NCA Penetrates EncroChat, Leads to Multiple Arrests

The National Crime Agency announced that they’d penetrated a secret communications system used worldwide. This system assisted criminals to purchase & sell a variety of actionable items, including abusive substances. NCA Agents clarified that this was a joint effort in correlation with the United Kingdom & European Union.

NCA Agents praised that penetrating EncroChat was the largest law enforcement operation worldwide. It saw thousands of Agents & Officers hand-over their intel to obtain access into this application. Penetrating EncroChat has enabled the NCA, Interpol, and MI6 to arrest 800 civilians from European nations.

The arrests continued in the United Kingdom after this three-month investigation operation. UK Law Enforcement has seen the most significant impact of arrests from penetrating EncroChat. 746 United Kingdom Civilians associated with criminal organizations were arrested. Two of these individuals were UK Law Enforcement, which caught NCA Agents off guard. It’s suspected that MI6 is currently integrating those officers.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner of London spoke on the EncroChat penetration. Dame Cressida Dick clarified that 170+ arrests were made throughout the Metropolitan Region, allowing for £13.3 Million in illegal assets to be obtained. Commissioner Dick anticipated that Metropolitan, UK, European, and American Law Enforcement would be disrupting criminal organization for years from this penetration.

NCA Agents iterated that 60+ thousand criminals worldwide engaged with EncroChat. It’s known that Britain had the largest percentage of years, with ten thousand users at 6.64%. There are roughly nine thousand additional arrests that must be made throughout the United Kingdom, which will take years of investigating from local law enforcement.

EncroChat Security

Accessing EncroChat wasn’t easily accomplished. Users were required to maintain an Android Handset that had been “Broken Into”, which means downloading another software onto the device that mimics Android without concerns of being tracked. Subsequently, users weren’t ever worried about communications being located by law enforcement.

Those occasions where data must be deleted, features like Self Destruction, would terminate all messages after sixty minutes. There was also the “Panic Wipe Feature”. It’d permit users to disable all aspects of their handset immediately, which would merely require a Four-Digit Passcode. The fact that the National Crime Agency overcame these hurdles & disbanded more than 1000 criminals is impressive.

Dell Announces New Product Range.

The Dell Company unveiled multiple products for 2020-21, including unexpected announcements that show this brand is trying to modernize through the Post-COVID Era. Included in their product unveiling was a Gaming PC, Gaming Laptop, Curved 4K Monitor Display, RGB Keyboard, and RBG Mouse. Their announcements show an evident move towards the PC Gaming Marketspace, meaning Dell is minimizing their involvement with Office Computers.

Financial statistics regarding the Dell Company indicate a downward spiral for this brand over the last two decades. Previously the powerhouse manufacturer of personal computers, Dell would inevitably be outpaced by competing brands like Hewlett-Packard and Apple. Locating PCs & Laptops manufactured from Dell Architecture is challenging for retail shoppers, with dedicated supporters of this brand forced into purchasing various models through online stores.

Similar measures must be enforced for consumers wanting to inquire about any PC Gaming Products from Dell Computers. The 2020 Lineup for Dell Computers comprises of two updated G7 Laptops. An immediate difference is the slimmer components used with the 2020 Edition of these gaming laptops, which come in 15” and 17” models. It should be mentioned that “Premium Materials” are being implemented in the G7 Laptop – 2020 Edition. This included Military-Grade Metals & Plastics, which results in formidable resistance if this laptop is dropped below 10ft.

Gamers familiar with the Dell Computer Company praised their design studio for the specification components implemented into the G7 Laptop – 2020 Edition. Consumers purchasing this computer obtain the 10th Generation Intel i9 CPU, which is matched with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 MaxQ Graphics Card. This combination creates graphic capabilities that can sustain the next generation of consoles, or the next five to eight years.

The Cost

The Dell Computer Company has released the G7 Laptop – 2020 Edition to various online retailers. The base-line model costs $1,430.00 plus tax. Obtaining the premium edition of the G7 Laptop will run customers more than $3,000.00 with taxes included. The associated cost shows that Dell is moving towards the premium space & providing high-scale products that can sustain long lifespans. It’s an exclusive product for dedicated gamers that want to go above & beyond the norm.

NHS Application Implementing the Decentralized Format

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service announced that their reverting development of an internal solution, which would’ve allowed the NHS to report diagnostics & data on all civilians that downloaded their planned application. This app would’ve been supported on Google & Apple devices, working in a centralized format to confirm civilians were separated by two metres. Multiple concerns regarding privacy & data collection from the government were explicitly stated from various authorities.

It’s these remarks that prompted the NHS to announce that internal development on centralized NHS networks has been cancelled. Instead, it’ll maintain a decentralized format similar to Apple and Google with their proprietary applications. Additional privacy concerns have been expressed with this announcement; both Apple & Google have infamously kept diagnostic data from world governments. It’s worrisome that these largescale corporations will implement similar tactics with COVID-19 data, which follows after these tech conglomerates and governments have continuously fought over legislation.

The NHS COVID-19 Response Application is meant to inform civilians when their safety is at jeopardy. This will be managed through the Contact App for iPhones and Android handsets. Whenever the NHS Application notices that downloaded consumers aren’t obeying social distancing measures, contacts will be informed that their relative or friend is at risk. When infections in UK Civilians are confirmed, the NHS Application will notify their contacts via directives. It’s this feature that’ll have an overwhelming majority install the NHS Application, with the UK Government hoping this’ll limit the spread of COVID-19.

The Differences

The Alphabet Company was 1st to employ the decentralized format on their handsets. Apple maintained a centralized system for half of their current lifespan, inevitably realizing their competitors had chosen the correct size. Diagnostic data is anonymous with the model used by Google, which is owned by the Alphabet Company. Outside sources like the government cannot access critical details on the consumer’s lifestyle, shopping habits, personal information, relationships, and mindsets. Acquiring this data would’ve been possible under the centralized format.

It should be mentioned that the United Kingdom had wanted centralized networks to locate COVID-19 Hotspots. This has been challenging for the government, making it harder to curb the spread of this virus.

Law Enforcement Banned from Amazon Facial Recognition

The level of hatred growing towards law enforcement in the United States of America has become extensive. It’s reached stages where corporations are removing historical films from their streaming services, banning television shows like “Cops” from all networks, and now Amazon is attacking law enforcement. It was announced this week that Amazon had terminated access to their facial recognition platform for all law enforcement. This period will sustain itself for twelve months.

This decision comes after the IBM Company announced it wouldn’t be researching & developing facial recognition technology, noting that human privacy rights are significantly abused. IBM also cited concerns regarding how facial recognition technologies identify users by ethnicity, race, gender, and age. These are all sensitive topics throughout North America in the modern era. Corporations are not confining to the updated level of understanding face financial destruction. This would be the primary reasoning for IBMs decision to terminate FRTs.

Racial bias has continuously been discussed when reviewing facial recognition software. This isn’t natural for camera modules, with it being explicitly implemented into FRTs. The MIT Media Laboratory maintained extensive research. They cited in 2018 that large corporations like Microsoft and IBM were identifying darker-toned civilians. It’d sometimes result is handset owners being locked from their devices. Noticeably, these same issues haven’t ever occurred for Caucasian males.

Possible Criticism for Amazon

Similar measures are enforced with facial recognition technologies from Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, and Google have been found of using identical coding. Detailed data from public online sources that the Caucasian Males weren’t ever locked from their devices. This is purely based on race, with law enforcement able to access this data from companies like Amazon. It’s the reason why the one-year banning has taken effect. Amazon will monitor the level of African American men & woman imprisoned over those twelve months, determining if their software played any factor.

Any involvement of Amazon’s FRTs to prosecute an African American will prompt the banning to become permanent. It should be mentioned that this confirmation of the ban was provided by law enforcement, with Amazon denying their facial recognition software identifies African Americans in a negative light. The backlash to Amazon if found to be truthful, will be immense.

2020 Edition of HP Omen 15 Unveiled

The Hewlett Packard Company showcased their 2020 Edition of the Omen 15”. It’s considered their entry-level gaming laptop, supporting powerful components that can engage with next-generation graphics. Users have the option to select an Intel or AMD Graphics Card, with availability starting on June 2nd with HPs Online Retail Store.

Dedicated supporters behind the HP Omen 15” have found themselves repurchasing the updated models since 2016. The internal enhancements provided with the 2020 Edition will once again get loyal customers to purchase the updated model. There are also external enhancements seen, with the front-facing laptop panel engraved with a blue diamond logo. This symbol is consistent amongst HPs Gaming Laptops, with the significant difference coming in the colour selection. Previous iterations of the Omen has a Blood Red Diamond Logo, with the Bright Blue meant to resemble their next stages in PC Gaming for the 2020s.

The HP Omen 15” – 2020 Edition is available in multiple specification options. Consumers can select a Full-HD Display, 4K Gaming Display with 60hz, or a 4K Gaming Display with 120Hz. The later is best suited for the next generation of gaming. Regardless of the display selected, it’ll support a 180-Degree Hinge for rotational gaming. It should be noted each panel provided by HP for the HP Omen – 2020 is 15.6”. With all these components integrated into a single gaming laptop, Hewlett Packard claims that the 2020 Omen is categorized as multifunctional. Working & gaming are possible simultaneously, which isn’t manageable through most mobile gaming rigs.

Internal Structure

Multiple configuration options are supported with the HP Omen 15” – 2020 Edition, with the best iteration supporting the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q. Running this graphics card is the Intel Core i7 H-Series or the AMD Ryzen Seven H-Series. This marks the 1st edition of the HP Omen that supported the architecture for AMD Components. Depending on which model is selected, the external colour options with the HP Omen 15” in altered. AMD Consumers obtain the Silver Variant, with Intel users maintain the black version. Regardless of which configuration is selected, there’ll be 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Memory size includes 1TB SSD PCIe Drive, with it supporting the RAID ZERO technology.

Uber Subsidiary Sold to Lime Co.

Uber Technologies Incorporated is deconstructing materials from thousands of Electric Scooters & Mopeds. This strategic decision follows after selling Social Bicycles Incorporated to Lime Co. Video evidence went viral of Red Mopeds & Electric Scooters being deconstructed for recycling at an unnamed US Facility. Advocates of this transportation format were quick to express their anger via Facebook & Instagram. It prompted Uber Technologies Incorporated to response, remarking that the Lime Company had concerns over maintenance and liability.

Social Bicycles Incorporated sold their American Division to Lime Co. The United Kingdom Division is still managed by Uber, concerning Cycling Advocates that their rental models are outdated on maintenance repairs. The UK Division of SBI didn’t clarify their maintenance logs when questioned by local news outlets. It’s now speculated that regular updates to these vehicles haven’t been made since 2018, which is when Uber Inc confirmed their focus towards the Moped & Scooter Rental Industry. That focus is now being abandoned, with Lime Co. expected to purchase the UK Division of SBI by the 4th quarter of 2020.

May 7th marked the date when Uber Technologies Inc confirmed that Lime Co. would purchase Social Bicycles Incorporated, which maintains the “Jump” Ride Sharing Application. Consumers of this service can rent a local Scooter or Moped for a predetermined period. That vehicle can be returned at multiple locations throughout the United Kingdom, and the United States. Metropolis cities like London or Chicago are the conventional markets selected for Jump. This brand will remain active in American cities under the new leadership, with updated models slated to release by Q3 2020. It’s unknown how Lime Co. will tackle sanitation associated with COVID-19 with their updated models. Unsatisfactory strategies will prompt their relaunch to be postponed.

Excuses, Excuses.

Non-Profit Organizations backlashed towards the decision of these three respective companies. It was remarked that these vehicles could’ve been donated. Uber clarified that this decision wasn’t implemented because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that their donations wouldn’t be responsible for a possible outbreak. These sentiments from Uber are trying to extinguish this backlash, with their honourability not being genuine. Standard Ride Sharing services with Uber would’ve been shut down if they cared not to issue a secondary outbreak.

The Winner During COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 will have forever changed how world governments engage with each other, how civilians engage with international travel, and how we sanitize countless facilities. Though there have been numerous industries to fail throughout the pandemic period, there have been others that’ve widely succeeded with global civilians being forced indoors—these industries include Video Games and Streaming Services.

Gaming Industry

Millions worldwide have started playing video games for the 1st time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales for the Nintendo Switch skyrocketed to the point that locating one of their consoles across North America or Europe was nearly impossible. PlayStation recorded a sales increase of 33.61% with the PS4, with Xbox One saw a minor growth of 21.84%. It was the personal computer that saw the most influential level of growth, with PC Sales jumping by 84% over March & April. Those who downloaded Steam and converted to PC Gaming accounting for 39.13% of the overall eighty-four.

This notable boost in activity has prompted for games like Modern Warfare 2019 and Fortnite to see an influx of registered players. MW2019 recorded a similar increase in activity to the PlayStation 4, acquiring a 33% boost in player activity. Modern Warfare now exceeds more than fifty million players worldwide. Fortnite dominates over this small player base, with Epic Games announcing last week that they’ve obtained more than 350 million gamers worldwide. This follows after holding concerts with Steve Aoki and Travis Scott, boosting Fortnites popularity.

Streaming Services

Netflix, Crave, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Quibi have found themselves experiencing a substantial boost in customer activity. Billions worldwide have been forced indoors for nearly three months, with these individuals having to entertain themselves by consuming various forms of media. Netflix and Disney Plus have dominated over the COVID-19 growth, with Netflix obtaining an additional 16m in customers.

Disney Plus had considerably lower numbers than their main competitor, with 4.5 million consumers registering for the service. Both expect continued growth until the COVID-19 pandemic is concluded, upon which customer usage will drop drastically. It should be mentioned that Amazon Prime has seen a 30% growth in customer activity, with the official number of new registrants not yet released.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Two Headphones

Development of wireless headphones has increased exponentially throughout the last two years. Manufacturers can create earbuds that operate without any wires, instead of using Bluetooth 4.0 to connect the headphones to mobile handsets. The most recent wireless headphones released to consumers are named the “D”, which cost $300.00. This product marks the 2nd time that Sennheiser has created genuinely wireless headphones, with the second iteration being identical to the first. Added features with the second model include increased battery life and improved noise cancelling. The only downfall to Sennheiser’s latest headset is the touch control panel, which is challenging to learn and master.

Controls are customizable, meaning the panel can become better with slight tweaking from users. Those that purchase the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Earbuds will find that after tweaking the control panel, it’s not difficult to engage with these headphones. Buying these earbuds prompts a minimal unboxing experience, as Sennheiser doesn’t support additional accessories. All that’s provided are the Earbuds, Charging Case, and USC-C Charging Cable. Per the standard with genuinely wireless headphones, there are 4x silicone ear tips available.

Reviews that received early access to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Earbuds determined that the available features are worst the associated costs. Athletic reviewers noted that these headphones didn’t fall out of their ears under any conditions. Notes on this product expressed that the IPX4 Rating enabled these headphones to overcome swear, water, and dust. This means consumers purchasing these earbuds will receive prolonged usage out of them.


One strong point with genuinely wireless headphones is their associated charging case. What materials are being used? How much additional battery life is supported? When it applies to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Earbuds, used materials include metallic plastics and magnetic charging coils. It’ll ensure that the charging case can sustain various weather conditions. The length of battery supported with the SMTW2 Charging Case is 3x the life of the headphones. Consumers wanting to purchase this product can pre-order it from Best Buy, with the earbuds being shipped by May 1st.

Twitter CEO Donates $1 Billion to Fight COVID-19

The Founder of Twitter announced that $1 Billion would be donated towards tackling the global coronavirus pandemic. This donation accounts for 28% of the total wealth obtained by Jack Dorsey, showing that not all billionaires are selfish and will donate a substantial portion of their funds for the greater good. Dorsey confirmed this donation through Twitter, with some questioning if it’s genuinely viable. Details on where these significant funds would be donated weren’t mentioned. This is considerably odd when a donation of this nature assists with your philanthropist profile.

The Start Small Foundation will distribute the various funds associated with Jack Dorsey’s donation. They provided minimal details on where these funds will be provided. It was confirmed that a percentage of the $1 billion would be used towards personal protective equipment and ventilator masks. Considering that North America and Europe have limited access to these products, Dorsey’s involvement will become praised. Additional donations could follow by Jack auctioning off a percentage of his shares with Square, which he founded years after creating Twitter.

It should be mentioned that Jack Dorsey will be selling these shares over a prolonged period. The valuation of this donation can fluctuate depending on stock & share prices associated with Twitter or Square. Whatever funds remain after the coronavirus pandemic has concluded will be used towards Education & Research on Girl’s Health. All these confirmations were made through Twitter in a Six-Part Thread. These donations would allow Jack Dorsey to see a community impact for women throughout his lifetime.

Public Tracking

Those disputing that Jack Dorsey is donating 28% of his net wealth are incorrect. The Twitter CEO released Google Documents that’ll allow for millions worldwide to track donations in a public manner. Considering that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO & Founder of Facebook, has committed the minimum of $30 million, some are questioning why he’d provide so little in comparison to Jack Dorsey. Zuckerberg donates less than Jeff Bezos, who gave $100 Million to US Food Banks. The Apple Corporation hasn’t done anything to assist North America with the COVID-19 pandemic.

FCC Stopping Robo and Scam Calls

The United States Federal Communications Commission announced that telecommunication providers would be required to implement the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols by June 2021. This requirement follows after the regulation was created two years back, which aimed towards deflecting the various robotic calls that come from the Middle East. This extended towards blocking phone numbers that hid their identification. Corporations like Samsung have abided by the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols. However, telecommunication providers like Verizon and Sprint haven’t adopted these measures. It’s allowed for an influx of these calls to be maintained. However, that’ll change by next summer.

Law enforcement agencies across the United States have struggled to combat these robotic calls or illegal scam artists from the Middle East or China. Spammers continually express that individuals will be arrested by local law enforcement if they don’t provide their Social Insurance Number and hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s anticipated that these fraudulent calls see American citizens lose $10 billion yearly. Telecommunication carriers have been pressured into adopting these protocols or receiving significant fines. The legislation didn’t force these protocols to be implemented, that is until April 1st. June 20th, 2021 marks the final date that carriers don’t have to abide by the STIR/SHAKEN Legislation. Refusal afters will prompt significant fines and potential closures of services for a prolonged period.

The Federal Communications Commission stated that American Citizens have become annoyed with the increasing number of scam calls. However, they mentioned that the Caller ID Authentication System implemented by Samsung and Google had been a significant step towards limiting these calls. The Apple Company hasn’t created a CIDA System, with them believing it falls onto the telecommunication providers. Most have agreed with Apple’s remarks.

The Traced Act

April 1st marked the date that Congress passed legislation proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Named the Traced Act, it required that telecommunication carriers abide by the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols. FCC Representatives have suggested that these providers begin creating CIDA Systems and testing them on their networks. Waiting until the last moment could prompt severe fines against these mobile carriers, with the highest figure exceeding $500 Million. This is because American consumers are losing their life savings to these scammers.