Dell Announces New Product Range.

The Dell Company unveiled multiple products for 2020-21, including unexpected announcements that show this brand is trying to modernize through the Post-COVID Era. Included in their product unveiling was a Gaming PC, Gaming Laptop, Curved 4K Monitor Display, RGB Keyboard, and RBG Mouse. Their announcements show an evident move towards the PC Gaming Marketspace, meaning Dell is minimizing their involvement with Office Computers.

Financial statistics regarding the Dell Company indicate a downward spiral for this brand over the last two decades. Previously the powerhouse manufacturer of personal computers, Dell would inevitably be outpaced by competing brands like Hewlett-Packard and Apple. Locating PCs & Laptops manufactured from Dell Architecture is challenging for retail shoppers, with dedicated supporters of this brand forced into purchasing various models through online stores.

Similar measures must be enforced for consumers wanting to inquire about any PC Gaming Products from Dell Computers. The 2020 Lineup for Dell Computers comprises of two updated G7 Laptops. An immediate difference is the slimmer components used with the 2020 Edition of these gaming laptops, which come in 15” and 17” models. It should be mentioned that “Premium Materials” are being implemented in the G7 Laptop – 2020 Edition. This included Military-Grade Metals & Plastics, which results in formidable resistance if this laptop is dropped below 10ft.

Gamers familiar with the Dell Computer Company praised their design studio for the specification components implemented into the G7 Laptop – 2020 Edition. Consumers purchasing this computer obtain the 10th Generation Intel i9 CPU, which is matched with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 MaxQ Graphics Card. This combination creates graphic capabilities that can sustain the next generation of consoles, or the next five to eight years.

The Cost

The Dell Computer Company has released the G7 Laptop – 2020 Edition to various online retailers. The base-line model costs $1,430.00 plus tax. Obtaining the premium edition of the G7 Laptop will run customers more than $3,000.00 with taxes included. The associated cost shows that Dell is moving towards the premium space & providing high-scale products that can sustain long lifespans. It’s an exclusive product for dedicated gamers that want to go above & beyond the norm.