Ford is Manufacturing Ventilator Masks Amidst Covid-19

The Ford Company shocked supporters & analysts when it was confirmed that they’ve partnered with General Electric. This partnership extends to 3M, with the three corporations compiling their inventories to developer ventilator masks. This follows after the global coronavirus pandemic, which has seen a short supply of these products worldwide. Additional car manufacturers assisting the medical community includes General Motors and Tesla. It should be noted that all three manufacturers have limited their production of automotive vehicles and parts following the pandemic.

This announcement comes at a significant moment in the fight against Covid-19. Infections globally are skyrocketing, especially across the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Medical experts and volunteers require increased volumes of protective equipment. Multiple individuals in the medical community have passed away from Covid-19 for not having the required equipment. However, there are individuals in the American Government that believe assistance from the private sector won’t be enough to battle Covid-19. Millions of citizens across North America require medical equipment for their safety as well. This prompted Andrew Cuomo to demand that the federal government intervene, which Donald Trump ignored.

Ford’s Assistance

The Ford Company confirmed that they’d be increasing the output volumes associated with General Electric and 3M. Development of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators will be improved drastically, with designs being recreated to ensure PAPRs can be fitted within seconds. Technologies from Ford’s Cooled Seating, HEPA Air Filters, Portable Battery Packs and Power Tools will be provided to 3M. The Ford Company did mention that designing these new PAPRs has been challenging, with next-generation technologies have to be implemented. Designers are nearly complete with production slated to begin by March 30th.

Ford’s assistance with General Electric applies to their Health Care Division. Technologic analysts with Ford will work towards designing a simpler ventilator. These products could be products at dozens of manufacturing sites owned by Ford, which extends to additional facilities maintained by General Electric. The Ford Company didn’t provide further details. Ventilators and Respirators are both in short supply globally; the assistance of Ford could change those volumes drastically. Production volumes of the PAPRs and Ventilators will be delayed, as most manufacturing workforces are currently self-isolating at home. Don’t expect these products until April 20th or later.