Coca Cola Pakistan Fined Rs 100,000 For Substandard Product

Coca Cola Pakistan has recently been fined Rs 100,000 by a consumer court in Sialkot due to substandard bottling and packaging. The fine is to be deposited in the State Treasury within a period of one month.

The complaint filed against Coca Cola alleges that a cockroach was found inside a seal packed 1.5 litre bottle of Sprite (a product of the Coca Cola Company) purchased from the canteen of Sialkot Medical Complex. The aim of the complaint was to punish the beverage manufacturer for violating the provisions of the Punjab Consumer Protection Act, 2005.

Coca Cola has contested this complaint on the grounds that it is a renowned multinational company that manufactures the world’s largest selling beverage and thus there are several fake versions of Coca Cola and Sprite in the market trying to pass off as the genuine product. The company also pleaded that  the presence of a cockroach in a genuine sealed bottle may well be a concocted and fabricated story. However, after examining the evidence the court ruled that the defective Sprite bottle was in fact manufactured and supplied in the market by Coca Cola without adopting due care and caution.

Find more details about the case here.