Bill Gates Describes Artificial Intelligence as Both Dangerous & Exciting

The occurrence of AI led to several exciting breakthroughs enabled by technology, improving the quality of human lives. In future, Artificial Intelligence will continue to be a positive changemaker, provided that it is used in a manner that is for the greater good of society. At the same time, there has also been numerous visionaries from the world of technology and academia, different views on AI and even a war of words.

Co-Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates Gives His Opinion About AI

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft has also recently joined the debate regarding AI. Gates takes a borderline approach regarding the subject and reminded that Artificial Intelligence is nuclear energy and that means it is also a nuclear weapon at the same time.

As one of the main speakers at the Human-Centred Artificial intelligence (HAI) at Stanford University. Bill Gates shared how AI can be evolutionary in some areas and threatening. Still, despite all the risks, if all focus is placed on the AI system’s capabilities, technology can play a main part in business transformations.

Almost Like Nuclear Weapons vs Nuclear Energy

Gates also reminded the audience that the world has not had many technologies that are dangerous and as promising at the same time as AI. The only that vaguely is the same is nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact in Medical Field

AI can make a huge impact and solve many healthcare industry issues, according to Bill Gates. He used the example that children in the same country getting antibiotics such as azithromycin, that cost two cents per year, it would save hundreds of thousands of lives. Which is why Gates do not believe that without the learning techniques of the machine we would be able to understand the importance of the problem, in order to find the solution.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact in Medical Field

Gates also talked about the transformation AI brought to other fields such as education. Learners can now learn from AI assistants that act as personalized teachers to any student including those with special needs. The potential benefit is that AI could massively enhance the level of education across the globe.

Advantages vs Disadvantages of AI

With AI the world would be a place with a far lower error rate than without it, should the AI be properly coded. The one thing AI has above all else is precision, speed and accuracy. Hostile environments will have no effect on AI, which makes it perfect for the most dangerous tasks.

Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Now are considered AI due to the ability they have to analyse the information given and the return of a result. In time AI will affect all industries and by mid-2030s AI usage could increase up to 30% from 3% at the moment. The main reasons for the use of AI are cost-effectiveness, accuracy, speed and flawless completing of tasks.