Apple’s Restrictions Bypassed by AltStore

For the most significant part of roughly a decade, a native from Dallas-Fort Worth, Riley Testut, has been trying to sneak into his iPhone through a door not opened at all before. His passion for app development brought him to this life commitment already in his teenage years. His focus is in particular on emulation technology which accommodates modern computing devices to manage video game software from consoles of ages ago.

Driven By Passion

Testut is a major Apple fan, but his disappointment was immense when he realized that his favourite classic video games form well-known developers as Nintendo would never become for sale in Apple’s App Store. This was mainly due to Nintendo’s lack of interest to port the games that Testut loved so much into iOS. On the opposing side, there was also Apple’s stringent policy regarding any application which might cause a piracy threat. Testut realized that he would need to build his solution. He had to find a way to create his emulation technology which will allow people to do the conversion for themselves. He stated that during his years as a young child he was playing these games and stumbled upon some code which he was convinced could be turned into an application to allow you to play games like Game Boy. This was where his interest started. Suddenly he was amidst the emulation scene although, looking back now is unsure if he knew back then what it would entail, he might have picked differently. He says that building this app took a lot of time and effort, mainly because they won’t ever be available in an App Store.

His Progress

During his last two years of high school, he was mainly focused on emulation work. He created GBA4iOS, which is a Game Boy emulator. During 2014 he hit the headlines when both Nintendo and Apple wanted to shut down his project. Even though he managed to keep it alive for a bit longer thanks to finding a loophole, it is gone today. Today he is based in Los Angeles as a freelance software developer. At the age of 22 years old, he is sure that he has found a way to enable his software to be available on Apple iOS devices forever. His solution is named AltStore. It is defined as an alternative mobile app distribution platform, and it enables users to download software which hasn’t been made available on the App Store of Apple.

Creating Delta

Delta is his AltStore’s first-ever app, and it is the successor to GBA4iOS. Testut has been working on perfecting Delta since his university years at the University of Southern California, more than five years ago. The best part of this application is that it allows you to function it on your phone without requiring any jailbreaks to be done on your iPhone. That and the fact that it is available for download to all, completely free of charge.