Apple Supplier Found Using Slaves from Xinjiang

Headlines shocked the tech market on December 30th, with reports indicating a prominent & prolonged supplier of Apple has enforced the labour of Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang, China. It’s a despicable act that’s being denied by Apple & it’s subsequent supplier, Lens Technology. Reports issued to “The Verge” from Tech Transparency Project indicates otherwise & suggests enslavement camps in China are being used to benefit delayed manufacturing.

The Apple Company isn’t the exclusive corporation with prominent ties to Lens Technology. Tesla & Amazon have employed the Chinese firms’ services for years. Specialized glass seen with smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and numerous other devices are manufactured by Lens Technology. After manufacturing was delayed tenfold by Covid-19, this corporate entity illegally forced Uighur Works from enslavement-labour camps to increase production. Reports suggest that refusal has resulted in torture, sexual abuse, and death.

Investigations were sustained by the Tech Transparency Project, which located media reports & Chinese government records that undoubtedly proved Lens Technology has used thousands of Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang, China to work in their factories without any compensation. Living conditions for those enslaved employees hasn’t been details, with government records blacklisting any discussions pertaining to housing. If anything, similar to the Uighur enslavement camps in Xinjiang, hundreds of Uighur Muslims are likely being forced into unsanitary conditions. The available food is likely bread & water, nothing else.

CCP Continues to Lie

The Chinese Communist Party & Lens Technology knew government reports couldn’t be denied. Footage was released hours later to the international community, which shows “Lens Technology Uighur Employees” celebrating on Chinese National Day. Those individuals were dawning banners showcasing Xinjiang origin & pride. Reports from Uighurs that escaped enslavement notified the international community that education was being forced onto their Muslim brothers & sisters. This education included learning the Mandarin Language, while renouncing their Islam religion & love for the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP believe Chinese civilian should regard them as gods, not religious icons like Allah.