In South China You Buy Gambling Gadgets Here

In the Pearl River Delta, the most popular pastime is gambling, and many shops are offering various equipment and punting aids to anyone visiting the bustiest Guangzhou streets. The range of goods for sale includes magic dices, X-Ray spectacles, slot machines, baccarat tables, chips and even online casino cheating software.

One of the shopkeepers even said that they sell anything and everything that is important and can be used in gambling. Near the Guangzhou Railway Station, a part of the Huanshi West Road most certainly looks the part when you think of a gambler’s dream destination. It is where players of machines and poker get all they need; it includes baccarat and card sharp cheats, and there are ten such shops in the Tianma Mansion wing.

Shops Sell Gambling Equipment only 50 Meters from Police Station.

These shops are even less than 50 meters away from the nearest police station, or the Yuexiou district plain, investigation department. There has been quite a bit of cracking down on illegal gambling by the Guangzhou police. An officer also commented that the crackdowns are focussed on the small dens as well as underground casinos that continue to flourish in the cities of the delta including Dongguan, Foshan and Guangzhou. Since the government has tightened the curbs on mainlanders that visit Macau, underground casinos do lots of business.

Qiansheng meaning always win in English is the name of the shop that specializes in casino equipment. You can buy anything here, including styled baccarat games; the shop is controlled by Fat Boy. There is also Tall Man one of the other shopkeepers, and he shared that a set of marked cards, baccarat equipment, chips, tables, computer controlling cards dealer and closed-circuit television would cost around HK$22,700 or 20,000 yuan. This system allows the owner to deal out any cards at will, according to Tall Man. The shop measure only about eight squares in size, so baccarat tables are not on display, what is on display though is the equipment that does interfere with the slot machines, that can change scores and devices that enable players to swap cards.

Pay Before You See How Gambling Gadgets Work

Shopkeepers rules are strict you buy the product, pay for it, and only then you see how it works. Installing the software on your computer costs around 5,000 yuan and there are plenty of devices. Some looks just like a set of card keys and these are used for cheating when you play slots. What the devices do is change the scores to the favour of the player and the price range from 800 up to 1,600 yuan.

You can buy a slot machine that is displayed out in the open, just ten meters from the police station. When Guangdong started its crackdown on illegal gambling in Foshan alone, they closed 105 underground casinos. The police also said that they know that there are around fifty shops that sell gambling equipment, these come from Dongguan.