Hannibal So Far

I recently watched ‘Red Dragon’ and this TV show, based on the same characters, trumps that movie. It has aspects of a procedural cop show, but it’s really not the focus of the show.

The show isn’t doing ‘killer of the week’ in the traditional sense where the bulk of the plot is them hunting down the killer. The show needs that formula to even exist on network television, but it’s subverting that entirely by making the hunt for the killers mostly tertiary to the plot while the major serial elements move forward as the true meaning of the story. Not to mention that the killers themselves often act as thematic reflections of what’s going on in the parallel overarching story. This week, Henriksen was a killer whose obsession with methodically creating a legacy was revealed to be misguided mistake, which can be applied to how Hannibal is currently trying to build this pseudo-family and proteges out of both Alana and Abigail. Both of those will eventually come to a head.

This show isn’t getting the credit it deserves for circumventing the bull that network shows have to include to be funded and aired in increasingly clever and ingenious ways. I’m not really bothered by the number of serial killers they are finding at this point. I saw a documentary a few years back where the FBI claimed that by their estimate there are over 300 active serial killers in the US at any one time. Obviously the people you’d go to when you suspect a serial killer would be the FBI.

You have to be able to suspend a degree of realism to believe someone like Hannibal is out there anyway. They’ve found cannibals quite a few times, and Hannibal and Norman Bates are both based on the same killer. But there’s never been a serial killer/cannibal that has the medical and psych background that Hannibal has. So as long as they don’t ramp up the numbers to the point that its completely laughable I’ll go along for the ride. I will be so disappointed if this show isn’t back for a lengthy run. There is not another show on TV that even comes close to this.

About the author: Laila Rehman is an associate with SIlkSKIN in the corporate sales team. She can be reached on lailar@silkskinonline.com for business meetings.