Amazon Collecting Data from Third-Party Sellers

The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon found himself unable to excuse the illegal behaviours displayed by his company. This follows after the CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple were forced to delegate with Congresses House of Representatives. Millions worldwide watched as the leaders of modern technology avoided adequately answering questions. Bezos & Zuckerberg were surprisingly the two that leaned towards honesty, with Sundar Pichai selecting the method of deniability.

These CEOs were forced to meet with Congress after an investigation was prompted by the House of Representatives last year. Extensive evidence was compiled, meaning that deniability of their actions won’t lead to the issue being over. Multiple members of Congress informed these CEOs that they’d follow-up on their questions, demanding relevant & trustworthy answers. Evidence located pertained towards the selling and collecting of user data or third-party company data.

Jeff Bezos would receive numerous questions on the selling of third-party company data, which came after evidence revealed Amazon had stolen information from independent sellers. This information regarded their product marketing, innovative methods of manufacturing, and profit returns through Amazon. Any product deemed suitable would be recreated through Amazon’s private label & effectively eliminate that third-party seller.

The Amazon CEO emphasized that there are company-wide legislations that eliminate the usage of this tactic. When Representative Pramila Jayapal asked if Bezos could confirm that ruleset hadn’t been broken, Jeff confirmed that guarantees could not be provided. This is essentially the Chief Executive Officers way of admitting that employed personnel had collected third-party seller data on behalf of Amazon.

An Internal Investigation

Jeff Bezos emphasized that Amazon implemented an internal investigation on these practices, noting that similarly to Congress & the House of Representatives, he’s not satisfied with the results found. Bezos won’t terminate the investigation until all those found guilty are terminated from Amazon. It should be mentioned though, that last year Amazon’s Associate General Counsel had illegally lied to the House of Representatives. Nate Sutton in 2019 stated that Amazon wasn’t accessing third-party seller data. He could find himself facing prison time for lying to Congress, something Bezos actively avoided himself.