FCC Stopping Robo and Scam Calls

The United States Federal Communications Commission announced that telecommunication providers would be required to implement the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols by June 2021. This requirement follows after the regulation was created two years back, which aimed towards deflecting the various robotic calls that come from the Middle East. This extended towards blocking phone numbers that hid their identification. Corporations like Samsung have abided by the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols. However, telecommunication providers like Verizon and Sprint haven’t adopted these measures. It’s allowed for an influx of these calls to be maintained. However, that’ll change by next summer.

Law enforcement agencies across the United States have struggled to combat these robotic calls or illegal scam artists from the Middle East or China. Spammers continually express that individuals will be arrested by local law enforcement if they don’t provide their Social Insurance Number and hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s anticipated that these fraudulent calls see American citizens lose $10 billion yearly. Telecommunication carriers have been pressured into adopting these protocols or receiving significant fines. The legislation didn’t force these protocols to be implemented, that is until April 1st. June 20th, 2021 marks the final date that carriers don’t have to abide by the STIR/SHAKEN Legislation. Refusal afters will prompt significant fines and potential closures of services for a prolonged period.

The Federal Communications Commission stated that American Citizens have become annoyed with the increasing number of scam calls. However, they mentioned that the Caller ID Authentication System implemented by Samsung and Google had been a significant step towards limiting these calls. The Apple Company hasn’t created a CIDA System, with them believing it falls onto the telecommunication providers. Most have agreed with Apple’s remarks.

The Traced Act

April 1st marked the date that Congress passed legislation proposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Named the Traced Act, it required that telecommunication carriers abide by the STIR/SHAKEN Protocols. FCC Representatives have suggested that these providers begin creating CIDA Systems and testing them on their networks. Waiting until the last moment could prompt severe fines against these mobile carriers, with the highest figure exceeding $500 Million. This is because American consumers are losing their life savings to these scammers.