Coca Cola Urges Pakistanis, Indians To Love Thy Neighbors

On March 2013, Coca Cola’s current ad campaign debuted in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India with a state of the art live feed streaming of two strangers joining hands.

Coke’s ‘Small World Machines’ aimed to bring Pakistani and Indian neighbors face to face, not with frowns but with smiles.

People on opposite sides of divergent borders were able to communicate with each other about love, peace and happiness, made possible by the touchscreen technology in these Coca Cola vending machines. The vending machines were placed in malls of Lahore and Delhi where tracing a heart, peace sign or smiley face between two people or even more would give them a free Coca Cola.

The concept of this ad campaign was to bring together people that are just a border away but are worlds apart due to political conflict and geographical tensions. Considering the need for a friendlier relationship between two conflicted nations, Coca Cola’s Small World’s Machines have been innovative in breaking barriers. Curiosity would bring people forward to try this machine that can introduce you to a person beyond your perimeters. Some would come forward just to get a free Coke, but one has to look at a face behind the free soft drink. It gives a sense of getting handed a drink by a friend or host, which is a universal tradition when one visits a friend or relative’s home… or even a neighbor’s.

It is a strong initiative taken by Coca Cola to promote interaction between two conflict riddled countries. Expanding it towards other cities and shopping malls should be the next step. It brings the idea that with a sip of coke, you can meet somebody without even having to say a word. A gesture is enough.