Apple’s New iPad Pro 12.9 Dominates Even i7 Laptops

The new 2018 iPad Pro set a new standard for tablets and what they are capable of. Remember when the iPhone X came out with the edge to edge display? Well, the new iPad Pro follows a similar design, but with a much bigger screen and features unlike anything else!

Apple has once again made huge changes in comparison to anything else on the market, starting with a liquid retina display stretching from one edge to the other. Sure, there’s still a small hint of a frame around the screen, much like we see with the iPhone X. However, the annoying nudge at the top doesn’t form part of the iPad Pro.

It also follows the iPhone in terms of the home button, giving users, even more, screen space as no buttons appear at the bottom. As we’ve seen with the iPhone X and newer models, you would simply slide up and use other gestures to switch between apps, minimise them, split screen and do just about anything else you can think of. The great thing is, on the new iPad you simply get even more options as this combines the features of the iPhone and MacBook Pro.

Additional External Features

One of the biggest advantages of the new iPad is the USB-C port, allowing you to connect the iPad to a 5k display or even use it to transfer pictures, connect other devices and much more, all at super speeds!

To provide a surround sound experience each time you play your favourite song or even watch a video on you too, Apple arms the new iPad with four speakers, giving you a powerful and deep sound quality no matter how you hold the iPad.

It still comes with a simple and easy to use connection port, allowing you to instantly charge your Apple pencil or connect additional hardware such as a keyboard. The best part of it all, there’s no need to connect anything with Bluetooth, and you can disconnect your iPad instantly when you want to Facetime with friends or simply sit back and watch your favourite series on Netflix.

Software Beating Just About Everything!

If you are looking for a device with huge power, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing the new iPad Pro. Geekbench 4 is known doe testing the performance of just about any device is, and when the new iPad was tested, it simply dominated anything in its path, including the Dell XPS 13 and even the Surface Pro 6.

Not only does the iPad transcode 4K video in a third of the time, but it also converts raw pictures in almost half the time that any other device does.

I bet you are wondering what the catch is, but surprisingly the is no catch as even the battery live lasts for 3 hours longer than others while continuously using the Internet while connected to Wi-Fi. The all-new iPad Pro certainly makes it the best choice for everything from business through to watching your favourite sports live!