Best Apple Watch Apps

Ever since the launch of the Apple Watch, we’ve seen the little device on our wrists deliver some fantastic features. This doesn’t only relate to fitness tracking, but daily things such as reminders and tasks as well.
Now, with the latest iOS 5 for Apple Watch, third-party app developers manage to take things even further. Now, we have games for Apple Watch, individual password keepers and various other apps that allow these smartwatches to shine with brilliant benefits. Below, we have a look at the latest Apple Watch apps and what they have to offer.


1Password is an excellent addition for anyone who uses the 1Password app on their iPhones. The watch variation is a lighter version, which doesn’t include all the same features as that would be too much on the smaller display. Instead, it gives you a quick view of your saved passwords and even uses the watch for two-factor authentication.

It’s certainly a low easier to quickly tap on the watch to find your credit card pin or the code for a security door than having to rely on your phone the whole time, especially when your hands are full! The app is free for the watch, and the iPhone version includes both free and paid versions.


It’s quite strange that Apple didn’t include a calculator with their Apple Watch as it would be an excellent feature for those quick sums. However, you can always rely on third-party app developers to create what they forget. Calcbot is the perfect answer for anyone who wants a calculator on their Apple Watch. It works on all the series and even the those with the 38mm screens.

Of course, it’s even better on the bigger screens but works well enough. It offers all the features you need, including add/minus, multiplies/divide and the standard features. Thus, don’t expect to find a full scientific calculator, but rather one that does the job. The app is 100% free and available from the Apple store.

Camera Plus

Here we have one of the most potent Apple Watch apps and by far the most popular camera app for your watch. Sure, the Apple Watch comes with a camera app that gives you some control such as snapping a picture or start recording, but it’s somewhat limited when it comes to settings and previews.

Well, with Camera Plus, you get to take full control over your phone’s camera. Not only can you snap pics and start videos, but the app also gives you an instant preview after taking the picture. Even with videos, it keeps you in control with a live feed directly to your wrist. Need to switch between selfie and back cameras? No need to pick up the phone as the camera Plus app has it all and does it within seconds. The app comes with a price of 99c, which is a small price to pay for those who want more control over their camera functionality directly from their wrist.