Commuting Services Implement COVID-19 Protocols

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced corporations worldwide to rethink their protocols to ensure customer safety. This is challenging when facing an enemy that’s invisible and widely spread. However, companies like Greyhound and Uber have moved forward with their latest protocols. This includes requiring commuters to wear Masks and apply Hand Sanitizer before entering the vehicle. Passengers will be refused to enter Greyhound Busses, Uber Taxis, and Lyft Taxis if they’re seen not wearing masks or applying the Hand Sanitizer.

Greyhound will begin these requirements starting on May 13th, with their protocols applying towards the United States of America and Canada. Their announcement of the new sanitary conditions was made on May 6th, revealing that these protocols will help limit the spread of COVID-19. Considering that Greyhound busses are condensed areas where civilians engage in close-contact for prolonged periods, these requirements are essential to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t continue to spread nationwide. Minimal exceptions are being provided to this ruling, with civilians required to have medical conditions that don’t allow for face masks to be worn.

When questioned by news outlets on why COVID-19 was cited for their reasoning towards this decision, PR Representatives quoted the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention. It’s been proven that wearing masks is beneficial for civilians.

Uber and Lyft Face Serious Losses

There are millions worldwide still working for Uber or Lyft, two companies that operate in the computing industry. Both implemented new measures similar to Greyhound, requiring those demanding “Rides” to wear masks or scarves before entering vehicles. Hand Sanitizer is also recommended but not a requirement.

Both companies made this decision after the United States Government approved “Shelter-In-Place Orders”, which enables the country to begin reopening. Most have backlashed against this decision as America surpasses one million confirmed cases. Uber and Lyft feel this is the best known method towards protection. Considering that social distancing isn’t possible inside these small vehicles, wearing face masks will save lives. It should be noted that face masks have become a requirement for essential workers in the United States, with this extending towards Canada. These demands wouldn’t be issued unless wearing face masks was substantially beneficial.