FulFill Her Dream With An Empty Olper’s Pack

A brand with a social conscience is an engaging approach towards a broad target audience. Olper’s is one of those brands, whose ongoing ‘Fulfill Her Dream’ campaign this Ramadan has made waves on social media platforms. The company’s advertising campaign connects the consumer with another human being in need of assistance. All they needs to do is to submit an empty Olper’s milk product to one of its outlets.

In terms of marketing, the concept has been developed according to a simple case of demand and supply: in our society, there is a demand to empower underprivileged women and Olper’s has supplied a way to do it.

With prior analysis of various brands incorporating principles of Ramadan into their TVCs or print ads, Olper’s has guaranteed to support impoverished women to stand up on their own two feet. The TVC by JWT is a beautiful representation of each province of Pakistan and its people. It communicates Olper’s initiative to mobilize its brand and spread it around remote areas where it is most required.

By embracing the spirit of Ramadan, Olper’s promotes brand representatives such as Tina Sani and Faryal Gohar who give a voice to Olper’s social cause. Ikram, Farhana, Zeenat and Rehana are a few of many who struggle for livelihood and hope for a brighter future for themselves, their siblings and children. It is enough motivation for a few empty packs of Olper’s to be donated to selected outlets.

The effect of this donation is that a team by Olper’s is organized around the rural areas of Sindh and Punjab which would train women there to rear livestock and learn milk production. A comprehensive understanding of Olper’s Fulfill Her Dream campaign can be read here.

Olper’s has reached out on major social platforms in Pakistan such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs to promote the campaign of giving. The brand has even created a Cover Maker app on Facebook for social media users to upload on their cover page (one can access the app once the Olper’s Facebook page has been liked).

The main feature of this campaign is the ease of giving: Thanks to Olper’s, a good deed is just an empty pack away.