Android 10

The Android Ten is here! Follow these tips to get the most from your phone. You will need a smartphone with Google Pixel to be able to install Google’s newest version of the mobile operating system. This version will be available for more Android mobiles shortly. Google says that Android is used by more than two and a half billion devices. Google is moving in a new direction with the Android 10.

As the name indicates, Google has stopped using puddings and sweets for naming its operating systems. This is what you can expect with the updated software. The phone will go dark if you are in battery saver mode, which will noticeably increase your battery life. You can also use this on Google Calendar and the Photo app.

An additional feature is a smart reply. The intelligent reply system works on all messaging apps and is a feature of the notification system. Your device will predict your next step will be. A splendid example of this function is; if you get a message with an address, a smart reply enables you to find the address in Google Maps. Furthermore, Google has added live captions to the audio on the Android to use. If you wish to watch something in a public place such as a video, you can do so without disturbing those around you.

Health Benefits

You will be able to limit your child’s usage time on their smartphone by the app Family Link, a great initiative by Google. This will be available on all devices with Android 10. Kudo’s to Google for encouraging family time.
If you are disturbed by notifications on your phone, you will be able to pause them with a single tap. This is, by far, one of my favourite additions. The phone will help you focus on more important things and help resist the temptation of checking the notifications. You will be able to reinstate the app when you chose.

Google has also announced that there are sixty-five new emoji on the Android of which fifty-three are gender-inclusive. Currently, an emoji for a police officer is male, and an emoji for a person getting a haircut is female. In future, the emojis will not be identifiable as one or the other, although one can still choose which they prefer.