Google Cancels Yearly Developers Conference

Technology analysts and enthusiasts were shocked to learn that the Google Corporation is cancelling their most prominent yearly event. The tech conglomerate has cited their concerns surrounding the coronavirus, with Google having already terminated their presence at multiple other venues. Following this announcement, the Google I/O 2020 Developers Conference is being cancelled. It was initially scheduled to take place throughout May 12th to 14th at the Google Mountainview Headquarters. This marks the 1st time in Google’s history that they’ve cancelled this infamous venue.

An official statement was provided to CNN Business Reporters, with representative spokesman providing formal remarks on Google’s behalf. They mentioned that because of their company-wide concerns regarding the coronavirus, with additional legislation from the Centre of Disease Control & World Health Organization, the 2020 Google I/O Event has been terminated.

One of the immediate concerns surrounded around refunds for individuals that had pre-emptively bought tickets in anticipation of this venue. The Google Corporation confirmed that these individuals would be provided with a full refund by March 13th, 2020. Additionally, these consumers will receive free tickets to the Google 2021 I/O Venue. This information was provided directly through the conference’s website. It should be noted that the cancellation of Google’s yearly announcement venue comes after countless other venues being terminated. It follows after 3100 global citizens have been killed by the coronavirus, including nine from the United States.

Additional closures include Facebook, the Game Developers Conference, PAX 2020 East, the Mobile World Congress and various other venues from countless industries. When it applies to Facebook, they terminated two conferences within the last four movies. Films like James Bonds No Time to Die have been postponed by several months. Organizations like the WHO and CDC are praising these various companies and conferences for terminating their respective venues. It’s allowed for limited exposure and spread of the coronavirus on a global scale.

Lost Announcements

Google enthusiasts are now concerned on when they’ll receive updated information regarding the announcements slated for the Google 2020 I/O Conference. This tech conglomerate had planned to announce the Google Pixel 5, Pixel Buds 3 & a new lineup of Chrome Laptops. It’s unknown when they’ll be releasing these products following the coronavirus. Limited production capabilities could force Google to delay the release of these products by potentially several months. It should be noted that the tech industry will be most affected by the coronavirus.