Huawei P30 Pro – New Innovation

The Huawei P30 Pro merely is in a league of its own, offering some of the most amazing features and mobile designs we’ve seen up to now. Sure, the Samsungs and Apples and all the rest are great, but in so many different ways, they just don’t come close to what Huawei brings to the table with the P30 Pro.

Instead of all the usual review details, we’ll be looking at some of the most impressive features of what the P30 Pro has to offer.

No Earpiece

That’s right, unlike anything we’ve seen before, the P30 Pro doesn’t have a speaker hole at the top, nothing at all. The only thing you’ll see there is a camera with no gaps and any sign of a speaker. So, where is it?

Well, they’ve taken steps to create an entirely new way of getting sound to your year without having the speaker hole, introducing an electromagnetic actuator behind the screen, vibrating it to provide the sounds you’d expect from the usual old-fashioned speaker.

Some might think there’s no way it provides the same quality, but you’ll be surprised just how accurate and incredibly clear this technology is. It offers a whole new aspect to the phone and increases the waterproof rating drastically!


Those who are used to Apple’s iOS or even the Samsung OS will need to get used to a few new things on the P30 Pro. Some say the software is the downfall of the phone, but with all due respect, it has some excellent features and provides an entirely new Android experience. For example, it features a double knock feature that allows you to take a screenshot without pressing buttons or combinations of buttons. It also has a built-in screen recorder, taking away the need for pricy apps so that you can record your gaming.

It features the built-in filter print reader, which works incredibly fast and is accurate, even though the sensor is part of the display. Another brilliant feature is the option to lock apps and pages to your task switcher, which ensures you don’t acceptingly close an app or website you’re busy with.


Finally, the main selling point of these incredible P30 Pro devices. The company provides a triple lens with the P30 Pro, offering a fantastic 40mp main lens with a 27mm optical zoom and an f/1.6. The ultra-wide sense is second on the list, providing 20mp with 16mm and f/22. The telephoto lens is the last with 8mp, 5x optical zoom with f/3.4.

No, we not talking about three different devices here, we not even including the front cameras as all the above lenses form part of the back camera on the P30 Pro. All of them work together to provide details you cannot believe with every picture you snap. The quality provides much better zooming options and incredible depth, making it a must-have for, well, everyone!