Quibi Shutting Down After Less Than One Year

December 1st marks the moment when Quibi will terminate their streaming services. There hasn’t been any other streaming platform that’s struggled to ascertain a customer base, which follows after Quibi implemented a unique & undesirable format for watching content. Similarly, to Snapchat & TikTok, consumers could stream shows in portrait or landscape mode on their mobile devices. The concept wasn’t remotely adopted by North Americans, prompting Quibi’s shutdown several months after launching.

Content made exclusively under Quibi’s ownership will be sold to third-party corporations, likely Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. The Co-Founder of Quibi has recommended that the few thousand supporters of their platform follow the companies Twitter Hashtag. Updates regarding their library catalogue will be released via Twitter. It should be noted that negotiations regarding ownership of their library catalogue begun before a formal announcement of their closure was made. Details regarding potential buyers haven’t been detailed, but Co-Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg believes that two parties are interested, and a possible bidding war could unfold.

Executives employed with Quibi are working towards the closure of their streaming services while ascertaining funds needed to pay back investors that’ve seen zero returns on their investment. Additionally, Quibi has to defend themselves through the American Court System financially. Eko Interactive Video claims that Quibi stole their “Turn Style Streaming Technology”. EIV Incorporated confirmed that they’d continue the lawsuit, not considering Quibi’s closure.

Inevitable Failure

Since August 2020, it seemed failure was inevitable for Quibi & that the company would likely become a discontinued streaming service before reaching critical success. Co-Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg defended criticism against their inevitable failure until October 15th. His arguments against their eventual success ended after the Hollywood Executive realized financial losses couldn’t be sustained any longer. Considering that $2 Billion was raised before Quibi launched in April & that the company announced their closure several months later, this streaming service is regarded as a critical failure.

Quibi is the perfect example of how Netflix and Amazon Prime Video hold the collective market share associated with streaming in North America. Services like HBO+, Disney+, and Hulu+ have struggled to ascertain similar customer bases. Nobody ever will reach equal volumes to Netflix or APV.

iPhone 12 Announced by Apple on October 13th

The Apple Company made an anticipated announcement on October 13th, revealing the iPhone 12 Series. Three models were introduced this Tuesday & showcased the first design alterations since 2017. Multiple colour options are supported with the updated models and included 5G Wireless Connectivity.

This will allow Apple enthusiasts to enter the modern age of communication. These handsets weren’t the exclusive announcements made by Apple on October 13th. Apple introduced the HomePod Mini & MagSafe Wireless Charging System, which are meant to support all three models with the iPhone 12 Series. It should be noted that $50.00 wireless headphones named Beats Flex are another accessory supported for the iPhone 12 Series.

The Apple Company has struggled with its wireless charging technologies, often failing to provide reliable charges to users. It prompted Apple Designers to introduce “MagSafe for iPhone”, which supports an enhanced charging coin design & magnet connector. This enables third-party accessories to work coherently with MagSafe.

Physical Concerns for the iPhone 12 Series

Technology analysts have criticized Apple for not introducing 5G Connectivity years ago. It’s been available on Android since 2018, and their delayed response is likely to generate technical issues for unsuspecting iPhone Users. Features like iMessage & FaceTime could experience latency errors when between the 5G to LTE Wireless Connectivity Services. Analysts have also expressed concerns regarding repairability with the iPhone 12 Series.

Apple has infamously made it challenging for their smartphones to be repaired by third-party companies. It appears that with the iPhone 12 Series, that concept is being fully adopted. Analysts suspect that third-party repair companies won’t find useful options to resolve technical issues. This means consumers must have their iPhone 12s repaired at an Apple Store, which for some is hours or countries away.

Special Features

Consumers have three options with the iPhone 12 Series. Premium models are named the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The two latter options are providing consumers with depth mapping for low light autofocus capabilities & AR Support. New camera sensors have been introduced to better image stabilization and improve sharpening when processing each photo. Synthesized computational photography is implemented into the parameters of Apple’s processing application, and work’s better than any other iPhone before. For photographers, this is the best smartphone available to date.

IBM Announces Legacy Company

The stock market was shocked to learn that International Business Machines, more commonly known as IBM, is splitting into two corporations. It means that a corporation with more than 100+ years in its respective industry is changing tenfold over the coming years. Executives made this decision in hopes to create higher-margin businesses with a focus on artificial intelligence & cloud computing. Mid-2021 is revealing the official name and date of launch. After this announcing, shares for IBM grew by 6% in response to the stock markets shock & excitement.

Announcing that diversification of corporate services & assets is substantial for the technology computer. It marks the 1st significant computing firm for announcing their departure from standard business models. It’s expected that other companies will follow suit after profit margins for IBMs newest company is revealed at 2021 fiscal year-end. In response to this announcement, the chief executive officer of International Business Machines clarified that IBM has divested networking since the 1990s & followed suit with PCs in the 2000s. Their 3rd phase of networking revolved around cloud computing to artificial intelligence, which Arvind Krishna requires an upgrade of a separate corporation.

CEO Arvind Krishna was a prominent architect in acquiring “Red Hat Cloud Computer”, which cost IBM $34 Billion. It’s the largest acquisition that International Business Machines have accomplished in their 109-years of operation. Arvind clarified that purchasing Red Hat marked the first step towards their diversification of corporate services & assets. Announcing this new company means IBM will compete directly against Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services for cloud computing market share. It’ll be challenging for IBM to overtake these three tech conglomerates, who maintain millions of customers worldwide.

Transfer of Workforce

International Business Machines (IBM) has a workforce of 352+ thousand employees, with the separation of this employed personnel not being known. However, IBMs Arvind Krishna revealed that transferring a percentage of their workforce will cost $5 Billion. Details regarding the name of this corporation haven’t been announced, with most naming it NewCo. It’s known that IBM is encompassing its “Manager Infrastructure Services Division” into this new corporation. Additional details won’t be revealed for likely several months.

Q3 2020 Sees Growth for Tesla Inc.

The demand for vehicles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been minimal, prompting multiple retailers to shut their doors & for largescale corporations to announce their lowest profits in decades. One company that’s avoided this issue is Tesla, who confirmed that they’d delivered more vehicles in Q3 2020 than any other quarter in their corporate history. The previous record of 112,000 Tesla cars was eliminated by 27,300 vehicles. That means Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles throughout the third quarter of this month. It’s the most extensive sales figure seen for auto manufacturers in 2020.

Tesla clarified that 145+ thousand cars had been manufactured throughout the third quarter, enabling them to begin their overstock project. Creating an influx of their available models & having stock for future purchases will allow Tesla to dedicate itself towards lowering the cost of electric vehicles. That’ll be accomplished by creating exclusive renewable resources, mining for required materials needed for manufacturing, and innovating former technologies to become more cost-efficient. CEO Elon Musk hopes that via this plan, the cost of Tesla vehicles can become $25,000.00 to $30,000.00.

The Quarterly & Yearly Growth for Tesla

Tesla Incorporated has experienced three consecutive months of increased deliveries. The 1st quarter saw Tesla deliver more than 88+ thousand vehicles, with that number increasing by only two thousand in the 2nd quarter. It’d mark a notable increase during the 3rd quarter, which saw the 139+ thousand vehicles delivered. Tesla’s previous record of 112,000 cars provided was obtained during Q4 2020. Elon Musk’s workforce made an evident turnaround for profits in a short period, which most auto manufacturers haven’t accomplished throughout 2020.

When questioned on what their final delivery range could be for 2020, Tesla clarified that 500+ thousand vehicles would be shipped before the end of Q4. That’s a 36% increase over the previous maximum that’s been sent-out over one year. 2019 saw 318+ thousand Tesla vehicles shipped to buyers worldwide. With the level of growth that’s displayed by Elon Musk’s Tesla per year, it’s no wonder other auto manufacturers like Ford & Honda are working towards creating their electric equivalents. It’ll be nearly impossible for other manufacturers to compete against Tesla, with the company holding priority market share on electric vehicles.

Thailand Monarchy Attacks Social Media Platforms

The Government & Monarchy of Thailand is creating numerous enemies amid the consensus for their immediate removal. The latest enemy that Thailand’s Monarchy is targeting is social media. Thailand’s Government stated their prosecuting Twitter, Google, and Facebook for not removing illegal posts. When Gov Officials were questioned on what those illegal posts were, there was immediate refusal to provide evidence. All that was noted is after these social media platforms are prosecuted, the Thailand Government will target individual users to insulting the Monarchy.

Thailand Monarch Law often leads towards life-long prison sentences for civilians evoking their opinion. Those that speak against the Monarchy are considered traitors of the state and won’t be permitted freedom again. The Thailand Government announcing they’ll target a comprehensive social media platform, is the 1st in history worldwide. How Thailand will lawfully cite punishments onto Twitter & Facebook, with the inclusion of Google, isn’t known for law practitioners.

There have been extensive protests throughout Thailand, with the average civilians demanding political reform & real democracy throughout the regions. Monarch & Government leaders responded by sending social media platforms like Facebook with warnings to terminate all insults of the Monarchy. Facebook, Twitter, and Google haven’t complied with the request. These platforms inherently believe in the freedom of speech and have opposed multiple governments on that belief.

It should be mentioned that Thailand’s Government is creating cyber crime police for the prosecution of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This means the laws weren’t officially in place, and that warning wouldn’t have to be obeyed legally. It also means Thailand is breaking international cyber treaties.

The Fine

Under the latest legislation issued by the Thailand Government & Monarchy, social media corporations can be fined $5,780.00 per ignored post. Facebook itself hasn’t removed 436 posts relating to Thailand’s Monarchy, which means a fine valued at $2,520,080.00 can be issued towards the social media company. Facebook could always shutdown their services permanently in Thailand & refuse to pay, which would be the likely fallout.

It should be mentioned that the Thailand Monarchy & Government is working to eliminate genuine information regarding protests. Law enforcement from Thailand claimed that fifteen thousand arrived to dispute the Monarchy, with actual numbers from satellite footage revealing fifty thousand.

PS5 Price and Release Date Unveiled

September 16 saw the Sony Computer Company unveil the PS5s release date & cost. Their announcement followed after Microsoft released details regarding the Xbox Series X. Overall, the response awarded to Sony over Microsoft has been exponential. Gamers have ample excitement for upcoming exclusives with the PS5, which include “God of War: Ragnarök” and “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”.

Pricing for the PlayStation5 was detailed, with two iterations of the console being released on its launch date. There’ll be the PlayStation 5, and PS5 Digital Edition. There’ll be a cost difference of $100.00 when selecting the standard model. That’s because the PlayStation5 maintains a Disc Drive, with the Digital Edition being download only.

Release dates for the Sony’s PS5 alternate depending on the jurisdiction selected. Sony promised an international release for all jurisdictions by November 19, and enabled consumers to pre-order their PS5 on September 17. All available models for sale under the pre-order system were sold out in ten minutes. Sony hasn’t seen pre-order purchasing rates on this scale before, a welcome change for the long-time video game manufacturers.
All confirmed games for the PS5 are listed below.

  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Gran Turismo Seven
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • God of War: Ragnarök
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Returnal
  • Demon Souls
  • Godfall
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The system will debut in the U.S, Japan, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea on November 12, and the rest of the world on November 19. Pre-orders begin on September 17 at select retailers.

PS5 Cost & Launch

Consumers wanting to purchase the PlayStation5 on its launch date will payout substantial funds. PS5s are listed at $499.00 to $399.00 in the United States, with comparable prices in the United Kingdom/Europe under the Euro/Pound. Outside of these jurisdictions, the currency exchanges start to take effect. Canada is located beside the United States but will payout $630.00 to $700.00 for the PlayStation5. It’s a cost that most cannot sustain in the COVID-19 Era and will see Sony drastically fail in these higher-valued regions.

Regardless, both models of the PlayStation5 are releasing on November 12 in the United Kingdom & United States. Most other territories won’t have access to the PS5 until November 19.

US Election in Jeopardy from Hackers

The United States of America has enemies worldwide, with communist regimes like Russia & China continually working towards destabilizing American society. Destabilization efforts became known during the 2016 Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump Election Campaign, which was hacked by the Russians & wouldn’t be revealed until years later. Government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations have worked alongside technology conglomerates, creating cybersecurity infrastructure that can recognize attempted attacks.

Microsoft provided their cybersecurity technology to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, prompting the company to announce on September 10th that they’ve located data which reveals Russian & Chinese hackers have implemented attacks towards the 2020 US Election. Iranian hackers have followed similar tactics, assisting their larger communist brothers. Shockingly, Microsoft has located these attempted attacks, with hackers becoming prominently better at covering their digital tracks. It’d take the FBI two years to determine that Russian hackers had leaked thousands of Hilary Clinton’s emails, prompting the Pizzagate Scandal & her inevitable loss to President Donald Trump.

Sophisticated online personas are created by these hackers, using a variety of digital tools to hide from national security agencies like the FBI and CIA. Microsoft with FBI assistance determined that Russian hackers are creating twenty IP Addresses per day, allowing for hidden backdoors that cybercriminals use to disassociate from their originating IP Address. Microsoft anticipates that Russia has 1,000 IP Addresses that are active today. China & Iran likely have access to those servers.

Destabilization of American Politics

Hackers from China enforced thousands of cyber attacks against the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign, working towards collecting information that could use to against Donald Trumps 2020 rival. Russia & China have actively worked to keep President Trump in office, with his bullish behaviour often benefiting their international goals over America’s. Joe Biden becoming America’s 46th President would stop Russia and China from accomplishing those Anti-Democratic goals.

There’s evidence that Russia, China, and Iran, have been working to destabilize politics in America. There’s evidence that shows Iranian Hackers have made 2700 attacks towards President Donald Trump, while also completing 500+ known attacks onto Presidential Elect Joe Biden.

Zoom Q2 Profits Soar in 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic saw our way of life change drastically inside of weeks. The concept of engaging with your co-workers, travelling to the movie theatre or mall for entertainment, and seeing family members became impossible in most nations. This prompted notable growth for video conferencing services, with conventional platforms like Skype & Messenger losing market share to Zoom.

This videoconferencing platform was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan in San Jose, California. It wouldn’t become a rivalling brand to Skype & Messenger until the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Revenues jumped drastically after their platform’s convenient features became viral. Subsequently, their 1st Quarter in 2020 was more significant than what their profit margins had ever acquired beforehand. Similar results were seen during the 2nd Quarter of 2020, with Zoom announcing their revenues jumped by 355% between April 31st to July 31st. This percentage equates to a company revenue of $663.5 Million, which is higher volumes than what financial analysts had anticipated.

After operational costs were paid-out during the 2nd Quarter in 2020, Zoom Video Communications earned a profit of $186 Million. Details in their financial reports reveal that customer acquisition grew by 458% when compared to their 2019 growth. This is one of the highest percentage of growth that Wall Street has seen in decades and have enabled for ZVCs shares to hit $325.10 per share. Zoom Video Communications updated its annual revenue forecast after the financial growth in Q2, estimating that it’ll reach $2.39 Billion.

The Features

Zoom Video Communications was an unknown platform until a unique feature was added weeks before COVID-19 became an international pandemic. Corporations & businesses could pay their employed personnel through the platform while also contacting their workforce without connection delays. These two core attributes outrivaled Skype & Messenger, prompting both Microsoft and Facebook to launch identical services similar to Zoom’s updated features. It was too late; Skype & Messenger couldn’t compete against Zoom Video Communications.

It should be mentioned that all videoconferencing platforms with global operations saw a surge in usage. The COVID-19 Pandemic forced educational institutions to high-scale companies into using videoconferencing platforms. It’s known that Zoom sustains 1st in the 2020 market, with Facebook’s Messenger coming 2nd, and Microsoft’s Skype coming 3rd.

Tecno Handsets Found with Preinstalled Malware

The Chinese Communist Party has again been found of collecting consumer data outside their region & breaking international law. The malware was located on Chinese-manufactured smartphones under the Tecno branding, being pre-installed without the prior knowledge of users. Tecno’s smartphones are cheaply priced to meet the demands of nations like Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Cameroon. Devices are often priced lower than the manufacturing cost for Tecno, which had led towards security infringements.

The Triada Malware was located on the Tecno W2 Smartphone, a popular handset with more than 350+ thousand users throughout the African continent. Triada Malware registers consumers unknowingly to subscription services for magazines & overruns the data usage of the handset, evoking a higher volume of data for the Chinese Communist Party.
August 2020 isn’t the first time that the Triada Malware has been located on Tecno devices. It was previously found two years ago, where the smartphone manufacturer promised they’d increase security permissions after the initial malware was discovered. It appears those security enhancements weren’t ever implemented in Tecno updates.

Anti-Fraud Platforms in South Africa located 19.2 million transactions that were deemed suspicious. 200+ thousand devices of the 350+ active in Africa were affected by these transactions. Secure-D is an Anti-Trust Platform that noted the threats facing low-income families worldwide, which have their data collected by unknown sources & entities. The Chinese Community Party is targeting the most vulnerable through tech conglomerates like Huawei, and Tecno.

The African Smartphone Market is dependent on China, with their devices accounting for 41% of devices sold yearly. When evaluating Tecno’s position on the Chinese Nasdaq, it’s noted that their growth in China has been abandoned & focus is entirely on the African continent. Tecno doesn’t have a single office African nations, prompting concerns that similar methods being used against America are now being targeted towards Africa.

False Claims

Tecno Mobile claimed that those experiencing issues with the W2 Smartphone hadn’t installed the security patch, which is available globally for download since March 2018. However, thousands of W2 Smartphone users expressed through social media that they’d installed the security patch on its first week in 2018 & no issues had arisen till earlier this month. It suggests that Tecno Mobile reuploaded the malware.

Airbnb Goes Public for Share Acquisition

The Airbnb company is making a significant shift in their business operations, with the home rental service confidentially filing paperwork that’ll make them go public. It marks a substantial change in how Airbnb will approach their daily activities, with shares becoming available for purchase under the US & London Stock Markets. Investors will dominate their decisions, while also demanding new services be released to increase profits. Becoming a publicly traded corporation results in yearly demands for profits & net revenues to increase, putting pressure onto executives to innovate in ways that aren’t possible.

Airbnb was forced into this decision after losing hundreds of millions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide, nations terminated their international & local travelling permissions to civilian personnel. It resulted in more than $260 Million being lost throughout the first six months of 2020 and comes after Airbnb was already facing a notable decline. Airbnb saw their first nine months of 2019 have substantial losses, listed at $322 Million. The combination of these losses prompted Airbnb to lose $26 Billion of their company valuation, which was listed at $31 Billion before financial burdens began.

Airbnb became an operational company in 2008, becoming an innovative service & creating an entirely new industry. The “Sharing Service” enabled for registered personnel to rent their homes & vehicles to strangers, with both parties maintaining a rating to provide insurances. It wouldn’t take long for competing services to arrive, like Lyft & Uber. Through these rival companies, Airbnb began slowly losing customers & saw a massive decline occur at the beginning of 2019.

The Blog Post

Minimal information was given through Airbnb’s website blog posting was released to consumers & potential investors, where it was clarified that the associated costs of their company shares hadn’t been determined. Additional details regarding their intentions as a publicly traded corporation wasn’t revealed. However, it’s expected that half of their terminated workforce will be rehired. Airbnb was forced to fire 1900 employed personnel in May 2020, which was propelled after losses from COVID-19 couldn’t guarantee that individuals employment contract. Airbnb leaving private ownership & entering into the publicly traded space will enable their profits to regrow slowly. Airbnb hopes that their prior company valuation of $31 Billion can be ascertained by 2023.