Best New Features for Google Chrome

The internet explorer that took over Microsoft’s IE is now officially more than ten years old and owns more than 60% of the market. To remain among the best, Google has to keep updating the features they provide along with security. If there’s one thing we all love, it’s having access to more functionality that really works and allows us to do more with a lot less.

Well, in 2019, Google Chrome is yet again one of the most popular browsers, not only for PC but for just about all devices. Not only can you get it on your Mac and PC, but it’s available on mobile phones, tablets and even televisions these days. This simply gives the company the motivation to move forward and keep their services at a standard that no one else can match. So, let’s have a look at what’s new in Google Chrome and what makes it even better than before.

Fill Forms Better and Faster

Yes, we’re even getting into the boring things as Chrome just manages to make it a little easier and faster to get past the sections of online that’s become a drag for most of us. There are more and more places online that require you to fill in details, and most hate it because it’s always the same thing over and over.

You can provide Google with the info directly by going to your Chrome settings or simply leave it to learn from the forms you fill in. Not only will it remember your card details in a safe and trusted place, but it also fills in your address details and the rest with amazing accuracy.

The Small Thing Matter

One of the biggest advantages of the Chrome browser is the small things that allow it to work as well as it does. The small settings that let you do browsing the way you prefer without any limitations or annoying paths just to get to smaller settings. Instead, it’s all open, easy to use and simplistic.

One of the greatest small things is the seamless syncing of your settings and preferences from just about any other browser, including Firefox, Edge and just about all the rest. Of course, this makes switching a lot easier, especially since you don’t even need a plug-in to get it done either.

On top of that, Chrome also allows you to use any search engine, removing even more limitations. They’ve also ensures you have the option to sync these settings with other devices and that you can choose your own features and themes. Sure, others do it as well, but Chrome just does the small things better, and it’s all in one place!

The Dino Game!

Since Chrome turned 10, it turned the boring “No Internet” screen into a brilliant game. Do you remember the dinosaur that used to appear at the top of a no internet page? Well, when you see him again, press the spacebar and instant start a game where you need to lead the dinosaur over obstacles for the best score in the world!