Sony Updating Two Xperia Devices

Sony Mobile, the subsidiary that manages all communication devices released by the electronic conglomerate, announced that several of the Sony Handsets released in 2018 to 2019 won’t receive the Android 10 Upgrade. Only two devices in their lineup are receiving the upgrade for the first six months, which is slated to be released in the first quarter of 2020. These devices include the Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 Flagship Devices. These are the last two smartphones released by Sony Mobile, and they won’t be the last to receive updates. The upcoming compact versions of both models will launch in 2020 with the Android Ten software pre-emptively loaded.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has had delayed timelines when it applies to their smartphones. Throughout the company’s history, its mobile division has taken upwards of eight months to release significant software updates. Sony Mobile Fans anticipated these same delays with the Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 handsets. After the first six months have passed, several other handsets will receive an upgrade to Android Ten. Those include the Xperia 10 Plus, Xperia Premium XZ2, Xperia XZ3, the Xperia XZ2 Standard and Compact. Owners of these devices can anticipate Android Ten to be released by mid-spring to summer.

Older Devices

Sony Mobile confirmed in their announcement that all handset models released before 2018 aren’t eligible to receive this upgrade. This forces multiple devices to remain on Android Nine, which isn’t a considerable loss for features, but can cause significant security issues down the line. These devices can’t receive upgrades because of older processors, dying batteries or CPU’s overheating. This decision is made in the benefit of consumers and their physical safety.

Previous Leaks

There were multiple leaks regarding Sony Mobiles position on the Android Ten software. These data breaches revealed that the mobile subsidiary wouldn’t support the new software on older devices. However, patches direct from Android has enabled Sony to locate their upgrade issues and work them out. Mobile phone analysts are warning consumers of Sony Mobiles products to be resistant with installing their version of Android 10, that it’s best to wait to see the outcome of the upgrade. Analysts are concerned that delayed batteries with dying cores could explode in consumers pockets if the new software upgrade is too intensive. The processing requirements between Android Nine and Ten are drastically higher, which causes significant problems with handsets with prolonged usage.

Travel Sites 2019

When creating and planning your ideal trip, you should most definitely have a look at the following websites. They act as travel agents and scan multiple sites at the click of a button. They usually have a filter button that lets you arrange by price or distance from the city centre or flying time. Let us take a closer look at some.

This is one of my favourite sites as I based our whole holiday around the accommodation found on here. I mean, $130 for two for nine nights, bonus. I will be sure to let you know how that goes. also has some of the lowest airfares around. Their filtering tools are user-friendly, making it easy to find and compare flights. You can select a route, trip type, number of travellers, dates destinations and class of seats. More options they allow are many stops, airline, and times for arriving and departing.

Not only can you search for flights through but also accommodation. You can view the hotels and rooms through photos posted by the hotel themselves and customers that have stayed there. A bonus is being able to read the opinion of customers before you, helping you make an informed decision, or at least getting you prepared for what you paid for. If the advertising hotel has posted all the relevant facilities, you can see what they have to offer; Wi-Fi, aircon, private bathroom, swimming pool etc.


One issue could improve on is Flexi-dates. This option is not available, so if you do not have set dates and are preferably looking for best prices, you’d have to look at another online site. It also does not have a search feature for cruises, and the car rental hire options are limited if there are any.


Kayak makes up for what lacks. It offers a flexible date search; it even provides a flexible-month and flexible-weekend search. You enter your preferred dates of travelling, and it gives a comparison of lower prices should you adjust your dates slightly. It is user-friendly with its no clutter layout. Kayaks car rental search allowed us to see prices of car rental companies across a map. Their hotel search goes one step further than many other travel websites, not only does it show you surrounding neighbourhoods, but also when to eat, shop and sightsee.


The pricing falls into the average bracket, not extremely expensive, but also not as low as some other travel sites. It is also not a booking site, meaning your ticket is not paid for through At the time of payment, you will be redirected to the respective website. This also means that should you select a flight on multi airlines you would have to visit all the sites individually to complete your booking. This is something to keep in mind as it means separate charges to your card, which could mean you are incurring extra bank fees. It might also be a very time-consuming activity.

Yahoo Launches High Res Image Ads

This week Yahoo introduced a new high-resolution, full-page ad format for desktops, mobile phones and tablets. These Image Ads give advertisers the opportunity to leverage HD images in photo slideshows and image-rich environments for multiple entertainment-focused properties, including Yahoo Sports, omg!, Yahoo Music, and Yahoo TV.

According to a Yahoo blog post:

This creates a more natural ad experience for our users that they are even more receptive to, leading to higher impact for advertisers. These new ads deliver high-quality brand images that are as engaging as the surrounding content, bringing the beautiful full-page ads you might expect from a favorite magazine to the digital world.

The Image Ads will be sold on a pay-per-click basis, according to MediaPost. Yahoo suggested it could deliver high conversion rates by matching the right ad to the right user across its network.

This move aims to boost Yahoo’s declining display ad business. The company’s display ad revenue has fallen 7% from a year ago despite the fact that US display advertising overall was up 9% in the first half of 2013, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau data. Yahoo also trails behind Google and Facebook, who account for 17.6% and 15.5% of  US display ad dollars, respectively, while Yahoo’s business accounts for 7.7%, according to eMarketer.

Yahoo says FIAT, Sony and Relativity Media already have started using the new HD image ads.

Carat Media Services Lands SCA’s Indian Account

Sweden-based hygiene and forest product company SCA has appointed Carat Media Services to handle its media duties in India, according to this report by Campaign India.

The business will be handled by Carat’s Mumbai office, and will include the brands SCA plans to launch in India: Libero (baby care), Tempo (hand and face hygiene), TENA (incontinence care) and Tork (tissues).

Cecilia Edebo, vice president – consumer goods, SCA India, said, “SCA aims to grow organically and has extensive experience in the hygiene business, which should help to provide better hygiene for the Indian consumer. The large population and the low penetration of hygiene products provide the potential for SCA’s future growth. In this endeavor, we had a series of presentations and discussions to evaluate the strategic thinking capabilities of Carat to enable our differentiation at the market place, demonstration of tools and passion of the team. We are happy that Carat India’s team demonstrated great ability in strategic thinking capabilities backed by a solid integrated offering to support the marcom. We are happy to have them as our media partner.”

Himanka Das, sr. vice president, Carat India, said, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with SCA in India, they have some great personal care and incontinence care brands in their portfolio to offer and we do look forward to partnering them in their India plans. We have been working with them for the last one year to firm up the launch strategies based on extensive media market analysis.”

‘Who Is Hussain’ Campaign Is Back For 2013

“1.5 people around the world know about Hussain. Do you?” This is the question asked by the organisers of the Who is Hussain campaign, which first began it’s awareness campaign late last year.

The campaign started last year as an initiative that aimed to shed light on the life of Hussain ibn Ali, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. It had no religious, political, or monetary leanings; the sole aim was to promote the message of Hussain and the principles for which he gave his life. November 2012 saw Who is Hussain campaign posters at 25 different London Underground Stations, as well as 60 London Buses in Westminster. The campaign received much attention – most notably from the BBC – for it’s charitable efforts and virality.

The Who is Hussain campaign is back this year and this time the original organizers, a London-based group that wishes to remain anonymous, are joined by over 40 representatives from 13 cities, covering all corners of the globe. The group’s efforts are funded entirely by donations.

The organizers state that their vision is to see a world inspired by the personality of Hussain: his morals, his actions and moreover his compassion for those around him.
’ Hussain was a political and spiritual leader who stood against the oppression of 7th Century rulers during a bloodthirsty scramble for power following Muhammad’s death. He was killed fighting for his beliefs.

Central to the campaign is the idea that the life of Hussain has contemporary relevance to modern society, posters on the London Underground as well as around the world will show the name of Hussain highlighted next to names of other monumental historical figures, including Marting Luther King, Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi and also names like Oskar Schindler.

This year’s campaign features a brand new website with a new campaign design. To raise awareness the organizers plan to distribute over 15,000 bottles of water each carrying a message, more than 50,000 information-packed greeting cards, about 250 billboards and posters in key cities across the world, 17 blood donation drives in various cities, and 3 charity events where over 1,000 homeless people will be fed and provided with clothing and blankets.

The campaign has gone viral within hours of launching and has since gained a large presence on social media.

Twitter May Be Pulling Its #Music Service Soon

The Drum has reported a rumour that Twitter may be pulling the plug on its six-month old #Music service.

The launch of the music service took place in April this year, and immediately shot to number six in the free download chart. However, the apps popularity has waned significantly since then.

The rumours, reported by AllThingsD, claim that the music app is ‘nearly sealed’ due to its declining performance.

This news comes as Twitter makes changes to its music department, along with several other rumoured moves ahead of its planned IPO, including the launch of a direct message service and the ability to user more than 140 characters.

Diane Von Furstenberg’s ‘Shoppable’ Google Hangout: First Of Its Kind

High-end designer Diane von Furstenberg’s collaborated with Google last week to create a ‘shoppable’ Google hangout where participants had the ability to DVF products while communicating with the designer herself.

The unique event was a first for Google’s social network, which, according to brandchannel, is still struggling to make a play for mainstream social users.

The event showed off the site’s features as it displayed a window of DVF products for sale to the right of the video window on users’ screens.

The shoppable hangout is the first of its kind in a string of planned partnerships with other CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) designers, Von Furstenberg being the first as president of the organization.

Google’s next partnership will be with designer Rebecca Minkoff, as per brandchannel. Minkoff has previously partnered with Tumblr and Instagram to debut new looks ahead of runway launches.

World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 Concludes With Agreement On Sustainable Profits Through Community Partnerships

The World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 (WMSM 2013) concluded on Monday with an insightful discourse resulting in delegates exploring case studies, shared experiences and future direction on how social purpose can be injected into business objectives, elevating marketing to address and achieve the United Nations 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and at the same time, create a consumer market built from shared prosperity.

Over the course of the three-day summit, more than 2300 delegates representing 68 countries discussed how social purpose can and should be injected into business practice to allow for businesses to make money while furthering a social cause.

The list of high profile speakers included Minister Dr. Bernard Kouchner, ex-French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and Founder of Doctors Without Borders, Professor Dr. Hubert Gijzen, UNESCO’s Director of Asia & Pacific, Mr Shahid Malik, ex Labor Minister of the U.K. and Chairman of Global Cooperation and Development Partnership, Dr. Ashok Khosla, Chairman of Development Alternative Groups, India, and Dr. R. L. Bhatia, Founder of World CSR Day.

The brainchild of iconic marketing guru, Professor Dr Philip Kotler, the WMSM 2013 aimed to revolutionise the way marketers and consumers think, live and act as an individual and how society can collectively make contributions towards a better future by creating new approaches through marketing. With the vision that it will be an annual gathering of thinkers, social activists, marketing professionals and government officials, the WMSM 2013 aims to encourage large multinationals, local SMEs and NGOs to become agents of social change, changing the old model of the developed economies providing charity to the developing nations. This must entail all countries working in concert to address long-standing humanitarian malaise and devise actionable solutions with measurable objectives to resolve the issues.

On the sidelines of the World Marketing Summit, the Youth Parliament, in conjunction with the Revolution Starts Now project, saw 30 children from various schools across Malaysia, a students’ research competition where schools explore new ways to achieve the eight United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The key take-outs of the summit stressed on the importance of Public-Private-Purpose partnership to provide universal primary education, gender equality and the need for businesses to adopt strategies to foster sustainable and continuous improvements rather than one-off donations. The insights generated from influential experts and NGOs in their relative fields defined the key areas of improvements from the health, environmental and educational sectors and what we can do to solve them. Further to that, government institutions and officials resonated the importance of national support and aligning goals with importance.

Finally, the private sector which encompasses large multinational corporations as well as SMEs and small business owners can also implement strategic social purposes as all sectors of society can help contribute towards the betterment of society.

Dr. Marceline Lemarie, Organising Chairperson of WMSM 2013 said: “Ideas to change the world are only actionable if we have the support and cooperation of the public. And it is only though marketing that we can get people interested, aware and accept what you can do to change the world. I am glad the speakers here in this summit are able to share their experience, revolutionary ideas and success marketing stories to everyone and show businesses that purpose can be injected to profit without hurting their bottom-line. I look forward to the new paradigm of Public-Private-Purpose partnership and action plans to implement this immediately”.

“The World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 has been a wonderful experience and I thank all speakers, sponsors, and partners for their undivided support towards making this summit a success. I hope all corporations, NGOs and everyone who have attended the summit can take home something valuable, implement it and create a better world through marketing,” added Dr. Marceline.

New Paradigm Of Public-Private-Purpose Partnerships Take Centerstage At World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013

The World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 kicked off yesterday with global marketing experts sharing the view that marketing in the 21st century requires a new partnership between government, enterprise and civil society, focused on creating and sharing prosperity.

Dr Fahim Kibria, secretary general and chief marketing officer of World Marketing Summit Group, began by delivering a personal, recorded message from Professor Dr Philip Kotler to delegates of the WMSM 2013. Dr Kotler, who announced on the morning of the conference that he would not be attending, said “The World Marketing Summit has as its purpose the development of solutions to the problems of poverty, hunger, pollution, violence and social disorder.”

Founder of the World CSR Day, Dr. R.L. Bhatia set the tone for an innovative summit by with an interactive presentation questioning the order of the 3Ps in marketing – product, profit, purpose. “People forget in forty minutes, so do we decide to donate and forget or create, share and grow sustainably? The human mind is capable of contributing value, making a difference and if we tell ourselves to make a positive difference 3 times a day, it becomes a habit. I strongly believe that combining vision with action can change the world.”

H.E. Christian Rehren, ambassador, Embassy of Chile, highlighted the catalytic power of women as consumers and agents of change in the family. “We need empowered citizens, not just vocal, concerned consumers. Social equality and a stable nation is the result of just and equitable distribution of wealth. Our wealth has gone towards addressing the 8 United Nations Millennium Development Goals, particularly MDG 6 to combating HIV, Malaria and other diseases in Chile. We should always strive to imagine, and ask “Why not?. From Chile’s perspective, marketing a country or destination is equally about building a just and equitable society, as much as building thriving business and good infrastructure.”

The Honorable Minister of Higher Education Namibia, Dr David Namwandi, provided a Tour de Force ending to the opening session stating, “It’s our duty to wipe away the tears of our brothers and sisters going through poverty. Poverty is due to a lack of love and it is our duty and responsibility as marketers, to be agents of positive change and social equalizer. Do good to the world and the world will do good for you.”

The opening day of the Summit saw over 600 delegates from over 70 countries participating in sessions dedicated to addressing MDG 1 “Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger” and MDG 2 “Achieving Universal Primary Education”, with speakers including Rajesh Chakrabarti, chief innovation officer of Reliance ADA Group, India, Sara Ismail Mohamed, CEO, Al Bashayer Investment Company, UAE, John D. Chacko, CEO of LeapED Services, Malaysia and William Kwende, Chairman Agritech Group, Bukina Faso.

Dr. Marceline Lemarie, organising chairperson of the World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 said, “The power of marketing as a tool to effect positive change has never been more apparent. Profit and purpose must co-exist, this is the new business normal. We have less than 2 years to achieve the 8 UN MDGs and in the process, create a bigger, more prosperous market based on empowerment and shared prosperity. I look forward to the new paradigm of Public-Private-Purpose partnership and action plans to implement this immediately.”