Uber Subsidiary Sold to Lime Co.

Uber Technologies Incorporated is deconstructing materials from thousands of Electric Scooters & Mopeds. This strategic decision follows after selling Social Bicycles Incorporated to Lime Co. Video evidence went viral of Red Mopeds & Electric Scooters being deconstructed for recycling at an unnamed US Facility. Advocates of this transportation format were quick to express their anger via Facebook & Instagram. It prompted Uber Technologies Incorporated to response, remarking that the Lime Company had concerns over maintenance and liability.

Social Bicycles Incorporated sold their American Division to Lime Co. The United Kingdom Division is still managed by Uber, concerning Cycling Advocates that their rental models are outdated on maintenance repairs. The UK Division of SBI didn’t clarify their maintenance logs when questioned by local news outlets. It’s now speculated that regular updates to these vehicles haven’t been made since 2018, which is when Uber Inc confirmed their focus towards the Moped & Scooter Rental Industry. That focus is now being abandoned, with Lime Co. expected to purchase the UK Division of SBI by the 4th quarter of 2020.

May 7th marked the date when Uber Technologies Inc confirmed that Lime Co. would purchase Social Bicycles Incorporated, which maintains the “Jump” Ride Sharing Application. Consumers of this service can rent a local Scooter or Moped for a predetermined period. That vehicle can be returned at multiple locations throughout the United Kingdom, and the United States. Metropolis cities like London or Chicago are the conventional markets selected for Jump. This brand will remain active in American cities under the new leadership, with updated models slated to release by Q3 2020. It’s unknown how Lime Co. will tackle sanitation associated with COVID-19 with their updated models. Unsatisfactory strategies will prompt their relaunch to be postponed.

Excuses, Excuses.

Non-Profit Organizations backlashed towards the decision of these three respective companies. It was remarked that these vehicles could’ve been donated. Uber clarified that this decision wasn’t implemented because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that their donations wouldn’t be responsible for a possible outbreak. These sentiments from Uber are trying to extinguish this backlash, with their honourability not being genuine. Standard Ride Sharing services with Uber would’ve been shut down if they cared not to issue a secondary outbreak.

Ireland Drones Delivering Medication

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted billions worldwide to remain indoors for their safety, with some nations refusing to accept these policies and others easily adapting. One nation that adapted to social distancing without civilian fallout was Ireland. The Irish proved themselves a resilient and strong community by creating unique concepts to assist the elderly. Assistance extends towards the young and middle-aged, with companies like Manna Aero delivery food packages to Irish civilians.

This package delivery service didn’t last for long, with Ireland’s politicians requesting the company instead provide medical supplies to elderly. Manna Aero has partnered with the Irish Health Services, with them delivering medical supplies and medication to vulnerable individuals in smaller towns. Civilians have praised this concept in Ireland, prompting the consideration of this product in Great Britain.

Implementing the services from Manna Aero wouldn’t be Great Britain’s first endeavour with Drones. Medical supplies were carried to the “Isle of Wight” earlier in March by Great Britain Officials. This followed after politicians had seen Florida Homecare Residents receive their prescriptions via Drone, which was flying through a fixed flightpath. Identical technologies were implemented in Ireland and tested before entering real-world scenarios. Fixed flightpaths used back-end systems that create closed loops on GPS Settings, ensuring that the Drone doesn’t ever lose its way.

Prescriptions are being filled through video consultation by Doctors with the Irish Health Services. Manna Aero then received detailed information on that customers address and medical additions, with the occasional request for essential supplies like Milk and Bread. Civilians located in these homecare centres have mentioned that this service is brilliant, providing elderly with the essentials needed to live. It’s also the perfect way to social distance and avoid contact with these individuals, as homecare centres in Western Countries have seen extensive rates of infection.

Benefits of Technology

Technology has been humanities best friend throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Billions worldwide wouldn’t have entertained themselves with television sets, video game consoles, streaming services, and virtual reality. Global civilians wouldn’t have had access to essential infrastructures like electricity, hydro, and telecommunications. The lives lost throughout this pandemic without modern technologies would’ve been drastically higher.

Amazon’s Unsafe Conditions Backfire in France

Distribution of Goods from Amazon is suspended within France. This follows after the French Labour Union approached their courts, requesting that Non-Essential Deliveries be terminated throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. This complaint from the union indicated that Amazon wasn’t providing their employees with the proper medical equipment. Investigations from the courts noted that these complaints were valid and that the lives of employees were endangered.

Amazon provided their continued denial of unsafe working conditions, demanding that they maintain one of the best warehouse operations worldwide. Documentation globally indicates that these claims are falsified, with regular reports revealing that employees are fired for using the lavatory or requesting a sick day. Regardless, Amazon Representatives from France claimed their perplexed by this decision. They believe that complied with COVID-19 conditions and don’t deserve a $1.1 million fine. Amazon Lawyers plan to appeal this ruling, which demanded that warehouses be immediately shut down.

The French Courts cited high penalties onto the Amazon company for inherently making logistical activities complex for employees. Distribution centres were forced to suspend operational activities, with the governing body not concerned with Amazon’s financial loss. This follows after Amazon representatives claimed they made a significant investment into ensuring the safety of employees in warehouses.

Video evidence from the workforce shows the opposite, with zero medical equipment or hand sanitizer available. Company-wide memos also indicated that employees could not purchase medical equipment from their stocks. Video evidence also showed individuals less than two feet from each other, with upwards of 50+ employed civilians in one distribution hallway. These conditions could create another significant outbreak of COVID-19 in France.

The Backlash

Labour Union Representatives in France are now concerned about the significant backlash of their decision. Hours after warehouses were shut down, employees with Amazon in North America were terminated for trying to create public protests. These protests related to safer working conditions in North America, with Amazon repeating similar tactics from France into the United States and Canada. These Union Reps worry that Amazon will terminate the French workforce for the significant penalties and distribution centre closures. It should be mentioned that aggressive behaviour from Amazon won’t be tolerated in France. Additional sanctions will ensure if the livelihood of employees is threatened.

Twitter CEO Donates $1 Billion to Fight COVID-19

The Founder of Twitter announced that $1 Billion would be donated towards tackling the global coronavirus pandemic. This donation accounts for 28% of the total wealth obtained by Jack Dorsey, showing that not all billionaires are selfish and will donate a substantial portion of their funds for the greater good. Dorsey confirmed this donation through Twitter, with some questioning if it’s genuinely viable. Details on where these significant funds would be donated weren’t mentioned. This is considerably odd when a donation of this nature assists with your philanthropist profile.

The Start Small Foundation will distribute the various funds associated with Jack Dorsey’s donation. They provided minimal details on where these funds will be provided. It was confirmed that a percentage of the $1 billion would be used towards personal protective equipment and ventilator masks. Considering that North America and Europe have limited access to these products, Dorsey’s involvement will become praised. Additional donations could follow by Jack auctioning off a percentage of his shares with Square, which he founded years after creating Twitter.

It should be mentioned that Jack Dorsey will be selling these shares over a prolonged period. The valuation of this donation can fluctuate depending on stock & share prices associated with Twitter or Square. Whatever funds remain after the coronavirus pandemic has concluded will be used towards Education & Research on Girl’s Health. All these confirmations were made through Twitter in a Six-Part Thread. These donations would allow Jack Dorsey to see a community impact for women throughout his lifetime.

Public Tracking

Those disputing that Jack Dorsey is donating 28% of his net wealth are incorrect. The Twitter CEO released Google Documents that’ll allow for millions worldwide to track donations in a public manner. Considering that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO & Founder of Facebook, has committed the minimum of $30 million, some are questioning why he’d provide so little in comparison to Jack Dorsey. Zuckerberg donates less than Jeff Bezos, who gave $100 Million to US Food Banks. The Apple Corporation hasn’t done anything to assist North America with the COVID-19 pandemic.

FCC Stopping Robo and Scam Calls

The United States Federal Communications Commission announced that telecommunication providers would be required to implement the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols by June 2021. This requirement follows after the regulation was created two years back, which aimed towards deflecting the various robotic calls that come from the Middle East. This extended towards blocking phone numbers that hid their identification. Corporations like Samsung have abided by the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols. However, telecommunication providers like Verizon and Sprint haven’t adopted these measures. It’s allowed for an influx of these calls to be maintained. However, that’ll change by next summer.

Law enforcement agencies across the United States have struggled to combat these robotic calls or illegal scam artists from the Middle East or China. Spammers continually express that individuals will be arrested by local law enforcement if they don’t provide their Social Insurance Number and hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s anticipated that these fraudulent calls see American citizens lose $10 billion yearly. Telecommunication carriers have been pressured into adopting these protocols or receiving significant fines. The legislation didn’t force these protocols to be implemented, that is until April 1st. June 20th, 2021 marks the final date that carriers don’t have to abide by the STIR/SHAKEN Legislation. Refusal afters will prompt significant fines and potential closures of services for a prolonged period.

The Federal Communications Commission stated that American Citizens have become annoyed with the increasing number of scam calls. However, they mentioned that the Caller ID Authentication System implemented by Samsung and Google had been a significant step towards limiting these calls. The Apple Company hasn’t created a CIDA System, with them believing it falls onto the telecommunication providers. Most have agreed with Apple’s remarks.

The Traced Act

April 1st marked the date that Congress passed legislation proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Named the Traced Act, it required that telecommunication carriers abide by the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols. FCC Representatives have suggested that these providers begin creating CIDA Systems and testing them on their networks. Waiting until the last moment could prompt severe fines against these mobile carriers, with the highest figure exceeding $500 Million. This is because American consumers are losing their life savings to these scammers.

Ford is Manufacturing Ventilator Masks Amidst Covid-19

The Ford Company shocked supporters & analysts when it was confirmed that they’ve partnered with General Electric. This partnership extends to 3M, with the three corporations compiling their inventories to developer ventilator masks. This follows after the global coronavirus pandemic, which has seen a short supply of these products worldwide. Additional car manufacturers assisting the medical community includes General Motors and Tesla. It should be noted that all three manufacturers have limited their production of automotive vehicles and parts following the pandemic.

This announcement comes at a significant moment in the fight against Covid-19. Infections globally are skyrocketing, especially across the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Medical experts and volunteers require increased volumes of protective equipment. Multiple individuals in the medical community have passed away from Covid-19 for not having the required equipment. However, there are individuals in the American Government that believe assistance from the private sector won’t be enough to battle Covid-19. Millions of citizens across North America require medical equipment for their safety as well. This prompted Andrew Cuomo to demand that the federal government intervene, which Donald Trump ignored.

Ford’s Assistance

The Ford Company confirmed that they’d be increasing the output volumes associated with General Electric and 3M. Development of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators will be improved drastically, with designs being recreated to ensure PAPRs can be fitted within seconds. Technologies from Ford’s Cooled Seating, HEPA Air Filters, Portable Battery Packs and Power Tools will be provided to 3M. The Ford Company did mention that designing these new PAPRs has been challenging, with next-generation technologies have to be implemented. Designers are nearly complete with production slated to begin by March 30th.

Ford’s assistance with General Electric applies to their Health Care Division. Technologic analysts with Ford will work towards designing a simpler ventilator. These products could be products at dozens of manufacturing sites owned by Ford, which extends to additional facilities maintained by General Electric. The Ford Company didn’t provide further details. Ventilators and Respirators are both in short supply globally; the assistance of Ford could change those volumes drastically. Production volumes of the PAPRs and Ventilators will be delayed, as most manufacturing workforces are currently self-isolating at home. Don’t expect these products until April 20th or later.

Alphabet Sends Google Employees Home

The Alphabet Corporation, the parent company behind Google, has demanded that all North American Employees remain home moving forward. This decision has been accomplished to decrease the spread of COVID-19. This follows after the Google Company provided memos to Washington Staff, informing them that it’s best to remain home and work in isolated conditions going forward. This demand has now extended to 100 thousand works throughout eleven offices in Canada and the United States. The Alphabet Corporation made this decision following the increase of confirmed cases in America, which has nearly exceeded a thousand.

The Vice President of Global Security for Google released this emailed memo to thousands of employees across North America. Chris Rackow expressed that due to an abundance of caution, it’s been determined by Alphabet that the broader Google community and their employees should be isolated at home. The email also noted that regular work routines would be implemented within safer conditions. It should be noted that the North American Google offices will remain open for individuals that require the services within these facilities. Those individuals will be required to wear protective gear while within the confines of Google’s offices.

Global Office Closures

Tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Twitter have informed their respective employees within Seattle to remain home going forward. This was also accomplished to limit exposure throughout Washington State, with more than 160 confirmed cases since March 9th. There are substantial amounts of cases within New York and California, with Alphabet experiencing confirmed cases within their offices in these cities. This extended to Facebook and Amazon, with both companies experiencing a singular employee with the confirmed COVID-19 strain.

Apple has been more limited in their protection efforts, with Tim Cook expressing that employees should work remotely throughout several global offices. This means that there’ll still be an influx of Apple Employees working in a confined space. When it applies to the Twitter Corporation, they’ve informed their employees to remain home and work under safer conditions. It should be noted that these tech companies have shut down offices in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. It follows after the government implemented mandatory “Working from Home” conditions for capable individuals. Factory workers aren’t allowed to leave their homes in these nations, prompted zero working conditions.

Google Cancels Yearly Developers Conference

Technology analysts and enthusiasts were shocked to learn that the Google Corporation is cancelling their most prominent yearly event. The tech conglomerate has cited their concerns surrounding the coronavirus, with Google having already terminated their presence at multiple other venues. Following this announcement, the Google I/O 2020 Developers Conference is being cancelled. It was initially scheduled to take place throughout May 12th to 14th at the Google Mountainview Headquarters. This marks the 1st time in Google’s history that they’ve cancelled this infamous venue.

An official statement was provided to CNN Business Reporters, with representative spokesman providing formal remarks on Google’s behalf. They mentioned that because of their company-wide concerns regarding the coronavirus, with additional legislation from the Centre of Disease Control & World Health Organization, the 2020 Google I/O Event has been terminated.

One of the immediate concerns surrounded around refunds for individuals that had pre-emptively bought tickets in anticipation of this venue. The Google Corporation confirmed that these individuals would be provided with a full refund by March 13th, 2020. Additionally, these consumers will receive free tickets to the Google 2021 I/O Venue. This information was provided directly through the conference’s website. It should be noted that the cancellation of Google’s yearly announcement venue comes after countless other venues being terminated. It follows after 3100 global citizens have been killed by the coronavirus, including nine from the United States.

Additional closures include Facebook, the Game Developers Conference, PAX 2020 East, the Mobile World Congress and various other venues from countless industries. When it applies to Facebook, they terminated two conferences within the last four movies. Films like James Bonds No Time to Die have been postponed by several months. Organizations like the WHO and CDC are praising these various companies and conferences for terminating their respective venues. It’s allowed for limited exposure and spread of the coronavirus on a global scale.

Lost Announcements

Google enthusiasts are now concerned on when they’ll receive updated information regarding the announcements slated for the Google 2020 I/O Conference. This tech conglomerate had planned to announce the Google Pixel 5, Pixel Buds 3 & a new lineup of Chrome Laptops. It’s unknown when they’ll be releasing these products following the coronavirus. Limited production capabilities could force Google to delay the release of these products by potentially several months. It should be noted that the tech industry will be most affected by the coronavirus.

Tesla Autopilot Fails & Results in Death

After a prolonged investigation, reports have been released regarding the first-ever Tesla that was involved in a crash. Have these detailed reports revealed that the owner was playing a video game at the time of this crash, With the vehicle’s occupant being Apple employee. This report also told from the US National Transportation Safety Board that the car was in the Semi-Autonomous Autopilot Mode. Tesla has continually instructed the individuals that own their vehicles to keep both hands on their steering wheel during any variation of the autopilot mode. The US National Transportation Safety Board now believes that additional crashes will follow if Tesla cannot update its autopilot system on the national level.

It should be noted that this crash happened two years ago in March 2018. It took this governing authority twenty-four months of investigation to collect the required data. The NTS stated that this autopilot system steered this Apple employee towards the Gore area of the motorway and then accelerated towards the concrete barrier, create an immediate impact and killing an Apple Employee. This crash occurred at Hwy 101 In California when the Tesla hit the concrete wall; it split into with the front end going back towards traffic. It caused an additional two crashes and multiple injuries. Walter Huang in Tesla was the only one who passed away.

Autopilot Mode

Those that implement the autopilot mode allow for this car to dry semi-autonomously. This means it’s able to change lanes and adjust its speed, with motorsport analyst noticing that consumers believe this feature allows for the car to drive entirely on his own. The NTS has expressed public warnings hello regarding how drivers cannot become over-reliance on the semi-autonomous autopilot feature.

Since the NTS has provided his public warning, Tesla has increased their level of instruction towards drivers not removing their hands from the steering wheel during the semi-autonomous autopilot mode being active. Whenever drivers have taken their hands off the steering wheel, a warning sound will now begin to instruct them to be more cautious. It should be noted that the NTS doesn’t believe it so suitable method to ensure driver engagement, as this feature and safeguard can be shut down throughout the settings of the Tesla. Motorsport analysts have also questioned Elon Musk as to why he allows for video games, films and social media to be enjoyed through his vehicles dash pad. The Tony Stark-Esc billionaire hasn’t provided any insight regarding that decision.

Qualcomm 5G Delays Following Coronavirus

The world hasn’t experienced an existential crisis like the coronavirus since SARS in the early 2000s. It’s prompted multiple industries to experience significant declines in employee engagement and daily profits. Numerous companies have begun providing information to consumers regarding their future efforts following the coronavirus, with the latest being Qualcomm. Mobile infrastructures are being negatively impacted by this virus, which has infected twenty-eight thousand and killed more than five-hundred. Qualcomm acquires a significant percentage of their respective components to build global 5G Infrastructure’s.

Chinese government officials have warned billions of citizens not to engage with their working responsibilities if significant concerns to infection are raised. It’s prompted more than 50+ million in the last four weeks to call in sick throughout some period. This has forced an immediate decline in production for Qualcomm Components, which means that infrastructure development will be delayed. Considering that North American and European telecommunication providers build their services off the Qualcomm infrastructure, this means millions in two of the most technologically advanced unions will experience delays on already purchased services.

The Qualcomm Company have provided insight to investors, informing them that the Q2 2020 forecast will expect substantial declines following the coronavirus. This potential disruption in profits has caused concerns to investors, demanding that additional production be maintained elsewhere. India is the other technological hub that holds contracts with Qualcomm; there’s a significant chance that production rates could increase drastically in this region. Financial and technical analysts both expect that a substantial boom in popularity for India will occur when looking at production contracts. The coronavirus could be one of the most financially detrimental matters to strike China markets.

When the coronavirus first broke out in the Chinese province of Wuhan, Qualcomm investors were told that the 1st quarter in 2020 would sustain lower profits. Those results haven’t been publicly released, but Qualcomm expected a 5% decline in profits, meaning this tech conglomerate would acquire $ 5.05 billion in Q1 2020. The second quarter is expected to be worse, with profits declining to $4.9 billion. Investors were informed that the third and fourth quarters are expected to sustain regular gains.

Additional Companies Forced to Limit Production

The Qualcomm Company hasn’t been the only technology-based corporation affected by the coronavirus. Both Huawei and Samsung were forced to limit production facilities, seeing a decline of 90% in employee activity for the last three weeks. The Apple Corporation shut down all retail locations in China and limited their production facilities to 40% of the standard percentage. The LG Company revealed that they wouldn’t attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. It’s firmly expected that additional fallouts will occur with the rise of the coronavirus in China.