Google Assistant Takes Planning to the Next Level

As one of the technological leaders in the world, keeping an eye on Google’s developments is always interesting, especially with new technology such as the new Google Assistant.

We’ve just become used to the idea of having a home assistance that allows us to control our home automation system with easy and without ever having to press a button. Simply say “Ok Google” and tell the assistant to turn off lights, play something on the connected stereo or even find a movie you’d like to want.

Well, now the company introduces the next level of Google Assistant that has the ability to make calls for you and set appointments. It can even find information for you by calling a store and asking them questions without them ever knowing they are actually talking to an artificial caller.

Why Google Assistant is So Great

As demonstrated by Google, you can use the assistant to do just about everything, and it would take care of it without you even knowing. As in their example, you can ask the assistant to make a hair appointment for you for a specific time and date.

The assistant would then call the salon and talk to the person who answers the phone on the other side. It would automatically communicate with the person at the salon and find out what times are available for the appointment. Depending on what the person at the store says, the assistant would suggest things like other times or what would possibly work best.

In the example, the person at the salon said they can assist as 1:15, to which the assistant asked for anything between 10 and 12. The person at the salon had a look and confirmed it’s possible to set an appointment at 10. The assistant agreed and confirmed it.

With all this going on in the background, you would never know about it. Once the assistant completed the appointment, you’ll simply receive a notification on our phone telling you that the appointment is set for this date at that time.

Why Don’t People Know it’s AI?

Google has certainly taken their technology to a whole new level when it comes to how well the AI voice responds and communicates with the person on the other side of the phone.

The hair appointment demonstration stated with the person at the salon asking how they can help, to which the AI voiced said they want to book an appointment for a client on the 3rd of May. It even includes other forms of verbal communication, including making sounds like “umm” and “mm’hmm”, making it extremely realistic.

After asking about the time, the person at the salon asked what type of service her client is looking for, and the AI voice managed to respond perfectly by telling the salon that it’s just a hair-cut for now. It even managed to make the booking under the person’s name, making it easy and effortless for users after the appointment is made.