Hardware Specifications for PS5 Released

Minimal details regarding the hardware specifications with the Sony PlayStation Five have been released. After Microsoft confirmed their respective specifications on March 17th, the Sony Company was forced to announce their next-generation consoles details. These consoles were expected to release this holiday season, with potential delays now following amidst the coronavirus.

Official documents from Sony indicate that the PlayStation Five will support a specialized Eight-Core AMD Zen 2 CPU, which will be clocked at 3.5GHz. There’ll also be a customized GPU operated through the AMD RDNA Two Architecture-Hardware. This will enable 10.28 Teraflops, with an additional 36 Computing Units at a clocked 2.23GHz. Consumer benefits for gaming include GDDR6 Ram at 16GB, with an 825GB SSD Hard drive. This combination will allow for substantially larger worlds with increased details and faster loading times. The gameplay is expected to be seamless by this generation cycles Mid-Lifespan.

SSD Storage Details

One of the most notable technical updates surrounding the PlayStation Five had been rumoured online. It’d been speculated that Sony would switch over to SSD Storage, which ensures that loading times are faster. Previously a Spider-Man PS4 Demo was run through the PlayStation Five. It loaded in milliseconds in comparison to the eight it takes with the PlayStation Four. Additionally, simulated speed enhancements enabled for the PS5 to traverse the full New York City environment without any delays. This is something that wouldn’t be possible with modern-day consoles.

When asked for additional details regarding the SSD Storage, the PlayStation Five Hardware Lead provided insight. Mark Cerny noted that the PlayStation Four could load a single gigabyte of data in twenty seconds. Their improvements with SSD Storage allow for 5GBs to be loaded in a 1-Second. When comparing their rate-of-speed to the Xbox Series X, PlayStation Five looks to be the dominating platform.

Additional Memory Support

It should be mentioned that the PlayStation Five won’t support SSD Storage exclusively. USB Hard Drives with HDD or SSD architectures. When using the HDD Method, gamers will receive the slower load times mentioning above. However, these expandable options enable consumers to use the Backward-Compatibility Feature. Those wanting to purchase the PS5 can expect a price tag of $500.00 or more.