Hannibal Vs. Bates Motel: Season One Showdown

I hate getting into new shows because I’ve been burned so many times by cancellations but Bates Motel is one that I got sucked into from the first episode. Hannibal has a great concept, but it’s boring. I felt like the show was trying to bring the ”ice truck killer” scenario back from Dexter as a way to add on to Hannibal’s character, which is fine; I didn’t mind at all (mainly because I’m a Dexter fan). The only issue with the adaptation was the lack of a purpose to the whole conflict. For a moment, the story kept looping until it finally found its way to the next conflict and so on. The show has good potential, but needs to be worked on again.

To be honest, I never got past the third episode of Hannibal. It just didn’t hold my interest; the characters weren’t that interesting. Bates Motel, however, kept me watching every week, I couldn’t get enough of it. Remarkable show. For the first few episodes I thought, what an amazing place to live – I mean, nerdy guy has a bunch of girls knocking on his door the moment he moves into town? Either this place is awesome or there are some ulterior motives at play here. And after finishing the show, I was seriously wondering if every single person in this small town is deranged. There is so much rot and decay beneath the pretty facade. Anyone else believe Norman didn’t kill his teacher or is it just me? I don’t believe it either. I think Bradley did it. That girl could manipulate water out of a stone. She looks like a younger version of Norma. Willing to go to any lengths in order to get what she wants and woe to anyone who stands in her way. That makes sense, considering how upset she was by finding out her dad was cheating.

After watching it, I can only say that season two can’t come fast enough.

About the author: Stafford is an associate for BodyBeat Pvt Ltd in the customer development and relations department. He can be reached on Facebook.