A Further look at Top Free Website Builders in 2019

Last week we took a look at three website building platforms that assist small businesses and people without prior knowledge of coding to set up professional websites with minimal effort or stress, and for a much lower cost than what a professional web designing company would charge. We only scrutinized three such platforms, Wix, Jimdo and Webstarts, but because there are so many out there that could potentially confuse a newbie, we thought we’d take a look at a few more.


You have most probably heard this name before on the lips of many a DIY web designer as it is most definitely one of the more popular website builder platforms. It too has a free plan, one of the drawbacks being that the way it displays its many adverts might leave a sour taste in your potential consumer’s mouth. Weebly’s freemium does, however, offer a level of theme selections other sites work hard to match. It allows for app integration as well as an unlimited number of pages with the standard free 500mb. The open SEO settings for each page is also a big plus, but unfortunately, if you are looking to create an online store, Weebly’s free platform is not the one for you as a store can only be added in the premium plans.


New life has been breathed into Webnode after they were thought to have dropped off the face of the earth. But after some recent revamp and an improved platform, they are back in the running with the top free website building sites. They sport stylish, elegant themes; after choosing a theme, it becomes permanent. Website is easy to use with an understandable graphic interface and top-notch customer service. Unfortunately, Webnode too has a few setbacks, one being similar to Weebly’s flaw; you cannot set up an online store in the free version of this web builder. Webnode does, however, offer free Search Engine Optimization settings and only uses a little space for adverts. If your goal is a website full of content, you best look elsewhere because the free option only offers 100mb space.

Web Builders in Summary

Testing the waters with free website builders is a brilliant idea, allowing new small businesses to develop an understanding of how a website works and how it should be maintained and operated. But once your name is out there, and your business starts growing you will have to some up your premium offer options and make the step up to protect your business, its reputation and to have a little more freedom, space-wise, retail wise or theme-wise. The only way you will know which platform is best for you is to consider your needs, do some more research and then the platform that ticks most of your boxes will indeed be the website building platform for you.