Best Flight tracking apps for Traveling

As an avid traveller, one would know that the arrival and departure times of a flight can’t be guaranteed. Many anomalies could delay your flight weather, technical difficulties and emergencies or obstacles on the runways that the pilot needs to avoid. So, technically, when delayed, you should feel relieved and grateful that they are putting your lives ahead of their deadlines and on-time performance.

Understandably, this is immensely frustrating for any traveller, especially when there is a lack of communication or problem in translation. So, it might be best to download one of the following apps to stay on top of your flights, especially if you are taking multiple or connecting flights.


This is a wonderfully informative app, and I have it from inside sources that some of the people employed by various airports have this on the mobiles too. This application is so jam-packed with information that you, it makes you wonder where they get it all from. Flightradar24 has a fantastic feature whereby you point your phone at the aeroplane flying over, and it will produce you with statistics of that plane.

It provides information such as airport departed from and destination airport, speed, and altitude. What I like about this application is that you can insert your flight number and you will receive historical data for the past week, that way you know what to expect. This application does have a payable version, but the free app has so much to give that you don’t need to pay unless you are an aviation fanatic who wants to become an air traffic controller himself/herself.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

This app has so many features to keep you busy and informed; it allows you to track any commercial flights around the world. It is a handy tool when your flight is delayed or has the possibility of a delay. FlightAware provides you with departure and destination as well as a count down to pick up. Even more exciting is the information it gives out on possible weather that could interrupt your flight plans.

Flight Aware allows you the possibility of push notifications and sometimes informs you of changes, delays, and cancellations before the airline itself does. It even has a “misery map”, which shows which airports experience the most delays.

The Flight Tracker

This is a simple flight tracking app. It offers data on arrival and departure times, terminal and gate information, seat maps. It can be set up to alert you if your boarding gate changes, or if your flight is delayed or cancelled. You can make notes and customize reminders, label your favourite route, and sync it with your calendar. The real benefit of The Flight Tracker is that it works offline, so you can access it in the air which will allow you to follow your route. Pretty cool!