Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone Xs Max

With the latest releases being available yet again, we see some amazing new features with huge processing power from Samsung and iPhone. As many of you know, iPhones don’t change very often when it comes to design, but the iPhone X (10) has become the new desire for users from around the world, especially with the huge screen on a smaller device and the impressive face recognition features that completely removes the need for a home button.

The phone also introduced some annoying features such as the nudge at the top of the screen and not having access to a headphone jack, but for most, these aren’t deal breakers and the rest have the impressive Samsung Galaxy Nope 9 options to consider. Well, that’s until Apple presented their iPhone Xs Max, giving you an even bigger screen and more of the amazing features that allows this company to remain among the best. So, how do the Xs Max and Note 9 compare?

Build Design

There’s no question that these are premium devices, both offering a glass back and front with an attractive metal body to keep it all in perfect shape. Dropping either of these phones would most likely result in a small scratch at the very most, thanks to the extremely strong glass.

The finishes are somewhat different as Samsung chooses a coloured phone in multiple options and Apple simply went with the elegant white or black and polished trip, making it loop sleek, clean and neat, not that the Samsung doesn’t.

On the downside, the Note looks a little plastic, but that’s just because of the colour as the phone actually consists of very strong materials. It also comes with bigger frames around the screen at the top and bottom while being thinner on the sides, allowing a perfect view of the screen.


Now, those of you considering the move to Apple from Android, you might find it annoying that it doesn’t include any SD card options, but at least