Apps that you should Delete

If you are at all concerned about your privacy, or that of your friends and family, you should most definitely scan through the applications on your phones, tablets, and laptops. A lot of the permissions we grant willy-nilly allow these applications access to things we would not usually want to share. By not reading the lengthy and deliberately longwinded terms and conditions, we are unwittingly allowing “big brother” into our lives. If you have children with their own digital devices, please have a look at those too, in our day and age it pays to be careful.

The apps discussed below are dangerous in a few ways:

  • Some can track you
  • Some have dodgy privacy policies
  • Some can be a gateway for virusesAngry Birds

Well, this makes me angry. How can an innocent game be a threat? Well, there is an advertising platform in the games coding. This coding allows the adverts to be directly targeted at the users. The information collected is accessible to anyone intelligent enough to find it. Your phonebook, call logs, and even your location can be publicly available, and although the creators claim this has been written out of the games coding, one never really knows.


No surprise here as Facebook has become the shoebox we keep our memories and personal information in. Facebook is the most trusted social media platform, and yet it cannot be believed. Sort of like your best friend in high school who dealt out your secrets as she/he deemed fit. Take the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal, for example. It was a political scandal in which Cambridge Analytica collected personal information from millions of Facebook users without prior consent. Was this information used for political advertising – nice, hey? Even scarier was that it was first reported in 2015 and Facebook “investigated”. So, it is ideal to play it safe by uninstalling the Facebook app on your phone or tablet and instead adding a browser shortcut to your phones home screen. This will also increase the performance of your phone.

You Version Bible

An article in a well-known magazine claims that the application “You Version Bible” can alter data stored on your phone. The article goes on to say that this app can also connect and disconnect to Wi-Fi as it pleases; this is again for adverts targeted at a specific audience. You Version Bible creators pledge that your information will not be sold. However, I believe you cannot trust anyone but yourself. It is your choice, but I will be deleting this app as soon as this article is complete.

To Delete untrusted Apps

Unfortunately, merely uninstalling them or deleting them will not suffice. Most of these applications request that you create an account or connect using your email account, another spam tactic. You will need to connect to the Applications web page from your search engine, login and delete your account. They will not make it easy for you either, it will take time and a lot of patience, but in the long run, it is for the best.