China Removes All Privacy from Citizens

The Chinese Government has the infamous reputation for being against the standard freedoms of its people. It was only this year that the one-child policy was removed and increased to a two-child maximum. New guidelines that were approved in September has officially gone into effect this December. These new laws require that Chinese Citizens purchasing a new cellular device must provide their facial recognition scans. This has come with significant backlash on a global scale, with the Chinese Government unthreatened.

All cellular providers with physical stores in China now have facial recognition booths, where Chinese Citizens will have to comply with a 360-degree scan. Refusal means the product cannot be purchased. The Chinese Government claims that this technology is being used to implement better safety mechanisms for citizens nationwide. However, most are claiming that the Chinese Government and these cellular providers will sell facial scans to third-party corporations. This completely goes against all forms of privacy and against the Geneva Conventions Human Rights Standards, which China doesn’t obey as a communist regime.

China Citizens purchasing cellular devices or SIM Cards already must provide their passport and identity cards over to telecommunication corporations. These same corporations were illegally scanning customers faces last year, with the Chinese Government not arresting one individual connected to these telecommunication providers. After the backlash against these illegal actions began nationwide, it didn’t take long for the Chinese Government to implement new legislation. Furthermore, Facial Recognition is already used in all aspects of Chinese Life. Middle Schools, Public Transport, Concert Venues, Workplaces, Public Malls and nearly every street nationwide uses AI-Facial Recognition.

Human Right Advocates

There are those in China who refuse to stand idly by as the Government takes more of their natural human rights away. Protests in China have increased with the recent uprise in Hong Kong. Numerous Human Right Advocate Groups have claimed that China is a dystopian surveillance state that watches over each citizen, believing that everyone is out to get them or is either a criminal. The strange and horrendous this is, these Human Right Advocate Groups aren’t incorrect with their statements. Numerous Chinese Citizens have expressed their concerns regarding the state’s privacy laws and human right standards. Unfortunately, going to far against the Chinese Government will mean that you’ll disappear from records. That’s the struggle of living inside a communist regime; nobody has a democratic say over what happens.