Apple Bans Fortnite from App Store

President Donald Trump targeted large technology firms like Amazon & Apple, using Congresses House of Representatives to inform corporate leaders that monopolies wouldn’t be tolerated going forward. Both Apple & Amazon have ignored the requests of Congress, continuing their monopoly strategies. The Apple Company double-downed on their monopolistic efforts, first with Microsoft’s xCloud Streaming Service & now with Epic Games Fortnite.

Apple is targeting the video game industry for its benefit, eliminating competitive platforms to increase their presence in the space. This stifles any chance of innovation, while also directly targeting a substantial percentage of their customer base. Gamers didn’t react positively to Apple’s announcement that Microsoft’s xCloud wouldn’t be supported. Social media data indicates that 4.8% of Apple customers will switch-over to Android from the xCloud decision. Higher percentages listed between 5.2% to 5.5% could be the fallout of lost customers, resulting from Apple’s ban of Fortnite.

Epic Games knew their termination from the Apple App Store was inevitable; receiving a 30-Day notice from their headquarter offices in California. Epic Games responded with a Legal Complaint 5-Minutes after Apple banned its capabilities to update the game & accept new customers.

The Apple Company enforced new legislation, which required developers to forgo 30% of the finances earned through their applications. This updated guideline effectively banned all subsequent payment systems, meaning “Video Game DLC” and “Microtransaction Stores” weren’t permitted any longer. Hundreds of developers that sustained high-profit margins through their application-based digital stores have been forced to shut down.

Several Lawsuits for Apple

Active efforts towards creating multiple monopolies through their App Store have ensued with the Apple Company. Tim Cook didn’t take kindly to discussing company data with Congress, with inside sources suggesting the recent billionaire has begun fighting back by avoiding the recommendations of POTUS.

This isn’t the only lawsuit lingering over the Apple Company. Several large-scale developers have made claims with the American Supreme Court, requesting that an Open-Sourced Platform be available through the App Store. This would’ve been the desire for company creator, Steve Jobs. Their current CEO has a different outlook on how Apple should be operated. Tim Cook hasn’t managed to sustain a public image similar to Steve Jobs, who was considered a technology innovator in the 1990s and 2000s.