Boeing’s 737 Max Software Problems

Soccer and Rugby teams, golfers and tennis players, sportsmen and women from all over the world use air travel to get to their places of play. But what does a simple flight entail? Look at the software relied upon by aeroplanes, for example, the failing of such software has been a hot topic in the Boeing Max 8 investigation. The sad questions remain unanswered, how did a company with such high standards and pedantic designs, make software mistakes that lead to two traumatic, fatal crashes? There have been so many reports, rumours and accusations but the fact remains, it was a software glitch or a glitch in the planning of the software that leads to the falling of two Max 8s.

What was the Software meant to do?

This software was created to prevent stalling in aircraft. Stalling happens when an aircraft is in too steep of a climb or descent, this causes an increase in airflow resistance, hindering the aircraft from generating enough lift. The MAX software was meant to receive data from a sensor and activate when the climb angle was too steep, changing the angle of the horizontal stabilizer and pushing the nose down.

What went wrong?

In expectation of a highly hazardous event, aeroplanes are meant to depend on data from sensors with a 0.00001% chance of failing, in other words, the measurements should have been taken from two sensors. The MAX 8 has two of the sensors mentioned above, but its software was only designed to pull readings from one. The Black box, which records flight data, shows that in the case of the Lion Air, the two sensors differed by 20 degrees, even during taxiing, leading most to believe they were faulty before the flight even took off, but the pilots couldn’t be warned.

The Max Software has been riddled with problems from the very beginning and, unfortunately for Boeing, but proving to end consumers that their safety is taken seriously, regulators found a new flaw in the software that needs to be addressed. As with all investigations into tragedies, fingers have been pointed. The software developer has also been blamed, and perhaps rightfully so but were the coders not simply designing around specs they were given?

When will the Boeing Max 8 be Rolled out?

Recent simulator tests by the Federal Aviation Administration suggest the software issues on Boeing’s Max 8 run deeper as they found a computer chip that lagged when it was overwhelmed with data. It could take Boeing another three months to sort out the new software hiccup. Each aeroplane that is built has multimillion individual parts that rely on software which is made of multimillion lines of code. Concerning the old issues, a software patch has been completed that will collect data from both sensors before the automatic counteractions are activated and the nose of the airplane will only be pushed down once.

Nuns Use School Money to Go to Vegas

There are many ways to enjoy the latest offering, some dream of the latest gadgets while others want to make a life-long dream come true. Many individuals have gone to great lengths to experience Vegas and lost more than they bargained for. But many did use everything within their power to visit sin city and walked away as winners.

When it is ordinary citizens, it is not a big deal, and everyone writes it off to luck or being irresponsible. When it is nuns that not only use everything within their power but also steal cash to visit Vegas it becomes headline news.

Nuns Finally Admit to Stealing from School to Visit Vegas

The nuns admitted that they stole an amount of $500,000 to go on a gambling trip to Vegas, the money was taken from school. The funds were embezzled by Sister Lana Chang and Sister Mary Kreuper from the St James Catholic School situated in California. It was not a once off affair, as the funds were taken over several years by using separate bank accounts. The pair of nuns did express remorse for their actions and promised to pay back the considerable sum of cash.

Las Vegas Gambling Trip Cost Two American Nuns $500,000

The money used by the two nuns was taken from the donations, fees and tuition of the St James Catholic School. The listed funds were deposited in a different bank than that used by the school. This action took place over several years.

Sister Lana Chang and Sister Mary Kreuper are best friends, and they both retired, recently. The pair have apologised and promised to pay back the cash in full. The Congregation of Sister of Carondelet feels they have taken money away from the children in the school. These children need the money and what the nuns did is terrible. The theft of the $500,000 was discovered when the school funds were subject to a routine audit. The sum of $500,000 is what the auditors could trace across the past six years, and it excludes all cash transactions.

The nuns had spent mostly when they travelled to Las Vegas to gamble, and the whole matter came to the attention of those who needed to do a financial review when the school changed leadership. None of the others or staff where implicated according to a statement of the pastor.

Sister Chang was a teacher at the school for more than 20 years, and Sister Kreuper remained 29 years as the school principal. The community is shocked, concerned and saddened as this situation have significantly impacted the long relationship between the school and families. The question is, did the nuns won during their trips to Las Vegas? Although none of the current news articles wishes to offer any details on the actions. But then again we should not as, as what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, whether you’re a nun or not.

Bill Gates Describes Artificial Intelligence as Both Dangerous & Exciting

The occurrence of AI led to several exciting breakthroughs enabled by technology, improving the quality of human lives. In future, Artificial Intelligence will continue to be a positive changemaker, provided that it is used in a manner that is for the greater good of society. At the same time, there has also been numerous visionaries from the world of technology and academia, different views on AI and even a war of words.

Co-Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates Gives His Opinion About AI

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft has also recently joined the debate regarding AI. Gates takes a borderline approach regarding the subject and reminded that Artificial Intelligence is nuclear energy and that means it is also a nuclear weapon at the same time.

As one of the main speakers at the Human-Centred Artificial intelligence (HAI) at Stanford University. Bill Gates shared how AI can be evolutionary in some areas and threatening. Still, despite all the risks, if all focus is placed on the AI system’s capabilities, technology can play a main part in business transformations.

Almost Like Nuclear Weapons vs Nuclear Energy

Gates also reminded the audience that the world has not had many technologies that are dangerous and as promising at the same time as AI. The only that vaguely is the same is nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact in Medical Field

AI can make a huge impact and solve many healthcare industry issues, according to Bill Gates. He used the example that children in the same country getting antibiotics such as azithromycin, that cost two cents per year, it would save hundreds of thousands of lives. Which is why Gates do not believe that without the learning techniques of the machine we would be able to understand the importance of the problem, in order to find the solution.

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact in Medical Field

Gates also talked about the transformation AI brought to other fields such as education. Learners can now learn from AI assistants that act as personalized teachers to any student including those with special needs. The potential benefit is that AI could massively enhance the level of education across the globe.

Advantages vs Disadvantages of AI

With AI the world would be a place with a far lower error rate than without it, should the AI be properly coded. The one thing AI has above all else is precision, speed and accuracy. Hostile environments will have no effect on AI, which makes it perfect for the most dangerous tasks.

Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Now are considered AI due to the ability they have to analyse the information given and the return of a result. In time AI will affect all industries and by mid-2030s AI usage could increase up to 30% from 3% at the moment. The main reasons for the use of AI are cost-effectiveness, accuracy, speed and flawless completing of tasks.

Smart Home Systems Revealed at CES 2019

Many might be following the huge trend around home automation, which is understandable, thanks to the latest tech from the biggest in the business. Even consumers keep on eye on what’s happening, wanting the best and seeing how the Apples compare to the Samsung and Google systems.

These have become the main way to do anything from activating lights through to getting a recipe for Indian dishes, straight from a small little speaker standing in a convent place in your home. While this might seem like a small smart device to you, the industry booms with projected revenue of over $53 billion within the next 3 year.

With this revenue size, it’s no wonder major companies continuously develop new additions to further improve on features and stay ahead of the competition. New companies also enter the market, some including new assistant devices while others create the items interacting with home automation, all contributing to the incredibly huge revenue mentioned above.

For 2019, home automation takes yet another drastic changes from the biggest companies, offering faster features and being able to communicate with more devices. In fact, Google got the trade show started by announcing their home assistant will be available on over 1 billion devices by the end of January 2019.

We also see the introduction of 5G being a major attraction for the 2019 trade show as most companies introduce the feature. The upgrade from 4G LTE allows the internet to handle more devices and let’s you enjoy even faster connectivity speeds with commands by making the bandwidth bigger.

Samsung Galaxy Home

That’s right, Samsung is now joining the home automation world with a Galaxy Speaker, which we first found out about in August of last year. However, the company hasn’t revealed a release date or the expected price for the unique, which we’re hoping to see at the CES trade show.

The major mobile company has more than 20% of the market, which means over 7 million devices worldwide. This gives them the perfect opportunity to enter the market and instantly boom with business. The Bixby speaker from Samsung might not have all of the same features, but it’s geared towards offering the best launchpad for tech.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant plans to introduce a range of new features that involves partnerships with more companies. This means you’ll be able to do even more in the months to come, which is a huge attraction for everyone.

Google remains the most popular A.I. home system for users from around the world and with these new features, that’s not about to change anytime soon. Especially not since they keep integrating features with the devices we use the most, our smartphones. Just one of the features to look forward to is from the Simple human company who announced a smart mirror, which is set to work with Google Assistant. Of course, as the trade show goes on, we’ll see even more new tech for the Google platform, making it one of the biggest companies to look out for.

AIM Asian Forum On Corporate Social Responsibility

25-26 October 2012
Bangkok Shangrila Hotel, Thailand

The annual AIM Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR) is organized by the Asian Institute of Management – Ramon V. del Rosario Sr. Center for Corporate Responsibility (AIM-RVR Center).

The AFCSR is known to be the most significant conference on corporate social responsibility in Asia. The event is attended by various professionals—senior business executives, academicians, civil society as well as government organizations.

This year’s conference offers productive and informative sessions and topics stemming from the theme, Innovative Approaches To Creating Value for Business and Society, and will be supported by a framework that showcases the creation of innovative CSR programs while generating stakeholder engagement. Plenary and breakout discussions will revolve around five core topics, namely: assessment of the firm’s culture; development of the program; prototyping and evaluating; systematizing and implementation; and finally, embedding and encouraging CSR.

Capping off the two-day event is the Asian CSR Awards and the Intel-AIM Corporate Responsibility Award ceremonies and gala dinner, which seeks to recognize companies in Asia for their projects and programs on CSR.  The Asian CSR Awards will be given in four categories, namely: Environment and Value-Chain Management, Governance and Society, Labor and Employee Engagement, and Product Responsibility and Consumer Rights while the IACRA will go to an organization that has fully embedded CSR throughout the aforementioned focus areas.

Digital Marketing Masterclass By Michael Leander

27-28 May, 2013 – Sheraton Hotel, Karachi

29 May, 2013 – Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore

Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) is organizing a Digital Marketing Masterclass by Michael Leander, an award winning speaker and  international trainer from Denmark. PAS will first hold a 2-day workshop in Karachi, followed by a 1-day workshop in Lahore.

Highly praised at PAS Digital Marketing conference ‘DIG-IT 2012’, PAS has taken the initiative to conduct hands-on workshops with Leander where he will share his expertise and experience through especially designed workshop for the Pakistani industry.

The masterclass is aimed at marketers who wish to advance their brands, improve their digital marketing ecosystems and attract traffic to their web presence while establishing a winning presence that works in social media.

For registration and details contact Tanvir Hussain, Marketing Manager –
Mobile: 0321-2322486, Office: 021-35836072

World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013

September 28-30, 2013
Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

The World Marketing Summit (WMS) is an initiative to shape the future of marketing and create new development approaches through marketing.

It is a legacy of the world’s most influential marketing guru, Professor Philip Kotler, and is designed to be an inclusive platform of developing and developed countries to solve the world’s critical challenges through the effective and efficient lens of marketing.

WMS will play a vital role in guiding the future of marketing in embracing the human mind, heart and spirit with the objective of “Creating a Better World through Marketing”.

Professor Kotler and World Marketing Summit 2013 have picked Khalid Alvi Marketing Next as their official representatives for Pakistan.

AdAsia Vietnam 2013

National Convention Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam will play host to AdAsia 2013 from November 11 to 14 this year. The partners signed on for this year’s event include, Dentsu Vietnam, Dentsu Media Vietnam, Le Media Group, MMA Global (Mobile Marketing Association), Sun Flower Media Group, Vina Media Corporation, and WADA Group.
AdAsia 2013 will play host to some of the best and brightest minds from the advertising and communications industry from all over the world. The theme of this year’s gathering will be ‘Re-engineer advertising’. More than 1,000 delegates from the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA) countries are expected to attend the event.

As a business forum, AdAsia presents attendees with an opportunity for opening up of new advertising and marketing communication channels for participants.

Some of the speakers who will be sharing insights at the conference this year include Edward Pank, Managing Director, Warc Asia; John Merrifield, Chief Creative Officer of Google Asia Pacific; Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, exchange4Media, David Aaker, author of ‘Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant’, Hermawan Kartajaya, President, World Marketing Association; Tom Doctoroff, CEO – APAC, JWT; Shubhranshu Singh, Marketing Director, India & South Asia, Visa; and Chiradeep Gupta, Global Media Innovation Manager, Unilever, among others.

Breakthrough Branding With Mahmood Nanji

19th September, 2013
Sheraton Hotel, Karachi

TiE Karachi presents a session on Breakthough Branding conducted by Mahmood Nanji, a seasoned marketer in the realm of corporate Pakistan.

Gone are the days when brands were merely a logo, design or a wrapper. Today, creating a brand entails more than a designer playing around with layouts and textures.

This session aims to help marketers fine tune their business models and marketing concepts, realign their brands, attain brand humility and retain brand loyalty.

Mahmood Nanji has served at the forefront of many companies’ marketing departments, including the coveted position of chief marketing officer at Tapal. He was the force behind the popular television talk show, Brand Power.

Investment: PKR 600 – TiE Members | PKR 1,000 – Non-members.

For further details email or call 021-35296417, 35296307-8

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s Elite Leadership Program

21 August, 2013 – Marriott Hotel, Karachi

22 August, 2013 – Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore

Terrabiz is organizing a day-long program featuring Dr Marshall Goldsmith, a world authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive, measurable change in behavior, for themselves, their people and their teams.

The program promises the following:

  • Leverage straightforward techniques to enhance your leadership impact
  • Discover the 20 workplace habits you need to break to get even better
  • Identify the unconscious behaviours that get in the way of your next level of achievement
  • Listen without judgement to increase mutual respect and understanding
  • Develop strategies that create a positive perception of long-term change

Dr. Goldsmith is widely recognized as the world’s leading executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith’s book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There was ranked as America’s best selling business book in both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Recently, the American Management Association named Dr. Goldsmith as one of 50 great thinkers and leaders who have influenced the field of management over the past 80 years. BusinessWeek listed him as one of the most influential practitioners in the history of leadership development.