A Storm Is Coming – Holy Tornado Co. Style

For a Pakistani, food is everything. Either it is the assortment of sweet starters served to family and friends on Eid-ul-Fitr, or it is the delicious wait of an 18” sub sandwich by Holy Tornado Co. that is guaranteed to satisfy all your taste buds.

With the new company’s launch in Karachi round the corner, Holy Tornado has already built up quite a stir around its two main sub sandwich deals (beef or chicken) on its website. Many have inquired about its outlet and are quite disgruntled that it will cater only to Clifton and DHA areas.

The response due to its proactive campaign has kept food lovers at the edge of their seats:

Holy Tornado’s pre-order offer was sold out on the very day it started:

Since May, its digital launch campaign (handled by Team::ants) has left many potential customers spellbound. This company has certainly launched the most mouthwatering pictures. Its first release of the kind of ensemble they have in-store for foodies in Karachi (and hopefully in other major cities too) on May 23rd was too good to be true:

This picture alone received more than 3,000 likes and got over 200 social media followers discussing the upcoming ‘storm’. In a few months, Holy Tornado’s following has gone up to almost a hundred thousand fans. There is a storm coming indeed. In fact a teaser video was also launched on July 12th that takes the storm of taste to be a guaranteed not-to-be-missed:

A strong and confident campaign can be extremely successful in the long-run with major food brands when it can deliver the goods as expected. As the date for Holy Tornado’s launch party gets closer, consumer expectations of high quality food have reached new levels. A happy customer on social media can keep them in business for a long time. However, a negative comment could flatten the line in a heartbeat as well. Which will it be?