Apple’s Siri Saves Helps Save Yet Another Life

Many might have heard about the life-saving stories that involves the virtual assistant from Apple, called Siri. There have even been pets saved with the feature as people ask Siri how to perform CPR on everything from birds through to dogs.

Well, this time she managed to provide a boy of just 4 years old to get in touch with emergency services when his pregnant mom lost consciousnesses as a side effect from her morning sickness medication.

As you can imagine, most 4-year-old kids wouldn’t understand what’s happening, never mind consider getting in touch with emergency services. Well, this isn’t just any regular boy as he knew exactly what to do and what the best way is to get his mom the help she needed.

How it All Happened

Beau Austin, a 4-year-old boy from South Wales discovered his mother passed out one morning. Not know the reason or what to do, he decided to ask Siri, the virtual assistant he had spoken to many times before on his mom’s iPhone.

Instead of asking Siri what to do, he already knew emergency services are required and asked her to dial the UK emergency services number instead. When asked, the boy said he learnt about the feature by watching people do it on television.

The handlers are trained to talk callers through emergency situations and while Beau managed to stay calm through it all, it was his thought process and knowledge of technology that really made the difference here. The boy also knew his address, which is obviously the most important.

Needless to say, everything turned out for the best and Mr Austin managed to get the help she needed, thanks to her son. In an interview, she said she didn’t even know Siri could do that, but the boy’s young mind obviously knew differently and managed to help the best way possible.

As acknowledgement of his incredible achievement and bravery, Beau got a visit from the ambulance services at school, which also include the mascot (Jack the Patient) who rewarded him with a goodies bag and a certificate in front of all his class mates and friends.

Important Things Kids Should Know

Without the knowledge of how to called emergency services and his address, young Beau wouldn’t have been able to assist his mom the way he did. Sure, it might not have been a life-threatening situation, but it could just as easily have been.

It’s important to kids to know things like their address and how to get in touch with emergency services. There might not always be a smartphone with Siri or Google assistant on, which is why as parents we need to make these numbers easily accessible for kids and teach them when they need to call it.

Teaching your kids these basics could make the difference between life and death. It’s also well worth teaching your kids what their address is and the postal code while also remaining calm while talking to the emergency services.