Q3 2020 Sees Growth for Tesla Inc.

The demand for vehicles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been minimal, prompting multiple retailers to shut their doors & for largescale corporations to announce their lowest profits in decades. One company that’s avoided this issue is Tesla, who confirmed that they’d delivered more vehicles in Q3 2020 than any other quarter in their corporate history. The previous record of 112,000 Tesla cars was eliminated by 27,300 vehicles. That means Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles throughout the third quarter of this month. It’s the most extensive sales figure seen for auto manufacturers in 2020.

Tesla clarified that 145+ thousand cars had been manufactured throughout the third quarter, enabling them to begin their overstock project. Creating an influx of their available models & having stock for future purchases will allow Tesla to dedicate itself towards lowering the cost of electric vehicles. That’ll be accomplished by creating exclusive renewable resources, mining for required materials needed for manufacturing, and innovating former technologies to become more cost-efficient. CEO Elon Musk hopes that via this plan, the cost of Tesla vehicles can become $25,000.00 to $30,000.00.

The Quarterly & Yearly Growth for Tesla

Tesla Incorporated has experienced three consecutive months of increased deliveries. The 1st quarter saw Tesla deliver more than 88+ thousand vehicles, with that number increasing by only two thousand in the 2nd quarter. It’d mark a notable increase during the 3rd quarter, which saw the 139+ thousand vehicles delivered. Tesla’s previous record of 112,000 cars provided was obtained during Q4 2020. Elon Musk’s workforce made an evident turnaround for profits in a short period, which most auto manufacturers haven’t accomplished throughout 2020.

When questioned on what their final delivery range could be for 2020, Tesla clarified that 500+ thousand vehicles would be shipped before the end of Q4. That’s a 36% increase over the previous maximum that’s been sent-out over one year. 2019 saw 318+ thousand Tesla vehicles shipped to buyers worldwide. With the level of growth that’s displayed by Elon Musk’s Tesla per year, it’s no wonder other auto manufacturers like Ford & Honda are working towards creating their electric equivalents. It’ll be nearly impossible for other manufacturers to compete against Tesla, with the company holding priority market share on electric vehicles.

PS5 Price and Release Date Unveiled

September 16 saw the Sony Computer Company unveil the PS5s release date & cost. Their announcement followed after Microsoft released details regarding the Xbox Series X. Overall, the response awarded to Sony over Microsoft has been exponential. Gamers have ample excitement for upcoming exclusives with the PS5, which include “God of War: Ragnarök” and “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”.

Pricing for the PlayStation5 was detailed, with two iterations of the console being released on its launch date. There’ll be the PlayStation 5, and PS5 Digital Edition. There’ll be a cost difference of $100.00 when selecting the standard model. That’s because the PlayStation5 maintains a Disc Drive, with the Digital Edition being download only.

Release dates for the Sony’s PS5 alternate depending on the jurisdiction selected. Sony promised an international release for all jurisdictions by November 19, and enabled consumers to pre-order their PS5 on September 17. All available models for sale under the pre-order system were sold out in ten minutes. Sony hasn’t seen pre-order purchasing rates on this scale before, a welcome change for the long-time video game manufacturers.
All confirmed games for the PS5 are listed below.

  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Gran Turismo Seven
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • God of War: Ragnarök
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Returnal
  • Demon Souls
  • Godfall
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The system will debut in the U.S, Japan, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea on November 12, and the rest of the world on November 19. Pre-orders begin on September 17 at select retailers.

PS5 Cost & Launch

Consumers wanting to purchase the PlayStation5 on its launch date will payout substantial funds. PS5s are listed at $499.00 to $399.00 in the United States, with comparable prices in the United Kingdom/Europe under the Euro/Pound. Outside of these jurisdictions, the currency exchanges start to take effect. Canada is located beside the United States but will payout $630.00 to $700.00 for the PlayStation5. It’s a cost that most cannot sustain in the COVID-19 Era and will see Sony drastically fail in these higher-valued regions.

Regardless, both models of the PlayStation5 are releasing on November 12 in the United Kingdom & United States. Most other territories won’t have access to the PS5 until November 19.

Zoom Q2 Profits Soar in 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic saw our way of life change drastically inside of weeks. The concept of engaging with your co-workers, travelling to the movie theatre or mall for entertainment, and seeing family members became impossible in most nations. This prompted notable growth for video conferencing services, with conventional platforms like Skype & Messenger losing market share to Zoom.

This videoconferencing platform was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan in San Jose, California. It wouldn’t become a rivalling brand to Skype & Messenger until the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Revenues jumped drastically after their platform’s convenient features became viral. Subsequently, their 1st Quarter in 2020 was more significant than what their profit margins had ever acquired beforehand. Similar results were seen during the 2nd Quarter of 2020, with Zoom announcing their revenues jumped by 355% between April 31st to July 31st. This percentage equates to a company revenue of $663.5 Million, which is higher volumes than what financial analysts had anticipated.

After operational costs were paid-out during the 2nd Quarter in 2020, Zoom Video Communications earned a profit of $186 Million. Details in their financial reports reveal that customer acquisition grew by 458% when compared to their 2019 growth. This is one of the highest percentage of growth that Wall Street has seen in decades and have enabled for ZVCs shares to hit $325.10 per share. Zoom Video Communications updated its annual revenue forecast after the financial growth in Q2, estimating that it’ll reach $2.39 Billion.

The Features

Zoom Video Communications was an unknown platform until a unique feature was added weeks before COVID-19 became an international pandemic. Corporations & businesses could pay their employed personnel through the platform while also contacting their workforce without connection delays. These two core attributes outrivaled Skype & Messenger, prompting both Microsoft and Facebook to launch identical services similar to Zoom’s updated features. It was too late; Skype & Messenger couldn’t compete against Zoom Video Communications.

It should be mentioned that all videoconferencing platforms with global operations saw a surge in usage. The COVID-19 Pandemic forced educational institutions to high-scale companies into using videoconferencing platforms. It’s known that Zoom sustains 1st in the 2020 market, with Facebook’s Messenger coming 2nd, and Microsoft’s Skype coming 3rd.

Tecno Handsets Found with Preinstalled Malware

The Chinese Communist Party has again been found of collecting consumer data outside their region & breaking international law. The malware was located on Chinese-manufactured smartphones under the Tecno branding, being pre-installed without the prior knowledge of users. Tecno’s smartphones are cheaply priced to meet the demands of nations like Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Cameroon. Devices are often priced lower than the manufacturing cost for Tecno, which had led towards security infringements.

The Triada Malware was located on the Tecno W2 Smartphone, a popular handset with more than 350+ thousand users throughout the African continent. Triada Malware registers consumers unknowingly to subscription services for magazines & overruns the data usage of the handset, evoking a higher volume of data for the Chinese Communist Party.
August 2020 isn’t the first time that the Triada Malware has been located on Tecno devices. It was previously found two years ago, where the smartphone manufacturer promised they’d increase security permissions after the initial malware was discovered. It appears those security enhancements weren’t ever implemented in Tecno updates.

Anti-Fraud Platforms in South Africa located 19.2 million transactions that were deemed suspicious. 200+ thousand devices of the 350+ active in Africa were affected by these transactions. Secure-D is an Anti-Trust Platform that noted the threats facing low-income families worldwide, which have their data collected by unknown sources & entities. The Chinese Community Party is targeting the most vulnerable through tech conglomerates like Huawei, and Tecno.

The African Smartphone Market is dependent on China, with their devices accounting for 41% of devices sold yearly. When evaluating Tecno’s position on the Chinese Nasdaq, it’s noted that their growth in China has been abandoned & focus is entirely on the African continent. Tecno doesn’t have a single office African nations, prompting concerns that similar methods being used against America are now being targeted towards Africa.

False Claims

Tecno Mobile claimed that those experiencing issues with the W2 Smartphone hadn’t installed the security patch, which is available globally for download since March 2018. However, thousands of W2 Smartphone users expressed through social media that they’d installed the security patch on its first week in 2018 & no issues had arisen till earlier this month. It suggests that Tecno Mobile reuploaded the malware.

Airbnb Goes Public for Share Acquisition

The Airbnb company is making a significant shift in their business operations, with the home rental service confidentially filing paperwork that’ll make them go public. It marks a substantial change in how Airbnb will approach their daily activities, with shares becoming available for purchase under the US & London Stock Markets. Investors will dominate their decisions, while also demanding new services be released to increase profits. Becoming a publicly traded corporation results in yearly demands for profits & net revenues to increase, putting pressure onto executives to innovate in ways that aren’t possible.

Airbnb was forced into this decision after losing hundreds of millions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide, nations terminated their international & local travelling permissions to civilian personnel. It resulted in more than $260 Million being lost throughout the first six months of 2020 and comes after Airbnb was already facing a notable decline. Airbnb saw their first nine months of 2019 have substantial losses, listed at $322 Million. The combination of these losses prompted Airbnb to lose $26 Billion of their company valuation, which was listed at $31 Billion before financial burdens began.

Airbnb became an operational company in 2008, becoming an innovative service & creating an entirely new industry. The “Sharing Service” enabled for registered personnel to rent their homes & vehicles to strangers, with both parties maintaining a rating to provide insurances. It wouldn’t take long for competing services to arrive, like Lyft & Uber. Through these rival companies, Airbnb began slowly losing customers & saw a massive decline occur at the beginning of 2019.

The Blog Post

Minimal information was given through Airbnb’s website blog posting was released to consumers & potential investors, where it was clarified that the associated costs of their company shares hadn’t been determined. Additional details regarding their intentions as a publicly traded corporation wasn’t revealed. However, it’s expected that half of their terminated workforce will be rehired. Airbnb was forced to fire 1900 employed personnel in May 2020, which was propelled after losses from COVID-19 couldn’t guarantee that individuals employment contract. Airbnb leaving private ownership & entering into the publicly traded space will enable their profits to regrow slowly. Airbnb hopes that their prior company valuation of $31 Billion can be ascertained by 2023.

Nintendo Sales Soar as Production Resumes

Sales growth for the Nintendo Company has grown by substantial valuations during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most businesses have struggled to garner standard profits during this unforeseen historical period, with Nintendo earning the highest margins in their history. This follows after the company announced their 3rd Quarter Results, showing benefits that exceeded past the 2nd Quarter Records. Nintendo announced that since June 2020, they’d seen a growth of 428% in comparison to 2019’s 3rd Quarter. Financial analysts predicted that Nintendo would earn 62 Billion Yen, with expectations being blown away when the Japanese-company announce a profit growth of 145 Billion yen. This is $1.37 Billion in USD.

The Nintendo Company confirmed that sales throughout 2020 have already doubled in comparison to 2019’s full profit margins. Data released by Nintendo personnel indicated that the Switch & Switch Lite consoles are continuing to drive substantial sales, with a confirmed 5.7 Million Units sold throughout April to June 2020. It’s a 167% increase on the selling of the Nintendo Switch over last year.

Animal Crossing Drives Sales

Personnel from Nintendo claimed that “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” drastically influenced the substantial sales, with the island utopia-based based allowing consumers to experience a summer-like landscape within their homes during the Pandemic. Nintendo estimates that 10.6 Million companies of ACNH were sold throughout the third quarter, with a total lifetime sales to date being 22.4 Million. It’s their 2nd highest-selling game, with Mario Kart Eight Deluxe being the 1st. This means Animal Crossings has outsold Mario Odyssey & Pokemon Sword/Shield. It’s unconfirmed but expected that Nintendo has begun developing a sequel to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which inside sources suggest could release by 2023.

The Pandemic Switch Issues

The Nintendo Company has struggled to meet stock expectations during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nintendo was forced to shut down their manufacturing facilities after China became the 1st nation to become infected with COVID-19. Supply issues meant that those able to obtain one of the 5.7 Million Units sold between April to June had likely waited a prolonged period. Those delays in manufacturing are expected to continue until the Pandemic is declared over worldwide.

Amazon Collecting Data from Third-Party Sellers

The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon found himself unable to excuse the illegal behaviours displayed by his company. This follows after the CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple were forced to delegate with Congresses House of Representatives. Millions worldwide watched as the leaders of modern technology avoided adequately answering questions. Bezos & Zuckerberg were surprisingly the two that leaned towards honesty, with Sundar Pichai selecting the method of deniability.

These CEOs were forced to meet with Congress after an investigation was prompted by the House of Representatives last year. Extensive evidence was compiled, meaning that deniability of their actions won’t lead to the issue being over. Multiple members of Congress informed these CEOs that they’d follow-up on their questions, demanding relevant & trustworthy answers. Evidence located pertained towards the selling and collecting of user data or third-party company data.

Jeff Bezos would receive numerous questions on the selling of third-party company data, which came after evidence revealed Amazon had stolen information from independent sellers. This information regarded their product marketing, innovative methods of manufacturing, and profit returns through Amazon. Any product deemed suitable would be recreated through Amazon’s private label & effectively eliminate that third-party seller.

The Amazon CEO emphasized that there are company-wide legislations that eliminate the usage of this tactic. When Representative Pramila Jayapal asked if Bezos could confirm that ruleset hadn’t been broken, Jeff confirmed that guarantees could not be provided. This is essentially the Chief Executive Officers way of admitting that employed personnel had collected third-party seller data on behalf of Amazon.

An Internal Investigation

Jeff Bezos emphasized that Amazon implemented an internal investigation on these practices, noting that similarly to Congress & the House of Representatives, he’s not satisfied with the results found. Bezos won’t terminate the investigation until all those found guilty are terminated from Amazon. It should be mentioned though, that last year Amazon’s Associate General Counsel had illegally lied to the House of Representatives. Nate Sutton in 2019 stated that Amazon wasn’t accessing third-party seller data. He could find himself facing prison time for lying to Congress, something Bezos actively avoided himself.

Oxford University Details Coronavirus Vaccine

The chance for humanity to develop immunity for COVID-19 could potentially be growing. Data from the Oxford University in Great Britain reveals that their “Human Vaccine Trials” have provoked immune responses, something that wasn’t anticipated in the first stage. Both Oxford University & Astra Zeneca were hoping to develop immune responses by the 2nd or 3rd stage.

The importance of the “ChAdOx1-nCoV-19 Vaccine” maintain immune responses amongst patients is unimaginable. Hundreds of millions worldwide will receive access to a coronavirus vaccine thanks to Astra Zeneca, who’ll make minimal profits from their global task of distributing a cure. It should be clarified that Oxford University published they’re finished through “The Lancet” a scientific journal. Released data noted that patients receive a single or double dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine before being tested for immunity.

Oxford Universities 1st phase of human trials required the participation of one thousand civilians in Great British, who were aged between 18 to 55. None of these individuals had previously contracted the COVID-19 virus, allowing researchers to determine if the vaccine developed an immunity. Those deposited with the vaccine were then subjected to coronavirus, having to self-isolate for fourteen days to see if symptoms arose. All one thousand candidates didn’t contract the virus, proving immunity.

Developing the Vaccine

Creating immunity from a virus isn’t easily obtained, with scientific researchers having to pair a deadly pathogen with other diseases known worldwide. After enough pairings are tested in secured environments, researchers will learn which disease cancels out the virus. Oxford University confirmed that they paired coronavirus with adenovirus, with the two cancelling each other out & proving immunity from both.

Oxford University stressed that immunity showed throughout their one thousand patients might not sustain a lifetime. Additional trials will be maintained with those same individuals, ensuring that resistance is sustained over prolonged periods. It should be clarified that Oxford University will begin human trials in America, Canada, and Australia before August 31st. They’ll determine if immunity is awarded to global civilians under different environments & conditions. The coronavirus works in ways that’ve never been seen, prompting researchers to analyze all attributes of COVID-19.

Lanistar Banking Receives £15 Million Loan

Digital finances are altering the conventional mindset of banking, creating a revolution of how global consumers inquire about their funds & invest within various industries. Standard banking institutions are struggling to compete against this revolution, losing investors & conventional customers regularly. Consumers are selecting alternatives like Lanistar, which is simplistic & provides greater capabilities at streamlining finances. Their growth will continue worldwide with the announcement that they’ve acquired £15 million during their latest funding round.

Milaya Capital Investments awarded this companies’ 2nd funding round valuation of £15 million. After the completion of financial acquisitions through MCI, the assessment of Lanistar has reached £150 million. This is before the launch of their services to consumers in the European Union & the United Kingdom during Winter 2020. It should be mentioned that Milaya Capital has received a 10% stake into Lanistar for their £15 million investment.

Lanistar clarified what these finances would provide the company. Growth of their customer support services & operational utilities can be scaled before their product launch following this investment. It guarantees that customers will obtain smoother experiences from day one, which is hard for banking services to accomplish.

The History of Lanistar

Gurhan Kiziloz is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Lanistar. He’ll implore polymorphic algorithms to service customer-centric personal financing alternatives. This will be managed through financial incumbents that aren’t conventionally associated with digital banking. Through their unique business strategy, those associated with Lanistar hope to sustain a valuation of £1 billion. They’d be the first fintech corporation to amass this wealth & genuinely rival the likes of JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs. It should be clarified that their banking services will appeal more towards European & UK civilians that are a part of the Generation Z/Millennial.

Throughout this growth, Gurhan Kiziloz hopes to employ an additional 105 personnel. This will apply to the Greece region, which has been drastically affected by a nationwide recession for nearly ten years. Maintaining the 1st fintech billion-dollar digital investment bank in Greece could make this nation a new financial hub. That’s the ultimate hope for Gurhan Kiziloz.

The Fugaku Supercomputer

Japanese engineers shocked the worldwide computing community after obtaining the “2020 Global Speed Competition Award”. Winners are credited with developing the strongest Supercomputer worldwide. This is the 1st time in nine years that engineers from Japan have obtained this award, which was commonly associated with their nation for two decades prior. The entrance of Chinese & American engineers would see Japan struggling to compete for nearly a decade.

The Fugaku Supercomputer obtained a recording score of 415.53 Petaflops. The extent of data processing garnered from this number is equivalent to a mathematic universe. Putting that power into context isn’t quickly established, with a single Petaflop maintaining “One Quadrilling Floating Arithmetic Calculations”. Humans physically can’t process this level of mathematics.

It’d take us 31+ million years of calculating the most extensive mathematic problems to process a single Petaflop. Multiplying that to 415.53 Petaflops means the timeframe of humans physically calculate that information is 13.2 billion years. Considering our universe is roughly 14 billion years old, accomplishing this challenge won’t ever happen with any biological being.

Community-Wide Shock

The Fugaku Supercomputer is managed under the “Advanced-Reduced Set Computer Machine”, which is an archetype of computer technology that’s commonly associated with smartphones & laptops. Achieving this advancement with ARM Computing wasn’t ever thought to become a reality. That’s because they’re typically not suited for Supercomputers, with ARM Archetypes requiring fewer transistors, less power, and less heat.

Japanese engineers are being hailed for their major success with ARM Computing Archetypes. The Head of Fugaku’s Development Team iterated that their Supercomputer shows the scalability of smartphones, laptops, and any other technologies engaging with ARM. The difference in processing capabilities Japan displayed in 2020 was nearly double that of America & China, leading tech analysts to believe that Japanese Engineers have returned to a pivotal status. Their advancements with Fugaku could bring new technologies into our daily lives like never-before-seen.

The IBM Company unveiled their “Oak Ridge Supercomputer”, which used former technologies that’ve become reliant on American engineers for prolonged periods. Their Supercomputer registered 266.93 Petaflops, 118 more than previously shown in 2019. IBM is showing improvements but must continue to implore updated components. It’ll be the only way for American engineers to regain their 1st place position in 2021.