Hannibal So Far

I recently watched ‘Red Dragon’ and this TV show, based on the same characters, trumps that movie. It has aspects of a procedural cop show, but it’s really not the focus of the show.

The show isn’t doing ‘killer of the week’ in the traditional sense where the bulk of the plot is them hunting down the killer. The show needs that formula to even exist on network television, but it’s subverting that entirely by making the hunt for the killers mostly tertiary to the plot while the major serial elements move forward as the true meaning of the story. Not to mention that the killers themselves often act as thematic reflections of what’s going on in the parallel overarching story. This week, Henriksen was a killer whose obsession with methodically creating a legacy was revealed to be misguided mistake, which can be applied to how Hannibal is currently trying to build this pseudo-family and proteges out of both Alana and Abigail. Both of those will eventually come to a head.

This show isn’t getting the credit it deserves for circumventing the bull that network shows have to include to be funded and aired in increasingly clever and ingenious ways. I’m not really bothered by the number of serial killers they are finding at this point. I saw a documentary a few years back where the FBI claimed that by their estimate there are over 300 active serial killers in the US at any one time. Obviously the people you’d go to when you suspect a serial killer would be the FBI.

You have to be able to suspend a degree of realism to believe someone like Hannibal is out there anyway. They’ve found cannibals quite a few times, and Hannibal and Norman Bates are both based on the same killer. But there’s never been a serial killer/cannibal that has the medical and psych background that Hannibal has. So as long as they don’t ramp up the numbers to the point that its completely laughable I’ll go along for the ride. I will be so disappointed if this show isn’t back for a lengthy run. There is not another show on TV that even comes close to this.

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5 Reasons To Vote For PML-N

There are lots of reasons to vote for a party, but the most important reason should be how one feels about the wave-length similarity with the party leader.

We would all love to earn more, bargain prices to the ground and never pay taxes. We break red lights yet insult the traffic police. We bribe media planners to run ads on our TV channels yet accuse politicians of accepting bribes for various development projects. There is truly no better criteria for choosing a candidate than how similar his or her values are to your own. So for that reason, the top five reasons to vote for PML-N are:

1. Ittefaq Foundries Scandal (Loan Defaulters)
Wouldn’t we all like to take enormous loans from banks under the pretense of corporate interests, then make ourselves lavish houses or businesses which would be followed by refusal to repay the loan and for good measure, threaten the family of the underpaid government/bank auditor if they don’t comply. If you stand on any traffic intersection for more than 5 mins (with or without traffic police), you can gain a true insight into the true nature of the Pakistani people.

2. Breakout Tax Evasion
The government is good for nothing, taking a huge chunk of your salary and capping more off for capital gains, we would all like nothing more than to claim bankruptcy while clearly living in mansions.

3. Supported Zardari in Order to Get Next Term Guaranteed
Its a dangerous and cut throat world out there, and we’ll readily (metaphorically) slice the knees off our office competition for that promotion because weddings and diapers aren’t going to pay for themselves. There’s also great value in picking and dropping your boss’s kids so that one day when he becomes CEO, you can get a spot in the C-suite too.

4. Keeping 1.14 Million Kids Away from Schools in Punjab
Hey, inflation is biting at us all and you’ve earned the right to snake away PKR X million from your firms budget to redirect towards your uncle’s brothers nephews BTL agency regardless of their inability to remotely attain any of the KPI’s.

5. No solution to the load shedding problem in Punjab (it is a provincial matter as well after 18th amendment)
Look, the oil and energy sector makes the highest bang for its buck, so it makes sense to keep them happy by killing the power supply for citizens and thereby increasing the demand for fuel resources and artificially sky rocketing the price. Heavy payments, also known as bribes consultation fees, are also bigger for the whole family when said industry is earning off the misery of others.

About the author: Laila Rehman is an associate with SIlkSKIN in the corporate sales team. She can be reached on lailar@silkskinonline.com for business meetings.

Social Media And ROI: The Addiction To Perpetual Failure

But, as he clearly pointed out, the concept of ROI is a purely financial metric and should always be seen that way. Simply getting likes means nothing.

Nokia has the most likes in Pakistan and is rapidly losing its grip, foothold and brand preference in Pakistan. While it does have brand awareness, it has no brand preference. Its the difference between someone saying “Yeah I’ve heard of Nokia” and saying “Yeah I’ll buy Nokia”. I’ve heard of thieving political parties (awareness) but I won’t vote for them (preference). This distinction is critical. David argues that the end objective should be viewed first and as a result the digital platforms strategy. As seen from the clear non performance of most digital campaigns, people opt for the ‘in’ platforms before seeing if it will have a quantitative and qualitative impact on their sales and ROI objectives. And no, likes, reach and PTAT is not a good enough ROI in the true sense.

This also applies to the strategy taken to earn the attention of the Chief Justice for the recent teen killing in Pakistan. While we know that in the previous similar instance, the elites of social media and arm-chair activists resorted to endless Facebook pages and imagery shares, we also know that this strategy resulted in many likes and no justice for the victim. And this time around, the same “strategy” is making the rounds. Its either perpetual laziness or lack of foresight, but these aspiring revolutionists really need to rethink their means in reaching the CJ – maybe protest outside his residence, go on a hunger strike, file a case against the culprit, make television appearances or take to the streets. To think the CJ is active on Facebook is just wishful thinking.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

About the author: Laila Rehman is an associate with SilkSKIN in the corporate sales team. She can be reached on lailar@silkskinonline.com for business meetings.