Google Opts for Another Pixel 4 Update

As with almost every release, the release of Google’s Pixel 4 also brought in a fair share of drama. The latest being concerns about the refresh rate of the screen, which was promised to be smooth yet remains far from it. Hence Google promises yet another software update to fix this slip-up on the brilliant Pixel 4.

New Features

In all fairness, Pixel 4 is described as the next generation of smart-phones with a variety of brilliant new features set a new benchmark. These included Motion Sense, face unlocks, the brand new Google Assistant, the additional telephoto camera lens and the 90Hz display. Hence as with a new release of this kind of magnitude, there are bound to be some hiccups upon release. One such already discovered concern was the size of the battery, which is considered to be too small for the device.

Failing Face Unlock System

Then the brilliant newly developed face unlock system applied in the Pixel 4, and the 4 XL had deemed a massive security risk when it was proved that it would open your phone even if your eyes are closed. Thus meaning that anyone could unlock your phone and obtain access to everything while you are asleep. Google developed its own newly developed unlock system which applied the advanced sensors situated in the device’s top bezel. The technology used for the face unlock system is somewhat similar to that which Apple uses in its Face ID. One big difference was, however, that Apple applied this to unlock your phone, while Google applied it to obtain access across the entire Android. Another significant difference was that for Apple, the user had to be alert with open eyes looking directly at the phone. This was a substantial setback since Google believed so strongly that this will suffice for security, that they completely removed the fingerprint sensor.

Concerns Aired About Display Rate

The promised display rate on Pixel 4 was set at 90Hz, yet this seems only to be the case when the surrounding brightness level is very high. This is, of course, fine if you are spending all your time outdoors, but once you are indoors, the phone’s brightness level drops to only 75% of the promised 90Hz. The possibility does exist to enter the developer’s setting, which will allow you to force your phone always to display the 90Hz regardless of the levels of present light. Still, with the battery already under constraint, it might not be the best option to follow.

The refresh rate is now also affected by the surrounding light levels, even dropping to 75%. Google confirmed that the refresh could drop depending on the activity on your phone at that specific time, to save on battery life. This is still understandable to a certain degree, but having it drop depending on the light conditions, is just downright confusing. Hence a new software update is due, to resolve this issue and the confusion it brings.