Ford is Manufacturing Ventilator Masks Amidst Covid-19

The Ford Company shocked supporters & analysts when it was confirmed that they’ve partnered with General Electric. This partnership extends to 3M, with the three corporations compiling their inventories to developer ventilator masks. This follows after the global coronavirus pandemic, which has seen a short supply of these products worldwide. Additional car manufacturers assisting the medical community includes General Motors and Tesla. It should be noted that all three manufacturers have limited their production of automotive vehicles and parts following the pandemic.

This announcement comes at a significant moment in the fight against Covid-19. Infections globally are skyrocketing, especially across the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Medical experts and volunteers require increased volumes of protective equipment. Multiple individuals in the medical community have passed away from Covid-19 for not having the required equipment. However, there are individuals in the American Government that believe assistance from the private sector won’t be enough to battle Covid-19. Millions of citizens across North America require medical equipment for their safety as well. This prompted Andrew Cuomo to demand that the federal government intervene, which Donald Trump ignored.

Ford’s Assistance

The Ford Company confirmed that they’d be increasing the output volumes associated with General Electric and 3M. Development of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators will be improved drastically, with designs being recreated to ensure PAPRs can be fitted within seconds. Technologies from Ford’s Cooled Seating, HEPA Air Filters, Portable Battery Packs and Power Tools will be provided to 3M. The Ford Company did mention that designing these new PAPRs has been challenging, with next-generation technologies have to be implemented. Designers are nearly complete with production slated to begin by March 30th.

Ford’s assistance with General Electric applies to their Health Care Division. Technologic analysts with Ford will work towards designing a simpler ventilator. These products could be products at dozens of manufacturing sites owned by Ford, which extends to additional facilities maintained by General Electric. The Ford Company didn’t provide further details. Ventilators and Respirators are both in short supply globally; the assistance of Ford could change those volumes drastically. Production volumes of the PAPRs and Ventilators will be delayed, as most manufacturing workforces are currently self-isolating at home. Don’t expect these products until April 20th or later.

Hardware Specifications for PS5 Released

Minimal details regarding the hardware specifications with the Sony PlayStation Five have been released. After Microsoft confirmed their respective specifications on March 17th, the Sony Company was forced to announce their next-generation consoles details. These consoles were expected to release this holiday season, with potential delays now following amidst the coronavirus.

Official documents from Sony indicate that the PlayStation Five will support a specialized Eight-Core AMD Zen 2 CPU, which will be clocked at 3.5GHz. There’ll also be a customized GPU operated through the AMD RDNA Two Architecture-Hardware. This will enable 10.28 Teraflops, with an additional 36 Computing Units at a clocked 2.23GHz. Consumer benefits for gaming include GDDR6 Ram at 16GB, with an 825GB SSD Hard drive. This combination will allow for substantially larger worlds with increased details and faster loading times. The gameplay is expected to be seamless by this generation cycles Mid-Lifespan.

SSD Storage Details

One of the most notable technical updates surrounding the PlayStation Five had been rumoured online. It’d been speculated that Sony would switch over to SSD Storage, which ensures that loading times are faster. Previously a Spider-Man PS4 Demo was run through the PlayStation Five. It loaded in milliseconds in comparison to the eight it takes with the PlayStation Four. Additionally, simulated speed enhancements enabled for the PS5 to traverse the full New York City environment without any delays. This is something that wouldn’t be possible with modern-day consoles.

When asked for additional details regarding the SSD Storage, the PlayStation Five Hardware Lead provided insight. Mark Cerny noted that the PlayStation Four could load a single gigabyte of data in twenty seconds. Their improvements with SSD Storage allow for 5GBs to be loaded in a 1-Second. When comparing their rate-of-speed to the Xbox Series X, PlayStation Five looks to be the dominating platform.

Additional Memory Support

It should be mentioned that the PlayStation Five won’t support SSD Storage exclusively. USB Hard Drives with HDD or SSD architectures. When using the HDD Method, gamers will receive the slower load times mentioning above. However, these expandable options enable consumers to use the Backward-Compatibility Feature. Those wanting to purchase the PS5 can expect a price tag of $500.00 or more.

Alphabet Sends Google Employees Home

The Alphabet Corporation, the parent company behind Google, has demanded that all North American Employees remain home moving forward. This decision has been accomplished to decrease the spread of COVID-19. This follows after the Google Company provided memos to Washington Staff, informing them that it’s best to remain home and work in isolated conditions going forward. This demand has now extended to 100 thousand works throughout eleven offices in Canada and the United States. The Alphabet Corporation made this decision following the increase of confirmed cases in America, which has nearly exceeded a thousand.

The Vice President of Global Security for Google released this emailed memo to thousands of employees across North America. Chris Rackow expressed that due to an abundance of caution, it’s been determined by Alphabet that the broader Google community and their employees should be isolated at home. The email also noted that regular work routines would be implemented within safer conditions. It should be noted that the North American Google offices will remain open for individuals that require the services within these facilities. Those individuals will be required to wear protective gear while within the confines of Google’s offices.

Global Office Closures

Tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Twitter have informed their respective employees within Seattle to remain home going forward. This was also accomplished to limit exposure throughout Washington State, with more than 160 confirmed cases since March 9th. There are substantial amounts of cases within New York and California, with Alphabet experiencing confirmed cases within their offices in these cities. This extended to Facebook and Amazon, with both companies experiencing a singular employee with the confirmed COVID-19 strain.

Apple has been more limited in their protection efforts, with Tim Cook expressing that employees should work remotely throughout several global offices. This means that there’ll still be an influx of Apple Employees working in a confined space. When it applies to the Twitter Corporation, they’ve informed their employees to remain home and work under safer conditions. It should be noted that these tech companies have shut down offices in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. It follows after the government implemented mandatory “Working from Home” conditions for capable individuals. Factory workers aren’t allowed to leave their homes in these nations, prompted zero working conditions.

Amazon CEO Donates to Climate Change

Financial experts were shocked when the chief executive officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced that he’d donate $10 billion towards fighting climate change. Considered the world’s wealthiest man on paper, he’s made this decision to further Amazon’s growth alongside environmental organizations. Bezos wants to explore a new avenue for greener production with Amazon, while also locating new tools to deconstruct climate change. This announcement was provided through his Instagram Account, where he noted that funds would be donated by Summer 2020.

Jeff Bezos has the most substantial net-worth of any billionaire, with him regularly competing against Bill Gates for top placement. Bezos holds USD 130 Billion to his name, with this donation accounting for 8% of his significant fortune. Financial experts estimate that it’ll take less than six months for this figure to be returned to his existing financial wealth.

Amazon Employees, Activist Groups and Environmental Experts was implored Jeff Bezos to assist with climate change. There have been regularly employee walkouts regarding his unfriendly-environmental conditions at Amazon Production Facilities. Activist groups have protested outside the Amazon headquarters multiple times, and Staff has revealed company secrets as vindictive repercussions. Jeff Bezos has been reluctant to assist with climate change, often fighting these groups or his employees until their defeated or fired. After continuous backlash and his growing concern towards climate change, Bezos has begun helping towards humanity’s most horrendous fight to date.

Limited Philanthropy

The unsatisfactory nature of Jeff Bezos has been shown multiple times to public customers. Before this announced donation, the highest amount that he’d donated was $2 Billion to education and homeless families. This was provided more than seventeen months ago, indicating that Bezos ignores a great deal of the worldwide problems facing his customers. It’s prompted for him to be criticized multiple times by Humanitarian’s, with the most substantial criticism coming when he refused to sign the “Giving Pledge Program” from Bill Gates.

This would’ve seen Jeff Bezos provide half his fortune throughout their lifetimes, with nearly every billionaire worldwide in democratic nations signing up for this program. Since that moment, Jeff Bezos has been somewhat shunned from the billionaire community. His exile from this community increased when it was revealed he’d cheated on his wife, forcing him to give her a substantial portion of his previous fortune. It’s expected that Bezos will be asked to join the program again in 2025, with the second group is enlisted into “Giving Pledge”.

Motorola Razr Decimated by Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

February 11th marked an important date for Samsung’s history, with the company releasing their flagship lineup of smartphones for the 2020 fiscal year. This included three variations of the S20 and the Galaxy Z Flip, with the most popular of the four handsets being the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s been longer than 15+ years that Samsung has been manufacturing mobile handsets, with their most recent being luxurious and visually outstanding. This applies extensively to the S20 Ultra and Z Flip, which cost more than $1,300.00 each for their specialized features and luxurious design.

The most shocking surprise from Samsung’s unexpected event was the build quality behind the Galaxy Z Flip, with multiple critics providing praise to the tech conglomerate for their manufacturing process. When compared to the recently updated Motorola Razr, the Galaxy Z Flip dominated over its primary competitor. Samsung has implemented high-grade specs, with a premium phone build quality and folding mechanics that can handle upwards of 200+ thousand folds. Both these flip-phones are concerning for most consumers, with them, worrying that handsets will break after short usage. Samsung guarantees 5+ years of usage, with a technical 10+ supported.

Motorola Loses to Samsung

The hands-on impressions regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip shouldn’t be taken seriously. Consumers on the fence with this product are best to wait one month and see the various reviews from YouTube critics. This will provide better insight regarding the prolonged build quality and sustainability of this handset. Regardless, most critics are telling customers to select Samsung’s flip-phone over Motorola’s.

It’s because the Motorola Razr has a plastic screen at standard 1080p, with downgraded specs and weaker folding mechanics. The cost for Motorola’s device is additionally more expensive at $1,500.00 and aesthetically isn’t as pleasing. Subsequently, it’s safe to assume that Motorola has lost the 2020 flip-phone battle. There’s a minimal chance that they’ll recover throughout the 2021 fiscal year, with Samsung confirming that the Z Flip series will be an annually released product.

In-Depths Reviews regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are available on YouTube today. We recommend our readers engage with the Unbox Therapy and MKHBD channels to receive the most honest assessments. Regardless of what anybody thinks with Samsung’s newest flip-phone, it’s considerably better than the 2019 Galaxy Fold. This device became famous for poor build quality and an un-usable form factor.

FoxNext Games Being Sold

The Disney Corporation announced on Friday that it would move ahead with the sale of its FoxNext Games to a developer that is based in Culver City. The announcements comes on the heels of the Walt Disney Company altering their Fox holdings while attempting to sell the company. Included within the structure of the sale is the two contracts currently in progress at FoxNext, with these allowing Culver Cities Scopely to operate FoxNet and Cold Iron Studios.

The terms of the sale and its arrangement have not been made public after the U.S authorities cleared the deal earlier this month. The approval of the deal however was announced via a Hart-Scott-Rodino Act note that the Federal Trade Commission released. Last October, Scopely it had arranged $200 million in tactical financing to assist the company meet its business plans objective, and with the acquisition, Scopely saw its evaluation jump to $1.7 billion.

The Chief Revenue Officer at Scopely, Tim O’Brien stated in a media release addressing the acquisition, “We have been hugely impressed with the incredible game the team at FoxNext Games has built with MARVEL Strike Force and can’t wait to see what more we can do together,” said Chief Revenue Officer at Scopely. O’Brian added that in order for the company to grow, they had to be bullish on the expanding of their portfolio and FoxNext perfectly fits with the focus the company has on its goal to deliver an unforgettable game experience.

FoxNext Games President, Aaron Loeb also addressed the sale stating he was proud of the accomplishments that Games has built has achieved that looks forward to joining with Scopely to continue that accomplishments. Adding to the comments of Loeb, FoxNext Games Senior Vice President & General Manage, Amir Rahimi, stated “Both FoxNext Games and Scopely are committed to bringing beloved worlds to life through interactive gaming experiences designed to be played for years to come, and we believe this shared focus, coupled with our businesses’ unique strengths and Scopely’s expertise across multiple game genres, will lead to even greater success in the future.”

Disney Owns Fox

While Disney did not hold on long to Fox Next Games, it did use their resources to change the branding of Century Fox this week and has chosen to change the name to Searchlight images or will use Century Studios. In addition to it selling of its ownership of Fox, the Disney Corporation sold the Fox regional sports programs.

LG Releasing Vehicle Operating System

The LG Corporation confirmed that they’d partnered with Microsoft in September in what will see the two companies work collectively to develop a WebOS for global vehicles. January 2020 marked new developments in that partnership, with two new companies being brought out. The two new partners include Luxoft and Cerence, with the latter being a subsidiary from the Nuance Corporation. Nuance, with the assistance of Cerence, created a complex voice recognition AI. This artificial intelligence would become the iOS 11 Siri. The LG Corporation confirmed that Luxoft and Cerence would work towards creating an enhanced voice assistant.

This Cerence-structured voice assistance will allow consumers to control their vehicles with various demands. This could include a multitude of services like Navigation, Surrounding Security, Autopilot, Multimedia and In-Vehicle Features. There hasn’t been any confirmation when this technology will be publicly released, with it only being noted that pre-packed solutions will come by 2021. The LG Corporation confirmed with this updated announcement that Luxoft would also design a digital cockpit for the WebOS. The cockpit is slated to supporter LG’s upcoming ride-sharing program. It should be noted that the LG Corporation has worked with multiple companies in the development of WebOS. This includes Volkswagen, Qualcomm, iHeartRadio, Sony Pictures and Map Box.

LG Releasing New Wireless Headphones

The LG Corporation provides multiple products to consumers, ranging from televisions to laundry machines. This extends to mobile phones and now, wireless headphones. This information comes after LG confirmed that they’d be releasing their first pair of truly wireless headphones, which will be named the Tone+ Free Sport. This announcement follows suit with similar products issued by the Sony Corporation, Samsung Company and Apple Incorporated. LG provided details regarding what consumers can expect with this headset.

The first thing mentioned for the specifications is that consumers could receive an hour’s length of playtime under a five-minute charge. Fully charging the Tone+ Free Sport will enable six hours of continuous play. Confirmed by released photographs, the charging case supporting these wireless earbuds will maintain a USB-C Port. One of the unique aspects of these headphones, which will surely get numerous consumers to switch over, is the ultraviolet light model. When headphones are charging inside the closed case, an ultraviolet light turns on and begins disinfecting the earbuds. This guarantees that the Tone+ Free Sports will always be clean for athletes. Those wanting to purchase this device in the United States will have to pay $220.00 /with tax.