ICO Fines Ticketmaster £1.25 Million for Data Breach

The Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom confirmed that after a thorough assessment, Ticketmaster UK had been fined £1.25 Million for negligence in securing customer data. An assessment period was conducted over two years, with ICO receiving information that a cyber-attack was sustained on Ticketmaster’s UK servers. Examinations over these servers saw more than nine million customers across the European Union affected by the data breach. What’s resulted since ICO fined £1.25 to Ticketmaster UK has been an onslaught of legal proceedings.

Ticketmaster UK confirmed that they’d appeal against the ruling & whatever information found by the Information Commissioner’s Office is being glorified. The appeal process for Ticketmaster UK will ensue numerous challenges, with the online retailer hoping to combat a government association that likely will receive backing from parliament. It should be clarified that the investigation into these servers details the reasoning for Ticketmaster’s breach.

Ticketmaster UK maintained a third-party chatbot. This chatbot was developed by “Inbenta Technologies” and would prove to be a substantial downfall for Ticketmaster, who is suffering significant losses during the coronavirus pandemic. Cyber attackers engaged with this chatbot, falsifying themselves as an AI program. Hackers acquired millions of payment details via this method. Ticketmaster has continuously denied that the cyber attack ever occurred. However, those affected have been questioned & have proven that an unknown source stole their banking details.

The Proof

Ticketmaster’s breach implicated entire industries, including banking & finance. It’s known that 24 to 48 hours after the attack, sixty thousand customers of Barclays Bank experienced fraud. An additional six thousand were affected with Monzo Online Bank, with their payment cards flagged for fraud. This unequivocally proves that Ticketmaster UK was breached on a massive scale. Whenever representatives of the online firm have been asked to discuss this issue, genuine responses are avoided & media personnel respond by stating user data privacy is taken seriously at Ticketmaster.

It’s expected that competing online retailers selling tickets for music & entertainment venues will obtain a large percentage of market share from Ticketmaster’s failures. Likely, consumers won’t trust Ticketmaster any longer & avoid any potential of being flagged for fraud during Covid-19.