) Pakistan”. Quick shots, picturesque views and the symbolic greenery around Aftab deliver the idea that Ufone users know the importance of being thankful.

4. Telenor Talk Shawk – Baaton Baaton Mein (2010): 3.5 stars

This TVC has provided an enriching overview of communication that is all relationships, old and new, is just a phone call away. Its visuals frequently display Telenor’s “Talk Shawk” with each relationship it narrates. It conveys the notion Telenor has been easily incorporated into maintaining relationships far and wide. There is no chance that one can be alone anywhere if it has Telenor. The TVC illustrates Telenor’s confidence and recognition of community.

5. Ufone – Teri Meherbani (2010): 3 stars

Putting a twist on the typical boy-meets-girl narrative does attract a large audience that is tired of the cliché. As the ad starts, assumptions are already made about the story ending typically with the boy whisking the girl away into the sunset. Ufone’s TVC though, makes a parody of the love cliché to notify its audience about voice clarity. The entire ad is a trick of the mind. The setting is soft, there is a band, a handsome man and beautiful woman, the one bump in the road is the woman’s truckhorn-like voice. It definitely makes one think twice about making assumptions.