Alphabet Sends Google Employees Home

The Alphabet Corporation, the parent company behind Google, has demanded that all North American Employees remain home moving forward. This decision has been accomplished to decrease the spread of COVID-19. This follows after the Google Company provided memos to Washington Staff, informing them that it’s best to remain home and work in isolated conditions going forward. This demand has now extended to 100 thousand works throughout eleven offices in Canada and the United States. The Alphabet Corporation made this decision following the increase of confirmed cases in America, which has nearly exceeded a thousand.

The Vice President of Global Security for Google released this emailed memo to thousands of employees across North America. Chris Rackow expressed that due to an abundance of caution, it’s been determined by Alphabet that the broader Google community and their employees should be isolated at home. The email also noted that regular work routines would be implemented within safer conditions. It should be noted that the North American Google offices will remain open for individuals that require the services within these facilities. Those individuals will be required to wear protective gear while within the confines of Google’s offices.

Global Office Closures

Tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Twitter have informed their respective employees within Seattle to remain home going forward. This was also accomplished to limit exposure throughout Washington State, with more than 160 confirmed cases since March 9th. There are substantial amounts of cases within New York and California, with Alphabet experiencing confirmed cases within their offices in these cities. This extended to Facebook and Amazon, with both companies experiencing a singular employee with the confirmed COVID-19 strain.

Apple has been more limited in their protection efforts, with Tim Cook expressing that employees should work remotely throughout several global offices. This means that there’ll still be an influx of Apple Employees working in a confined space. When it applies to the Twitter Corporation, they’ve informed their employees to remain home and work under safer conditions. It should be noted that these tech companies have shut down offices in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. It follows after the government implemented mandatory “Working from Home” conditions for capable individuals. Factory workers aren’t allowed to leave their homes in these nations, prompted zero working conditions.