Amazon CEO Donates to Climate Change

Financial experts were shocked when the chief executive officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced that he’d donate $10 billion towards fighting climate change. Considered the world’s wealthiest man on paper, he’s made this decision to further Amazon’s growth alongside environmental organizations. Bezos wants to explore a new avenue for greener production with Amazon, while also locating new tools to deconstruct climate change. This announcement was provided through his Instagram Account, where he noted that funds would be donated by Summer 2020.

Jeff Bezos has the most substantial net-worth of any billionaire, with him regularly competing against Bill Gates for top placement. Bezos holds USD 130 Billion to his name, with this donation accounting for 8% of his significant fortune. Financial experts estimate that it’ll take less than six months for this figure to be returned to his existing financial wealth.

Amazon Employees, Activist Groups and Environmental Experts was implored Jeff Bezos to assist with climate change. There have been regularly employee walkouts regarding his unfriendly-environmental conditions at Amazon Production Facilities. Activist groups have protested outside the Amazon headquarters multiple times, and Staff has revealed company secrets as vindictive repercussions. Jeff Bezos has been reluctant to assist with climate change, often fighting these groups or his employees until their defeated or fired. After continuous backlash and his growing concern towards climate change, Bezos has begun helping towards humanity’s most horrendous fight to date.

Limited Philanthropy

The unsatisfactory nature of Jeff Bezos has been shown multiple times to public customers. Before this announced donation, the highest amount that he’d donated was $2 Billion to education and homeless families. This was provided more than seventeen months ago, indicating that Bezos ignores a great deal of the worldwide problems facing his customers. It’s prompted for him to be criticized multiple times by Humanitarian’s, with the most substantial criticism coming when he refused to sign the “Giving Pledge Program” from Bill Gates.

This would’ve seen Jeff Bezos provide half his fortune throughout their lifetimes, with nearly every billionaire worldwide in democratic nations signing up for this program. Since that moment, Jeff Bezos has been somewhat shunned from the billionaire community. His exile from this community increased when it was revealed he’d cheated on his wife, forcing him to give her a substantial portion of his previous fortune. It’s expected that Bezos will be asked to join the program again in 2025, with the second group is enlisted into “Giving Pledge”.