Apple Supplier Found Using Slaves from Xinjiang

Headlines shocked the tech market on December 30th, with reports indicating a prominent & prolonged supplier of Apple has enforced the labour of Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang, China. It’s a despicable act that’s being denied by Apple & it’s subsequent supplier, Lens Technology. Reports issued to “The Verge” from Tech Transparency Project indicates otherwise & suggests enslavement camps in China are being used to benefit delayed manufacturing.

The Apple Company isn’t the exclusive corporation with prominent ties to Lens Technology. Tesla & Amazon have employed the Chinese firms’ services for years. Specialized glass seen with smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and numerous other devices are manufactured by Lens Technology. After manufacturing was delayed tenfold by Covid-19, this corporate entity illegally forced Uighur Works from enslavement-labour camps to increase production. Reports suggest that refusal has resulted in torture, sexual abuse, and death.

Investigations were sustained by the Tech Transparency Project, which located media reports & Chinese government records that undoubtedly proved Lens Technology has used thousands of Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang, China to work in their factories without any compensation. Living conditions for those enslaved employees hasn’t been details, with government records blacklisting any discussions pertaining to housing. If anything, similar to the Uighur enslavement camps in Xinjiang, hundreds of Uighur Muslims are likely being forced into unsanitary conditions. The available food is likely bread & water, nothing else.

CCP Continues to Lie

The Chinese Communist Party & Lens Technology knew government reports couldn’t be denied. Footage was released hours later to the international community, which shows “Lens Technology Uighur Employees” celebrating on Chinese National Day. Those individuals were dawning banners showcasing Xinjiang origin & pride. Reports from Uighurs that escaped enslavement notified the international community that education was being forced onto their Muslim brothers & sisters. This education included learning the Mandarin Language, while renouncing their Islam religion & love for the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP believe Chinese civilian should regard them as gods, not religious icons like Allah.

SIMC Added to US Entity List

Restrictions from the Trump Administration haven’t stopped towards the end of Donald’s presidency, with Chinese corporations being informed they’re unable to purchase American-made products any longer. Multiple companies are blacklisted after POTUS implemented new tariffs regarding technology suppliers, eliminating Chinese companies from purchasing American-developed chipsets. Considering that 15% of total imports into China are chipsets from the United States, this tariff is unlike any other introduced under Trump’s leadership.

The Commerce Department Entity List added dozens of Chinese companies onto their blacklist, with “Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation” and “DJI” being added. Blacklisting SMIC will have long-standing implications onto the global technology market, with the company acquiring semiconductors made in the United States to power products like smartphones & tablets. Without semiconductors from America, China cannot continue development of their 5G Infrastructure by Huawei. Governments worldwide have worked diligently towards eliminating Huawei’s 5G Infrastructure, with evidence from the United Kingdom that China’s communist party was spying on foreign civilians via this 5G Infrastructure.

Corporations wanting to provide their products to SMIC must apply for specialized licenses, with “Presumption of Denial” being announced for all applicants. It means that most won’t receive commissions. Evidence indicates that semiconductors are being used for various military projects, including cybernetic attacks on North American & European services. Those include the electric grid & military network.

CEO Resigning

This isn’t the first problem to arrive for SMIC in December 2020. Several days before learning imports from America had been restricted, reports across Chinese State Media noted that CEO Liang Ming is resigning from his position. That brought prominent concerns for investors, with stock market valuations for SMIC dropping by substantial volumes in 24 hours. Technological ambitions for China have virtually been halted by introducing these restrictions & tariffs. It’ll become nearly impossible for Chinese corporations like SCIM to continue their technical projects until restrictions are lifted, which could be years. President-Elect Joe Biden hasn’t any plans to remove regulations implemented under the Trump Administration.

Hyundai Recalls 100+ Thousand Vehicles

Hyundai has filed documents to recall thousands of vehicles. Confirmations were issued by the “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” that three models under the Hyundai lineup have been identified. Those vehicles include the Veloster, Santa Fe, and Sonata. It’s become a prominent issue with Hyundai that models made between 2010 to 2020 have experience “Fire Risk Issues”. Multiple owners have contacted Hyundai in that timeframe to issue complaints regarding their engines failing & lighting into flames. Engineers with Hyundai have determined solutions behind the reoccurring issue, prompting the recall.

NHTSA Documents identified the models that could have engines fail. Details regarding engine failure were provided by Hyundai, noting that rod bearings can wear prematurely & prompt engines to move drastically inside the hood. Continued bashing against the hood enforces multiple problems for drivers, including the vehicle stalling unexpectedly on city roads & highways.

Reports indicate that oil pressure is lowered after rod bearing are worn down, which follows are those bearing puncture the engine & oil begins leaking. Higher temperatures under the hood and multiple ignition sources cause the rare instance of engines catching on fire. Most selecting Hyundai isn’t familiar with internal combustion associated with engines, meaning these issues are hard to locate unless the auto manufacturer recalls those models. Below are the designated vehicles meant for recall.

  • 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe.
  • 2011-2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.
  • 2015-2016 Hyundai Veloster.
  • The Positives & Negatives of Recalls

Hyundai Dealerships have informed known customers purchasing those models that the recall has been initiated. There are positives & negatives associated with providing a dealership with your vehicle. Recalls can benefit customers with the mentioned problem, meaning Hyundai owners with worn down rod bearings receive free-of-charge repairs. The negative associated with free repairs is the timeframe related to completion. Hyundai dealerships won’t likely return vehicles for months, with mechanics having to receive training & then locate the time needed to repair multiple cars.

There’s another benefit for drivers having their Hyundai’s recalled, with the auto manufacturer confirming that updated models will obtain the “Knock Sensor Detection System”. KSDS has defined recent Hyundai’s with improved safety measures.

The mRNA Vaccine Explained.

Two pharmaceutical corporations announced in November that they’d established a reliable vaccination for Covid-19. September marked the date when Moderna & Pfizer began clinical trials, with results demonstrating that Covid-19 vaccine infections average 9% immunization from the coronavirus. Paperwork has been submitted Pfizer Pharmaceutical for emergency usage authorization, with the US Food & Drug Administration not providing them approval until FDA testing is completed. It’s anticipated that Moderna will file paperwork for emergency distribution before December 15th.

Healthcare professionals worldwide have praised Pfizer & Moderna Pharmaceutical, which worked alongside the American Government to accelerate development & testing for Covid vaccinations. Ten months was needed for these pharmaceutical corporations to design their Covid-19 vaccines. It’s prompted largescale concern throughout North America, with younger & older generations worried that rapid development of this virus will cause unintended side-effects. Polio’s vaccination caused small percentages of the population to become paralyzed. However, advanced technologies were employed to create Covid-19s vaccine & guarantee protection to largescale communities.

RNA vs mRNA Synthetic Messengers

There are two variations of vaccination development, the RNA & mRNA Synthetic Messengers. White-blood cells are tricked via molecules inside vaccinations, which enable proteins resistant to build for that respective virus. These proteins strengthen white-blood cells & stimulate immune systems to continuously protects vaccination-hosts from coronavirus. RNA Synthetic Messengers would make large percentages of the population sick, requiring the host first experience symptoms of that virus before building white-blood-cell protein & become immune to that virus. MNRA Synthetic Messengers stimulate immune systems without making the host sick.

This technology is pioneering new advancements in healthcare & has for a prolonged period. Data suggests that mRNA Synthetic Messenger’s are more effective than its predecessor. Statistics indicate that vaccines built via this platform can cure inherited diseases, cancer, allergies, and viral diseases. The RNA Synthetic Messenger permitted curs for exclusively viral infections.

Cells & Nucleus’s Explained

North America has witnessed a substantial decline in education, with most civilians unaware of the science behind vaccinations. Cells in our bodies act like “Protein Factories”, with each cell sustaining a nucleus. Scientists can alternate biological structures through the nucleus. That’s because this microscopic part of the body acts as an instruction manual for DNA. Through mRNA Synthetic Messengers, healthcare experts are better equipped with rewriting that instruction manual.

Pfizer Releasing Covid Vaccine to American Healthcare Works

Individuals employed in the American healthcare sector will likely receive the Covid-19 vaccine by December 2020. This marks the fastest turnaround for vaccination manufacturing in history, with development beginning in March 2020. Nine months to develop a vaccine is astonishing but has prompted concerns for generational side affects. Improperly manufactured vaccines are known to create adverse side effects, with one such instance being the vaccination for polio in 1995, which caused paralysis in numerous children & few adults. It’d take fourteen years for scientists to design & manufacturer a reliable vaccine for polio, which still sustained horrendous side effects.

Large percentages of the population have expressed concern with administering the Covid-19 vaccination after learning this information. Ten months is drastically different than fifteen years. However, concerned citizens wanting to get vaccinated should understand that laboratory conditions & technologies have drastically changed since scientists began testing for the polio vaccine in 1936.

Healthcare worked throughout the United States likely have their rightful concerns regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, with those individuals sustaining extensive knowledge in the medical field. That hasn’t stopped Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company from applying for approval to enable healthcare works free vaccination by December 2020. It’s suspected that the “American Food & Drug Administration” won’t give immediate consent to Pfizer Pharmaceutical. The FDA will likely complete their respective tests to guarantee the 95% vaccination rating that Pfizer has announced is accurate. It should be clarified that both Pfizer & Moderna Pharmaceutical have confirmed their vaccinations for Covid-19 are completed.

FDA testing won’t take months, with the Health & Human Services Secretary of America confirming that advisement of Moderna & Pfizer’s vaccinations will take two weeks. An advisory committee of educated healthcare professionals is meeting in by December 5th to compile their findings. An objective mind will question how both these Pharmaceutical Corporations completed their record-breaking timeframes of ten months. Distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine will be sustained in phases. Those phases include:

  • Phase One – Distribution to Healthcare & Vulnerable Americans.
  • Phase Two – Distribution to Essential Workers, Teachers, and Homeless Civilians.
  • Phase Three – Distribution to Prison Inmates and Psychiatric Patients.
  • Phase Four – Distribution to American Men, Women, and Children.

Walmart Terminates Inventory Robots at 500 Locations

Automation in the retail workspace has been a central goal for international corporations. It’d mean that employed personnel could be terminated, and operational costs could be lowered. Responses seen from consumers haven’t been positive & companies have begun reverting their decision on automation via retail robots. One large-scale corporation that’s removing their retail robots is Walmart, a prominent adopter of the technology.

The Walmart Company entered a partnership agreement with Bossa Nova Robotics in 2017, which saw retail robots deployed to multiple locations for inventory & shelving automation. Initially, this contract saw 50 locations adopt the technology, with an additional 450 locations adopting retail robots from 2017 to 2020.

Learning that Walmart has terminated its contract with Bossa Nova Robotics is surprising, with the firm confirming their expanding to an additional 1000 locations. When Walmart was questioned on why BNRs contract is being terminated, corporate representatives mentioned that data revealed humans could sustain this job. It’s a blatant excuse to avoid citing the Covid-19 Pandemic, with all corporations including Walmart, seeing financial losses since March 2020.

Online Shopping

The Wall Street Journal revealed details regarding what prompted the Walmart Company into making this decision. It’s been reported by this viable source that Walmart has seen an increase in online shopping & determined that employed personnel at locations not supporting retail robots, had been sustaining their jobs since the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020. Wall Street Journal reported Walmart is cancelling their contract with Bossa Nova Robotics to save corporate funds and create more jobs during the epidemic. It should be noted that Bossa Nova Robotics has experienced severe fallout from this announcement, with 50% of employed personnel being terminated. Operations for BNR has now been streamlined.

Media personnel at TechCrunch & the Wall Street Journal questioned Bossa Nova Robotics on Walmart’s decision prompting layoffs. A company spokesperson refused to confirm or deny if the retail conglomerate played an influential factor on their 50% decrease in staff. It’s unfortunate for Robotic experts working with BNS but beneficial for Walmart & furloughed civilians requiring temporary employment in America. Bossa Nova Robotics experts to recover via the long-term.

IBM Announces Legacy Company

The stock market was shocked to learn that International Business Machines, more commonly known as IBM, is splitting into two corporations. It means that a corporation with more than 100+ years in its respective industry is changing tenfold over the coming years. Executives made this decision in hopes to create higher-margin businesses with a focus on artificial intelligence & cloud computing. Mid-2021 is revealing the official name and date of launch. After this announcing, shares for IBM grew by 6% in response to the stock markets shock & excitement.

Announcing that diversification of corporate services & assets is substantial for the technology computer. It marks the 1st significant computing firm for announcing their departure from standard business models. It’s expected that other companies will follow suit after profit margins for IBMs newest company is revealed at 2021 fiscal year-end. In response to this announcement, the chief executive officer of International Business Machines clarified that IBM has divested networking since the 1990s & followed suit with PCs in the 2000s. Their 3rd phase of networking revolved around cloud computing to artificial intelligence, which Arvind Krishna requires an upgrade of a separate corporation.

CEO Arvind Krishna was a prominent architect in acquiring “Red Hat Cloud Computer”, which cost IBM $34 Billion. It’s the largest acquisition that International Business Machines have accomplished in their 109-years of operation. Arvind clarified that purchasing Red Hat marked the first step towards their diversification of corporate services & assets. Announcing this new company means IBM will compete directly against Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services for cloud computing market share. It’ll be challenging for IBM to overtake these three tech conglomerates, who maintain millions of customers worldwide.

Transfer of Workforce

International Business Machines (IBM) has a workforce of 352+ thousand employees, with the separation of this employed personnel not being known. However, IBMs Arvind Krishna revealed that transferring a percentage of their workforce will cost $5 Billion. Details regarding the name of this corporation haven’t been announced, with most naming it NewCo. It’s known that IBM is encompassing its “Manager Infrastructure Services Division” into this new corporation. Additional details won’t be revealed for likely several months.

Q3 2020 Sees Growth for Tesla Inc.

The demand for vehicles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been minimal, prompting multiple retailers to shut their doors & for largescale corporations to announce their lowest profits in decades. One company that’s avoided this issue is Tesla, who confirmed that they’d delivered more vehicles in Q3 2020 than any other quarter in their corporate history. The previous record of 112,000 Tesla cars was eliminated by 27,300 vehicles. That means Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles throughout the third quarter of this month. It’s the most extensive sales figure seen for auto manufacturers in 2020.

Tesla clarified that 145+ thousand cars had been manufactured throughout the third quarter, enabling them to begin their overstock project. Creating an influx of their available models & having stock for future purchases will allow Tesla to dedicate itself towards lowering the cost of electric vehicles. That’ll be accomplished by creating exclusive renewable resources, mining for required materials needed for manufacturing, and innovating former technologies to become more cost-efficient. CEO Elon Musk hopes that via this plan, the cost of Tesla vehicles can become $25,000.00 to $30,000.00.

The Quarterly & Yearly Growth for Tesla

Tesla Incorporated has experienced three consecutive months of increased deliveries. The 1st quarter saw Tesla deliver more than 88+ thousand vehicles, with that number increasing by only two thousand in the 2nd quarter. It’d mark a notable increase during the 3rd quarter, which saw the 139+ thousand vehicles delivered. Tesla’s previous record of 112,000 cars provided was obtained during Q4 2020. Elon Musk’s workforce made an evident turnaround for profits in a short period, which most auto manufacturers haven’t accomplished throughout 2020.

When questioned on what their final delivery range could be for 2020, Tesla clarified that 500+ thousand vehicles would be shipped before the end of Q4. That’s a 36% increase over the previous maximum that’s been sent-out over one year. 2019 saw 318+ thousand Tesla vehicles shipped to buyers worldwide. With the level of growth that’s displayed by Elon Musk’s Tesla per year, it’s no wonder other auto manufacturers like Ford & Honda are working towards creating their electric equivalents. It’ll be nearly impossible for other manufacturers to compete against Tesla, with the company holding priority market share on electric vehicles.

Thailand Monarchy Attacks Social Media Platforms

The Government & Monarchy of Thailand is creating numerous enemies amid the consensus for their immediate removal. The latest enemy that Thailand’s Monarchy is targeting is social media. Thailand’s Government stated their prosecuting Twitter, Google, and Facebook for not removing illegal posts. When Gov Officials were questioned on what those illegal posts were, there was immediate refusal to provide evidence. All that was noted is after these social media platforms are prosecuted, the Thailand Government will target individual users to insulting the Monarchy.

Thailand Monarch Law often leads towards life-long prison sentences for civilians evoking their opinion. Those that speak against the Monarchy are considered traitors of the state and won’t be permitted freedom again. The Thailand Government announcing they’ll target a comprehensive social media platform, is the 1st in history worldwide. How Thailand will lawfully cite punishments onto Twitter & Facebook, with the inclusion of Google, isn’t known for law practitioners.

There have been extensive protests throughout Thailand, with the average civilians demanding political reform & real democracy throughout the regions. Monarch & Government leaders responded by sending social media platforms like Facebook with warnings to terminate all insults of the Monarchy. Facebook, Twitter, and Google haven’t complied with the request. These platforms inherently believe in the freedom of speech and have opposed multiple governments on that belief.

It should be mentioned that Thailand’s Government is creating cyber crime police for the prosecution of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This means the laws weren’t officially in place, and that warning wouldn’t have to be obeyed legally. It also means Thailand is breaking international cyber treaties.

The Fine

Under the latest legislation issued by the Thailand Government & Monarchy, social media corporations can be fined $5,780.00 per ignored post. Facebook itself hasn’t removed 436 posts relating to Thailand’s Monarchy, which means a fine valued at $2,520,080.00 can be issued towards the social media company. Facebook could always shutdown their services permanently in Thailand & refuse to pay, which would be the likely fallout.

It should be mentioned that the Thailand Monarchy & Government is working to eliminate genuine information regarding protests. Law enforcement from Thailand claimed that fifteen thousand arrived to dispute the Monarchy, with actual numbers from satellite footage revealing fifty thousand.

US Election in Jeopardy from Hackers

The United States of America has enemies worldwide, with communist regimes like Russia & China continually working towards destabilizing American society. Destabilization efforts became known during the 2016 Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump Election Campaign, which was hacked by the Russians & wouldn’t be revealed until years later. Government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations have worked alongside technology conglomerates, creating cybersecurity infrastructure that can recognize attempted attacks.

Microsoft provided their cybersecurity technology to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, prompting the company to announce on September 10th that they’ve located data which reveals Russian & Chinese hackers have implemented attacks towards the 2020 US Election. Iranian hackers have followed similar tactics, assisting their larger communist brothers. Shockingly, Microsoft has located these attempted attacks, with hackers becoming prominently better at covering their digital tracks. It’d take the FBI two years to determine that Russian hackers had leaked thousands of Hilary Clinton’s emails, prompting the Pizzagate Scandal & her inevitable loss to President Donald Trump.

Sophisticated online personas are created by these hackers, using a variety of digital tools to hide from national security agencies like the FBI and CIA. Microsoft with FBI assistance determined that Russian hackers are creating twenty IP Addresses per day, allowing for hidden backdoors that cybercriminals use to disassociate from their originating IP Address. Microsoft anticipates that Russia has 1,000 IP Addresses that are active today. China & Iran likely have access to those servers.

Destabilization of American Politics

Hackers from China enforced thousands of cyber attacks against the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign, working towards collecting information that could use to against Donald Trumps 2020 rival. Russia & China have actively worked to keep President Trump in office, with his bullish behaviour often benefiting their international goals over America’s. Joe Biden becoming America’s 46th President would stop Russia and China from accomplishing those Anti-Democratic goals.

There’s evidence that Russia, China, and Iran, have been working to destabilize politics in America. There’s evidence that shows Iranian Hackers have made 2700 attacks towards President Donald Trump, while also completing 500+ known attacks onto Presidential Elect Joe Biden.