IOS 12 vs Android Pie

Throughout branding history, there have been wars within similar markets to be the brand that resonates in the minds of the people, generating and cementing brand loyalty. Like Coca-Cola vs Pepsi or Toyota vs Volkswagen, the mobile software war is between Android and iOS, but it purely boils down to what you as a consumer prefer. We’ll take a look at a few differences, and the rest is left for you to decide. No matter which software you prefer, the fact is that each Operating System offers similar features, and each has its unique features that will appeal to different walks of life. Google is renowned for naming its operating systems after sweet treats, remember the rollout of Android KitKat, Marshmallow or Oreo? Well, Google has now sweetened the pot with Pie. Apple’s iOS 12 focuses on execution and system optimization, as well as a few other fascinating features, let’s look at some other differences.

Revised and updated Software and Performance

Google announced Project Treble in 2017, which was part of the update of Oreo. This initiative was in aid of speeding up update roll out to answer the cries of their consumers with regards to the slow releases of updates. Apple, however, focused on ensuring the recent iOS 12 doesn’t cause the older models to freeze or lag. They too were listening to the reports from their consumers as their past updates had this effect on the aged devices.

AR – Augmented Reality

Apple is focused heavily on their AR Software, ARKit. There are many apps in the Apple app store that allow your phone to incorporate your real world, while Google lacks in the same department. Android’s AR Software is called ARCore but doesn’t boast many practical AR Apps. Can only guess which operating system will be best for playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The Assistants

Siri is becoming more intelligent with the iOS 12 update; she is more observant to your likes and habits. She now makes suggestions and offers shortcuts based on your routines, the need for matrimony, and at least you can turn Siri off, your spouse will advise, guide and backseat drive until the end of your time together on this planet.

Facial Recognition

Google now boasts that Android Pie has a biometrics API that is on par with Apple Face ID. With this software, like Apples Face ID, you can unlock your phone and approve purchases etc. along with as your phone supports the software. The newer model iPhones have said goodbye to fingerprint scanning and instead use their facial recognition software, and like the Google software, this allows the user to unlock their phones and authorize purchases on the App Store.

Let us Conclude

Apple and Google are most definitely stepping up their game as can be seen by the updates that considered their users. The competition between these market leaders is a healthy one as we all benefit from more secure, speedier and less pretentious products.