How Apple’s Siri Compares to Alexa and Google Assistant

Apple’s Home Pod finally enters the market with a price of $349, putting in direct competition with the Google Home max. At this premium price, you’d expect Apple’s Siri assistant to have some of the latest features that really outshines the cheaper options, including Alexa and the standard Google Assistant.

The Apple Home Pod comes with a range of interesting hardware features, but seems to lack some of the capabilities, earning Siri the reputation as the dumbest home assistant of the big names. Let’s compare the options and see how it actually matches up, what it can do, can’t do and how it compares to the features from the other major competitions that cost a lot less, including the Amazon Echo Plus ($149) and the Google ($99).

The best way to compare the assistance and what they can do is by asking them a few questions to see how detailed their responses are and how helpful they actually are. We’ll be asking them the exact same questions, making the comparison easy to judge with each device.

Playing Music

Why all three devices can easily find and play the music you ask it for, they certainly react in their own unique ways when you ask them to do specific things with the song. Asking to add a song to your favourites is actually the easier with the Apple device and it also automatically syncs the “favourites” list to your phone, laptop and other apple devices. Alexa requires a favourites folder to be created while Google asks you to purchase a subscription of $9.99.

Sipping ahead is seamless on all the devices, and it seems the Apple device gets you what you asked for the fastest. Once you ask it to play something from a certain genre or band, it does so instantly. The other 2 include more info, for example, Alexa tells you it’s shuffling songs from the specific band.


As most would know, Apple is already quite good with setting specific reminders and timers. While it can set reminders and timers seamlessly, it says it cannot access your calendar when you want to add new events. The other two devices add these items directly without hassle and really make it easy to set up the time.

It’s hard to believe that Apple wouldn’t include such a simple feature, meaning it could relate to the lets and sharing features to the Apple Siri device.


Each of the assistance allow you to easy search the internet and gain access to details about just about everything. For example, you can ask them to “Wikipedia the sun”, which instantly results in the assistant reading about what the page says, well for Alexa and Siri at least. Google assistant told us it doesn’t understand.

Asking it to call or text a specific person also results in a range of different responses from each device. The Apple seems to make it the easiest while Google goes on about emergency calls and doesn’t know who to call. Alexa requires permission from your Android device, but we’re sure if it’s set up correctly, it would work perfectly.