Coffee Planet Hosts Coffee Mob For Facebook Foodies In Lahore

Pakistan’s first ever ‘coffee mob’ took place at local cafe Coffee Planet in Lahore earlier this month. The event was hosted specifically for the Facebook group ‘Foodies R Us’.

The Coffee Planet staff welcomed the guests into the three storied café where on the left one could browse through the Coffee Planet merchandise shelved neatly, and on the right a coffee bar offered filtered and brewed coffees for coffee lovers.

Food enthusiast Asad Sheikh talked about the ‘Foodies R Us’ group and the coffee mob being held, saying: “Foodies R Us has a membership of more than 1,100. We are foodies from all around Pakistan and in the group we simply celebrate our passion – that is food. As for the coffee mob at Coffee Planet, it’s all about the café proving its mettle to us food enthusiasts. We have gathered here for the tasting of the Coffee Planet products that it’s offering to us at discounted rates for today.”

“We will be arranging coffee mobs in other cafés around Lahore in coming weeks as we seek to comparatively rate the coffee places around us, giving others our valued advice” he added.

The coffees offered for tasting included Syphron, B 360, Mocha Master and Aero press, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino as well as flavored coffees including English Toffee, French Vanilla and Nutty Coffee flavors. Snacks offered for the coffee mob included Cadbury cupcakes, Butterscotch cupcakes, Walnut Brownies and Fudgy Brownies.

Members of a biker group of Lahore also showed up at the mob to enjoy the discounted deals being offered.

Enjoying the jovial ambiance, CEO Coffee Planet Kashif Anwar talked about the coffee mob as he greeted guests. “The outcome of the coffee mob is really good. Guests keep on coming in and with minutes still left on the clock, I assume the visits will be going over 200. We are receiving great reviews by the foodies of the invited group, and we look forward to other such food enthusiasts approaching Coffee Planet to taste our line of coffees and snacks”.