Sever Upgrades to ESO

Open-world games supporting the MMO format have dwindled in popularity throughout the 2010 – 20 decade. Notable titles like World of Warcraft saw millions of players leave their servers, switching over to Elder Scrolls Online. Today, ESO stands as the most-played and diverse MMO maintained in the video game industry. It’s available on the personal computer, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, this game has faced significant technical difficulties in recent memory. This comes after a boost in popularity, which has prompted issues like framerate glitches and games crashing regularly. There are also consistent slowdown periods in populated areas, even with the highest-grade Ram and Graphic Cards available. Zenimax Online Studios, the developers behind Elder Scrolls Online, confirmed today that numerous patches would be released through 2020 for performance improvements. This confirmation included a scheduled outline for these updates, with the first slated to release in the first financial quarter of 2020.

Update Details

It’s speculated that the first update for Q1 2020 will be released by February or March, with previous instalment dates being the reference point. Update Twenty-Five will improve the character loading capabilities for Elder Scrolls Online, which will extend to the in-game objects and environments. Zenimax Studios in their announced expressed that improvements to combat will be made as well, with framerate enhancements planned as well. The most notable detail in their scheduled outline report noted that multi-threading will be implemented. This will allow ESO to utilize multiple cores with consoles and CPU’s, improving the loading capabilities of this MMO.

Supporters of Elder Scrolls Online should prepare themselves for a significant download size with Update 25. It’ll require that consumers redownload the in-game loading menu. It should be noted that this update will include the next substantial expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, which is slated for the Skyrim Region. This expansion was teased throughout Elsywer, with the Dragonguard being mentioned numerous times. After the 25th update, Zenimax Studios plans to implement downloadable enhancement in the second quarter of 2020. Update 26 will include additional improvements to the framerate, optimization of servers and combat ability improvements.

Play Today

The scheduled outline for updates with ESO in 2020 includes enhancements for Q3 and Q4. However, information regarding those updates hasn’t been expressed by Zenimax. Those wanting to experience Elder Scrolls Online for the 1st time can purchase the game for $30.00 to $150.00 throughout the Xbox, PlayStation of Steam PC marketplaces. Additionally, Zenimax Studios is releasing another version of the game for the Google Stadia.

Types of Software

Software, Hardware, Malware, Firmware, you have heard it all before, but what is it? The software can be broken into two main types, namely; systems software and applications software. These two types of software can be further broken down into subcategories. The general definition of software is; a list of commands and connected documents that instructs a computer on what to do or how to correctly execute a task.

These are created to coordinate and control how the computers hardware functions and are the link between the user and the equipment. Think of how your brain sends messages through the motoneurons to make your fingers move. This is similar, only technologically based. Systems software can be broken into five main categories ranging from OS to Utility.

The Operating System

This embraces the messages transferring from hardware to system programs to applications and back again. Examples include Windows 10, Ubuntu, and Mac OS X. This allows for the transfer of messages from the device to the operating system and applications. Examples include drivers for your mouse, keyboard, soundcard, display card, network card, most of which is included in the package.

The Firmware

This is the operational software embedded in a flash or memory chip for the Operating system to identify and allows control of the device. As its name suggests, it translates machine from high-level to low-level. It also simplifies software developers’ tasks by naming syntax errors, providing diagnostic reports and allocating storage.

This makes sure that drivers and applications function at best levels. It sits between system and app software. It performs diagnostics and maintenance, and tasks include defragmentation and securing crucial data. Examples include antivirus, disk partition services, file compressors, firewalls, and data backup.

Application Software

Application software is software used to execute specific tasks and is used to manipulate digits, including numbers, letters as well as graphics. It is generally created for the end-user and can also be known as end-user programs. They include applications for databasing, web browsing and word processing amongst others. There are many types of application software; they will be listed below:

  • Word Processing Software like Notepad and MS Word
  • Database Software like MS Access
  • Spreadsheet Software like Apple Numbers or Google Sheets
  • Media Playing Software like Keynotes
  • Educational software like Encarta and Google Earth
  • Application Suites like Microsoft Office
  • Simulation software like flight simulators
  • Application software usually needs to be installed on your device; otherwise, it will need access to the internet.

Final words

All things computing can be confusing for many people, so don’t feel alone. Once broken down and analysed, the terminology is easier to understand. And if it still doesn’t make sense, you have the world wide web at your fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence and the effect it will have on Jobs

It is a common belief that the introduction of Artificial Intelligence will leave many people all over the world jobless. However, advancement in technology should generate more job opportunities.

Yes, a lot of people in certain positions will be replaced by automation, but experts in this field say there is no need to worry. On the horizon, they foresee the 4th industrial revolution. One that will see technology creating occupational shifts allowing for more job opportunities.

One report suggests that over 5000 000 jobs will be threatened for over seven years due to smart robots. Another forecast is the impact on the banking sector, with two-thirds of jobs being replaced by robots. Some belief a world with humans not able to compete economically is implausible.

Think of it this way, who will be needed in the mass production, development, design, and coding of such intelligence. The idea of artificial intelligence is not to replace people but to assist them in providing a higher level of labour. It is believed that more companies will pop up like on-demand digital companies and these businesses will need humans as well as robots to perform at higher skill levels.

Unemployment levels are currently approximately 27% in South Africa. A smart move for those in school, deciding on a direction of study would be to consider a career in IT strongly.

How AI will and is reshaping the workforce

  • The hiring process – recruiters and HR departments are using AI-backed tools to perfect the hiring process for all involved.
  • Administrative Tasks – there are AI, personal assistants, to schedule, reschedule, shuffle, and cancel meetings. A rather tedious job that consumes a lot of precious time, when trying to organise this yourself.
  • Internal communications – some AI’s translate during conference calls allowing people of different languages to speak to and understand each other.
  • Customer Service, Marketing and Sales – I’m sure you have seen the speech bubble of some chatbots pop up on individual sites while scrolling the net, these AI-powered bots learn from real people allowing them to answer questions as accurately as if you were chatting to an actual customer service rep.
  • Training – artificial intelligence training tools “observe” how employees execute tasks. These can then coach new employees or suggest better ways to do things for current employees.
  • Analysis of data – Artificial Intelligence-powered programs can analyse and make sense of collected data and display or report it in a way that is easy to understand. This aids in and speeds up decision making.
  • Security – banks all over the world are making use of AI to detect activity on your accounts that seem fraudulent or out of the ordinary. Sometimes they know before you do that someone has tried to use your card in other areas of the world.
  • Productivity – this is probably one section where AI is making the most impact. With AI completing the mundane tasks that use to be imposed on workers, their time is freed up to complete the essential functions and grow their ideas.

IOS 12 vs Android Pie

Throughout branding history, there have been wars within similar markets to be the brand that resonates in the minds of the people, generating and cementing brand loyalty. Like Coca-Cola vs Pepsi or Toyota vs Volkswagen, the mobile software war is between Android and iOS, but it purely boils down to what you as a consumer prefer. We’ll take a look at a few differences, and the rest is left for you to decide. No matter which software you prefer, the fact is that each Operating System offers similar features, and each has its unique features that will appeal to different walks of life. Google is renowned for naming its operating systems after sweet treats, remember the rollout of Android KitKat, Marshmallow or Oreo? Well, Google has now sweetened the pot with Pie. Apple’s iOS 12 focuses on execution and system optimization, as well as a few other fascinating features, let’s look at some other differences.

Revised and updated Software and Performance

Google announced Project Treble in 2017, which was part of the update of Oreo. This initiative was in aid of speeding up update roll out to answer the cries of their consumers with regards to the slow releases of updates. Apple, however, focused on ensuring the recent iOS 12 doesn’t cause the older models to freeze or lag. They too were listening to the reports from their consumers as their past updates had this effect on the aged devices.

AR – Augmented Reality

Apple is focused heavily on their AR Software, ARKit. There are many apps in the Apple app store that allow your phone to incorporate your real world, while Google lacks in the same department. Android’s AR Software is called ARCore but doesn’t boast many practical AR Apps. Can only guess which operating system will be best for playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The Assistants

Siri is becoming more intelligent with the iOS 12 update; she is more observant to your likes and habits. She now makes suggestions and offers shortcuts based on your routines, the need for matrimony, and at least you can turn Siri off, your spouse will advise, guide and backseat drive until the end of your time together on this planet.

Facial Recognition

Google now boasts that Android Pie has a biometrics API that is on par with Apple Face ID. With this software, like Apples Face ID, you can unlock your phone and approve purchases etc. along with as your phone supports the software. The newer model iPhones have said goodbye to fingerprint scanning and instead use their facial recognition software, and like the Google software, this allows the user to unlock their phones and authorize purchases on the App Store.

Let us Conclude

Apple and Google are most definitely stepping up their game as can be seen by the updates that considered their users. The competition between these market leaders is a healthy one as we all benefit from more secure, speedier and less pretentious products.

Poker Pro Must-Have Gadgets

If you know a poker pro and it is time to buy gifts, there are plenty of options, especially if you think in terms of the best gadgets focussed on casinos. The awards include some devices, others are purely fun items, while all the gift suggestions are perfect for casinos enthusiasts and you could become a favourite as you gift would be precisely what this person desire.

The book called Texas Hold’Em is like many others part of the books for dummies range; it offers valuable information. This book provides all the rules of the card game, and it features some neat tricks. It is a great gift that can give the player with everything needed to control both the game and their decisions in a whole new way at the table.

Money Clip

Money clip called the No Limit Texas Hold’Em, this is for the winner, and the clip holds the player’s money. There are several ways in putting the money into the clip, and one of these is to roll it up, regardless of how it is used, the money clips are a great idea.

Spinner Guard

The spinner card guard is a weighted spinner loved by all card players, and it could mean that the birthday man stands out from his rivals by owning one of these. It shows that you believe they are a pro and the spinner guard their cards.

Remote Control and Keyring

Send your favourite person to the casino with a keychain, and they will remember during their game that you want them to win. No poker player ever has enough time to play as many poker hands as he/she wishes, and with the pocket digital poker game in their pocket, they never have to stop playing. It is also an excellent gift for the beginner as they get to learn the game in their own time.

Poker Chips and Deck of Plastic Cards

A deck of cards is what attracts this person to the casino in the first place, so if you buy a pack of plastic cards, your gift offers more playtime. The award is affordable, and it can last a lifetime, unlike paper cards. Poker chips are a great addition to the plastic deck as it enables the poker fan to conduct their games. Setting up the ultimate game would require both chips and a deck of cards.

Online Casino Play

Remote control for an online poker room, this is for sure a must-have gadget as the player gets to control the game via the remote. No need to be at the computer, play from anywhere in the room. Cash is not always an excellent or very creative gift, but if you add it to any poker players online bankroll, things could change in your favour as the gift could turn into massive winnings. The best part of a player’s day can enjoy the best casino entertainment so you can either book a day to the nearest casino or get snacks and cheer him or her on as they play at an online casino.